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(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)



Jesus walked and the eyes of the world were upon Him. Jesus talked and the eyes and ears of the world were upon Him. Oh, I don't mean the whole world as in globally, but, the carnal world, the world of the flesh, the world that separates us from God. Remarkably, today, through technology, we who claim to be followers of Jesus are able to represent Him throughout the world. So, today, the eyes of the whole world are upon us as we walk. The eyes and ears of the whole world are upon us as we talk. How are we representing Jesus? Is the world seeing multiple versions of Jesus because of misrepresentation? How was Jesus able to conquer the world while the world watched Him so carefully, scrutinizing, analyzing, and most of all criticizing His every movement and word? 

Being watched has its advantages and disadvantages. Why are people watching us? What is in their heart? What are they drawn to? What do they hope to gain? 

-But, even more importantly, how will we as Believers and followers of Christ Jesus react when we know the eyes of the world are upon us? Are we equipped to be under the looking glass, or, dissected under the microscope? What must we do to be able to die to ourselves everyday, when the feeling of self and self-awareness arise because we know that someone is watching us? Can we die daily? Must we die daily in order to survive the antagonizing glances and stares of the world? This is something we must think about and prepare for when we think about being equipped. We must know what we are using our armor, The Armor of God, for.

God's Armor is not simply for decoration or reward. No, not at all. If we wear God's Armor, we must know why it is there. Someone is watching you. The enemy always has his eyes upon you. He is ready to use those around you to make you self-aware. He wants you to shed God's Armor to make you vulnerable and literally at his disposal. 

So, how do we live day-to-day knowing that someone is watching us? How do we walk and how do we talk? How do we carry ourselves as soldiers, ambassadors for Christ, Children of God, Members of The Body of Christ, Branches of The Vine, and Saints of God? These are not titles of influence and status, these are powerful states of mind and existence that we must live in to STAND.

Each and every moment of your abundant life, you are being compelled to STAND for holiness and righteousness. We know that God is watching us, but, He is always for us. How do we stand knowing that the world is against us, watching and waiting for us to fall? How do we stand in our proclaimed VICTORY?

The world is always seeking to understand what it cannot understand and what God never intended for it to understand. Still, it searches and researches, ever wondering and wandering down different paths and avenues, trying to obtain that which belongs to God and trying to attain the power and authority of God. So, my friends, my Brothers and Sisters, we are subjects of research and investigation. We are subject to observation and analysis, always. The world wants to see the chemical breakdown of The Blood we claim to be under. The world wants to see if it can duplicate the DNA that God has used to build the righteous. The world wants to see if it can neutralize us when it is necessary to do so, that it may maintain its status quo.

Someone is watching you. Can you still be you or will you succumb to trying to be who they want you to be? Have you not been guilty of this before? Where was your armor? Did you die to your flesh? Is the problem that you don't always know who you are? Is the problem that you don't like who you are? Is the problem that you think you aren't good enough? Is the problem that you think Jesus is not good enough?

If someone is watching you and you claim to abide in Christ Jesus, who is Lord of your life, and God your Father is your all-in-all, tell me why you succumb to the flesh, when someone is watching you? Is this not the equivalent of betraying Christ or denouncing God? What makes the eyes of the watcher or antagonist more important or powerful than the eyes of GOD?!

My friends, certainly, there is something we are missing in dying to ourselves daily. Yes, the old man can arise in us as our pride and faith are tested, but, there must be an indelible ink in our signing our name to God's Army. We must have a foundation that cannot be removed or erased. We must have something that TAKES and STICKS to us like glue to keep us GROUNDED, STEADFAST, and IMMOVABLE. For as we take our eyes off of Jesus, even momentarily, it is as if we are sliding up and down a slippery slope, with no footing, only to fall, and fall into the hands of the enemy.

Have we indeed cast our Anchor, Christ Jesus, to hold us fast? Then, why do we perceive the world as having more power and authority than He who is within us?! How can the eyes of others distract our attention, sense of well-being, and identity, so quickly and abruptly as if touching a light switch and turning off the lights? Does the enemy have the upper hand or are we giving the enemy the upper hand? Do we know his tricks, or, does he know us better than we know him, or, even ourselves? -And, if so, what does he know about us that allows him to have the upper hand?

Let's talk about dying to oneself. Does dying to oneself mean the same thing to everyone? Does dying to oneself mean that you intend to let go of everything that tethers you to the world? Does it mean that you know what you're still holding on to that's keeping you in bondage? Does being Born Again into a new creature mean that you have surrendered all to God? What does this new creature look like in God's eyes and how does it interact with God's Holy Spirit? If it is finished, as Jesus said when He died upon the cross for our sins, then, why must we die daily? These are questions for you to answer for yourself? You need to know the answers to be equipped. This is about your life and walk with God.

