Freebies EVERY Homeschool Mom Should Look Into

Freebies EVERY Homeschool Mom Should Look Into

Recently, I hosted a Homeschooling on a Dime workshop on my Facebook page. One of the posts, I focused on some online resources that every homeschool Mom should take advantage of. Not all of them may be a fit for you but they are well worth looking into!

Pizza Hut’s BookIt Program
This program is an awesome reading incentive for children. Who doesn’t like pizza?bookitThere has been a little controversy over whether or not every Pizza Hut honors homeschoolers for their BookIt program. A homeschool Mama called all the way to the top and she was told that each and everyPizza Hut was to honor the BookIt program for homeschoolers! If you have any issues when claiming your kiddos monthly free personal pan pizza, just call and they will get you squared away!

Book Adventure
Ever heard of Accelerated Reader? Well this is it for the homeschooling kiddos! The best part about this is the parent can establish the rewards for their children. Want to reward your child with an ice cream cone, a day at the zoo, even a day off from school? You can upload those into your profile and your kiddos can begin working toward those awards by reading books and taking quizzes on them! It’s awesome! And FREE!

Reading Rewards
(you can tell I like reading, lol) This is another online reading incentive program that aims to get kiddos excited about reading. You can also upload special rewards on this one too. This program also keeps track of what your child has read and how much they are reading. It’s free too!

Read to Succeed (Six Flags)
Six Flags is rewarding kiddos with FREE theme-park tickets for recreational reading! How awesome is that? We will definitely taking advantage of this program this year! This is one that caters to K-6 grades only so look into it while you can! Lord knows our kiddos grow too fast!

When it comes to businesses and retailers that offer discounts for supplies and materials:

(Before making a purchase, ask the manager if they offer a teacher discount. If they answer “yes” then ask if that extends to home educators.)

Barnes & Noble
Books a Million
Office Depot
Office Max
Joann Fabrics & Craft Stores
Lakeshore Learning

Memberships that offer Home Educator discounts:

There may be several more, and I’d love to add them to the list! Comment with any that you know of!! Happy [inexpensive] homeschooling, y’all!

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