Don't Go To Barre Class

Don't Go To Barre Class


It’s already the middle of January – are you feeling pressured for some instant results?

Feeling frozen while everyone else seems to be leaping ahead is tough. But how many times have you heard friends say, “If I had only known…” or “I wish I had a second chance.” Refining your vision is a natural part of the creative process, and it’s the focus of the January series, Uncharted Territory.

Dana was thrilled to start working with her personal trainer again. After a two-year assignment in Brussels, it was time to get back to her old routine.

“I knew I was a little out of shape, but I couldn’t believe that first work-out!” she said. “Things were so bad that Brian wouldn’t give me the stats. He just said quietly, “Why don’t we start over? I’ll treat you like a first-time client, and we can get a completely new baseline.” I was so depressed! But that’s how I got the idea to go to barre class.”

“Barre class?” I asked. “I thought you had regular appointments with Brian.”

“I did, but I knew I had to get down to business. So I signed up with Shiva. Brian’s wife taught barre at the same gym – so convenient! Great plan, right?”

“Barre is so hot right now. Did you love it?”

“Not really,” Dana said, frowning. “I’ve never been a great dancer, but I was completely lost. I glanced at the mirror and thought, this can’t be right!”

“A couple weeks later, Brian was tense at our appointment. He finally said, “Dana, Shiva asked me to talk to you. Please – don’t go to barre class. To be honest, it’s probably not for you. How about this - I’ll scratch out a list of exercises you can do in between our sessions.” I didn’t know what to say.”

“What? But you had just started!”

“I knew I wasn’t doing as well as everyone else, but I thought I’d catch on. Guess not!”

She leaned back. “Everything worked out, though. I do the circuit Brian gave me at my own pace, and I don’t even have to worry about looking cute!”

Dana started to giggle. “It could have been worse. Thank heavens I didn’t try Zumba. Can you see me trying to shake those maracas and dance at the same time?! Barre class was a disaster, but my sense of humor is in great shape!”

A key Soul Boss principle is to move through change with flexibility and authenticity. However, how many times have you seen someone let pride get in the way of important feedback?

It would have been easy for Dana to blame Shiva because she felt embarrassed in class. Or she could have gotten defensive with Brian and dropped out of trainer appointments. Taking action often feels good, but it’s only effective when it takes us in the right direction.

This week, give yourself a time out if you feel nervous or find yourself pushing for something to come together. Before you race ahead, ask yourself, “Where can I loosen up? What’s another answer?”

Don’t abandon your big vision. Follow your instincts and fine-tune it.

Published by Michelle Mains

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