How did Christ die to himself? How did he surrender His will to God and walk by faith in the Spirit? If we know and understand this, then, perhaps, we can answer some of these questions. God told us to become like Jesus and certainly He wouldn't tell us to do something that is impossible to do.

We know that Jesus always trusted and obeyed His Father. We know that as The Word of God, He possessed The Character of God. Yet, He was born a man of flesh, knowing and experiencing life as we do. What made Him surrender His Will to God DAILY and upon the cross? How was He able to ENDURE the stares, scrutiny, and day-to-day criticism cast upon Him? 

We can look at what Christ asked His Disciples to do. He told them to drop everything that they were doing, leave everything behind, give their wealth away, cast their cares upon Him, put their hands to the plow, look to heavenly things, and more. So, there seems to be a process that needs to be completed, and things sacrificed in order to follow in Jesus's footsteps. So, when we say that we are dying daily, have we gone through a process already, or, are we still clinging to things we don't want to leave behind? 

However, there may be more to it. Why did Jesus tell His Disciples they had to do all of these things? Do we have to literally drop EVERYTHING we're doing in order to become like Jesus? What was Jesus really trying to get His Disciples to do or see?

His ministry was all about living to please God. -But, why did Jesus want to please God, just because God was His Father? Was He seeking God's attention and affection? Did He want to be the favorite child and inherit the throne? Did He want to win God's favor to become immortal? What is it about God that made Jesus want to please Him so much? -And, why was this the focus of His ministry?

If the world is able to sway us so easily, what does this say about our LOVE FOR GOD?

A parent could say to their child, "If you want me to take care of you, you better love me. If you want abundant and everlasting life, you better love me. If you want me to bless you, you better love me." God never gave us an ultimatum when He gave us life. He gave us free will. Yet, in His commandments He stated that we should love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. However, He also said that we should have that same love for one another. God is Love and God is Truth. These things make up who He is, therefore, He is not lacking them in any capacity. That you love Him is an act that will help you, empower you, increase you, enlighten you, and more. By loving God, you are opening up the door to your blessings.

This leads us into God always wanting good things for us. This was His intention all along for His wanting you to love Him. In having a relationship with your Father, He knows how and when to bless you. So, how does this help you to STAND in the face of adversity?

We who are in the flesh, unlike Jesus, still have a problem with loving Him who we cannot see. We still have this attitude that if you're not up in my face everyday, and I can't see you, or, see that you love me, then, I can't love you like you want me to love you. Yet, Jesus said that if you have been with me, then, you have seen the Father. So, if we aren't abiding in Jesus, then, we can't see the Father. Whose fault is that? If we take our eyes off of Jesus, whose fault is that? If we are distracted because of fear or love of the world, whose fault is that? What are we lacking and why?

There is an underlying theme, that always goes back to God's first commandment. You shall have no other gods before me. Hence, we must love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind.

When we succumb to the eyes and scrutiny of the world, we are putting idols before God. We may not recognize this, or, it may be hidden from us. We may not recognize that self and self-preservation have become an idol to us, due to pain and abuse from the perils of the world. Notice that I did not say from what somebody did to us directly. We do not fight flesh and we recognize that every man and woman is prey to the darkness around them. Everyone has a beginning as does the reason for the deeds that the do. 

Once again, what does dying to oneself entail? Jesus said to leave everything behind. Have you left everything behind in terms of yourself being attached to the world or having regard to self and self-preservation? Whom or what do you fear, if God is your strength and salvation? Why do you still fear and are you aware that it is your pride that fuels your fear?

Yes, pride fuels even fear and self-idolization. To be equipped you must also know what the enemy can use against you and how. Adam and Eve were tempted because of their pride. Satan fell because of his pride. Pride is at the root of all evil, which is why we must humble ourselves, pray, repent, and seek God's face.

Under the eyes of the world, Jesus walked humbly. How many people who say they are following Jesus are really walking HUMBLY? Humility cures a multitude of ailments that we bring upon ourselves, because, we have opened ourselves up to darkness. 

Pride causes us to put things and people before God, Almighty. We cannot love and please God with something or someone coming between us. So, how do we kill this thing called pride inside of us? How do we come down off of the mountain and dismount the pedestal we have climbed onto? Must we be knocked off to become humble?

