The Perfect Start

The Perfect Start


We kicked off our [home]school year today and I must say. . . it was actually a smooth transition! Not that I didn't expect anything less, but let's be honest - I have a 3rd grader, a 2-year-old toddler, and a 5-month-old infant. If that doesn't give you some type of preconceived thoughts of how the morning could have went. . . well, I'll leave it at that! :) 

I changed things up a bit to accommodate our growing family. Instead of "schooling" any and every where, usually ending up in the living room - I am taking advantage of our spacious kitchen. I didn't have much on the walls in there anyways so it didn't take much to turn those bare walls into learning walls filled with posters, a bulletin boar, a daily schedule chart, my $3 chalkboard, and a dry erase board.

My [pre]plan was to have all the kids up and eating breakfast at the same time. This morning it actually worked! And since we were already in the kitchen, I cleaned and moved right into starting lessons that I had mapped out for the day.

I was shocked to see how even my infant in his Bumbo seat was alert (and quiet)! Prayer, Verse of the Week, Bible lesson, and the Hebrew language lesson were done with all three kiddos together. I know my toddler and infant are not understanding right now but they are definitely getting a head start. 

I moved into giving my son independent work through the writing of this spelling words 3x each. This gave me time to work one-on-one with my toddler on her letter, number, shape, and color for the week. By this time, baby E was tired and he went straight down for a nap! Talk about smooth?!?!? So the time it took Big A (my son) to write 21 spelling words three times each was the perfect amount of one-on-one time with Miss S (my toddler). 

After that, we did move to the living room for more comfortable seating to listen to a story (Paul Bunyon), answer some questions, and watch a cartoon related to the story. Then, we had recess and a brunch/snack. While outside, we had a surprise visit from our neighbor who adores the fact that we homeschool. He is amazed at our little family, and even brought us some flowers! Definitely made this day more beautiful!


There are still a couple more lessons to be be done, but for the time being - we're still enjoying our relaxation time! ;)

I should also mention that I break up some subjects to do only twice a week. Here's what I mean. . . The subjects we do every day are: Bible, Hebrew, Language Arts, Math, and Reading. On Mondays and Wednesdays: Science, Geography, and Music are added. On Tuesdays and Thursdays: Social Studies, History, and Art are done in addition to the ones mentioned that we already do every day. Fridays are set aside for review and testing. 

I'm not hoping for each day to be exactly like this as much as I am praying for the smoothness of it to remain. I know there will be days where we may get a late start.... an off start.... or no start at all - but it's the smoothness of whatever happens that keeps me from wanting 5 cups of coffee and having a nerve attack! :) 

*CHIME IN* I'd love to know how your first day of homeschool went - whether it was today, last week, or last month! If you haven't started yet, what do you have planned for your first day?

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