I have prayed about this very thing--staying humble and squashing my pride when it arises. Yet, it seems that God continues to show me different areas of my life where there are fragments and remnants of pride that remain as protection, fear, selfishness, self-idolization, adornment, shame, guilt, and probably many more vices. They find their way to the forefront of my thoughts when it is convenient for them to do so and they fight amongst themselves for attention and status. So, is there no real dying to oneself, or, humility? Must these things remain within us?

Our lives are imprinted onto our cells and our spirit forever. God does not want to take away that which made you who you are, however, imperfect it may be. What He ask is that you give Him your imperfect life--surrender it and your will by doing so. We must love God enough and trust Him enough to give Him ALL of our life.

Yes, humility and surrender is possible. I know that now every time God's Holy Spirit convicts me and chastises me, every time, the Holy Spirit, reminds me of who I am, and compels me to surrender my will and allow God to take control. My fault is in my timing. My wanting to claim time for myself. By that, I mean that I want things to happen at my beck and call. I don't want to make mistakes to have to be corrected. I want the Holy Spirit to tell me before I make a mistake. I want, I want, I want....-But, what does God want?

God wants me to have free will and not be a robot He controls. God wants me to learn. God wants me to be stronger and wiser, and above all, God wants me to have UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for Him and others, so, that pride, fear, guilt, shame, idolization, self-idolization, and all other sin and unholiness have no place in my heart.

Thus, we must be PERFECTED in love through Christ Jesus and love as He loved. Unconditional love for His Father compelled Him to please God, even by dying for our sins upon the cross. We must have a love, a thirst, and a hunger for all that is GOOD, which is and who is GOD. In Christ Jesus we will find Him and all that He is. If we place Jesus at the center of our hearts, if He becomes all that we treasure and desire to become, not only will we be perfected, but, God will add the increase. 

I know what I must do now, when the eyes of the world are upon me. I must love God more and more, more than myself, and more than the world. This is how we STAND, my friends. It begins with our LOVE FOR GOD. We cannot please Him without loving Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. Then, will we walk as Jesus walked. Talk as Jesus talked. Live as Jesus lived and conquer the world as Jesus conquered.

We need no physical weapons to fight the enemy. We need no harsh words, schemes, or, battle plans. With the eyes of the world and the enemy upon us, we must bear ourselves naked and transparent to show them our true selves within, revealing that which fortifies us and keeps us strong. God has offered us the most powerful thing in existence, His UNCONDITIONAL (AGAPE) LOVE. From now on, as I surrender to die daily, I will check to see if I'm equipped with God's Armor, I will humble myself to the power and wisdom of God. I will pray for God to order my steps and guide me. However, first, I must acknowledge the love I have for God, all that He is, and the love that He has for me.

Satan's strongest weapon against us is our self-image, how we see ourselves. This is how he manipulates our pride. He changes how we see ourselves by inflicting harm, abuse, torture, illness, domestic violence, rape, alcohol and drug addiction, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, disfigurement, imprisonment, disenfranchisement, separation from God, etc. Satan doesn't want you to have a relationship with God that will lead to you loving God with all of your heart, soul, and mind. There will be no way and no room for him to control you or destroy you.


All too often, we produce spectators on the sidelines, pretending to worship God because they love Him, but, their love is conditional. As soon as the eyes of the world are upon them, they take their eyes off of Jesus and fall, We do them and ourselves a disservice, along with placing them in harms way for the devil to devour them. God Matters. If we are to STAND, LOVING GOD matters in order to die to our flesh and live in Christ Jesus.

Someone is watching you. Do you love God UNCONDITIONALLY with all your heart, soul, and mind? Then, pride, fear, and all manner of adversity, darkness, evil, and tools of the enemy, be gone. Now, WALK IN YOUR VICTORY!


After resting a while on the floor, Hal and Darla helped one another up. Darla looked into Hal's eyes with compassion and empathy, then, gave him a big hug. 

"It's going to be alright, Hal. I know it is. You're Tanya's nephew and she saw something special in you to bring you here. I have faith in you. It's going to be alright."

"I wish I could same the same, Darla. Since, I started this...ever since I came to know who I really am...I mean finding out that I'm a Graves...I feel like the whole world is watching me. Every move I make, every day, somebody is watching me...watching me and waiting for me to fail. -And...and now...now...it's even worse. They're waiting for me to die. I... I feel that I've gotten myself in way over my head and hurt the people I love most. My father...my father is gone...and...and...I'm...I'm re..."

Hal couldn't go on. Darla grabbed Hal's hand as if to say, you're not alone.

Published by Michelle T. Kenner

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