The Glorification of Giving

The Glorification of Giving

Dec 25, 2021, 1:33:39 PM Religion

"I give to you because I love you. Love entails a relationship. I want to have a relationship with you. Why you? Why have a relationship with you? Because everything I have made has value and a purpose. When you have a relationship with me it is fruitful and glorifies me. What is my glory? It is not the pride that men gather in ill-hearts. My glory is the manifestation of love, power and might which holds and sustains earth and heaven, which cannot be seen by men, but is felt throughout the universe. So was my Son glorified when He gave His life for you."

Children of the Most High God, the One and Only God, as we give our gifts and ourselves this Christmas, it should not be to bring glory to ourselves or others, but to bring glory to He who holds all power and might through the holiness of perfect love for all that He has created.

As we give, giving ignites God's love in others. What a blessing it is to give; to spread joy and honor God as our provider in our giving.

As we give, in this season of giving, let it not be in vain , having no substance and void of form. Yes, there is a season for all things here on earth; for such is meant for the seasoning of mankind.

As you give in this season, search your heart for the motive behind the gift. Who are you giving honor to--the things of this world--or your Heavenly Father? Is it self-seeking, or do you seek to ignite love for and of God--unconditional and everlasting love?

As you give this season, what have you given to Jehovah God? Have you given yourself wholly to Him? This is the gift your Father truly desires for you to give; that your living and giving shall not be in vain.

God wants us to celebrate! He told us to "Rejoice always. Again, I say Rejoice! " He instructed His children in how to celebrate and why to celebrate; to remember their blessings, victories and achievements through God; and how they overcome adversity by loving one another, working together and trusting wholly in Him.

Many, confused by false doctrine, ideology and fear, forfeit their victories and joy to Satan. They fear that by celebrating certain holidays or days, we worship and support pagan and worldly beliefs. Some choose not to exchange gifts and spend money on others believing this too is supporting worldly values. These beliefs have been instilled into various religions and seen as an act of faith and piety. Some believe that only Jesus is worthy of receiving gifts on His birthday.

My Brothers and Sisters, fear is not of God! Each and every day and all that is belongs to the great I Am, Father of us all. We betray Our Father by giving to the world what belongs to Him and allowing the world to steal the joy which belongs to us daily. How many days will we allow darkness to claim? How can we say that we will not rejoice in the Lord daily? In the Lord--this is the difference between our rejoicing and worldly rejoicing and giving.

Moreover, we must remember why Jesus was sent and how we best show that we are His followers. As He stated in His command to us, "They will know you are my disciples by your love for one another." 

Perhaps, the giving of material gifts is seen by the world as a token of esteem or carnal love for one another. Yet, God sent men to honor His earthly Son with material wealth to provide for His sustenance, safety and well-being. In giving, the hearts of these men were filled with adoration and reverence, faith, peace, hope, thankfulness and love. Therefore, the act of giving produces fruitfulness. No wonder Satan would have us withhold our giving and remain in bondage to religion, blindness and lies.

The birth of Christ was not kept secret. His coming was prophesied ages before His birth. God set the atmosphere for His coming and guided those who believed and sought His coming to the place of His birth.

The birth of Christ is worth celebrating, as the angels, shepherds, Wisemen and many others did long ago. Their celebration and reverence were orchestrated and ordained by God as a precursor to the glory He would give His Son for His sacrifice for mankind.


The bondage of ideology and false doctrine has unknowingly to them, given many believers over to darkness, making them believe they are doing what is right. Many choose to adhere only to the feast and festivals marked in the Bible or other books of religion. Some even choose not to celebrate a birthday in fear of offending God. However, God is a god of freedom and freewill, who did not enslave us to religion, but set us free to rejoice gladly to show the world how He blesses those who love, trust and obey Him.

It is so important for us to acknowledge that whether or not we mark the birth of The Messiah, Yeshua, Christ Jesus, as occurring in December, March or at another time, or if we choose to celebrate at various times of the year, we are rejoicing in the Lord in spirit and truth with gladness; not proclaiming a day or time as holy or sacred, but remembering the miraculous birth of our Lord and Savior as being a divine and holy act of God's perfect LOVE for His creation. And, if we live within His holiness and righteousness given to us through our justification in Christ, we make Christmas and everyday a tribute to this matchless gift to us.

Overcoming the world is our heritage given to us through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus. As we abide in God's Holy Spirit, following Christ, we are kept from the sins of this world and empowered by ever increasing faith. We rebuke the lies of Satan and the fear in which he would have us to live.

Taking back from the world what rightfully belongs to us is part of overcoming the world through spiritual warfare. We can overcome the world as we celebrate and rejoice always. We are not compromising but standing firm and not wavering. We must not live beneath a dark cloud, because the world seeks to claim what is ours and imitate our worship. Yes, celebration is a form of worship and fellowship, giving God glory for what He has done.

In taking back, we acknowledge who Jesus is and who we are in Christ. The Bible says not to honor any man. There are many in the world who can only see Jesus as a man. So, they say that our celebration of Christmas is blasphemous. Yet, Jesus was not just an ordinary man, but the Son of God and a vessel carrying the Word of God and the Word was God. God crowned Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords, giving Him a Kingdom and set Him upon a throne at His right hand. God set the requirement that at the mention of His name, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

What a privilege and blessing to have received sight to see the Light of Truth! What a privilege to be amongst those who have been chosen and heard the call to follow Him; not in taking glory and honor away from God, who alone is Good and Worthy; but, in joining Him to set up a Kingdom to bring honor and glory to our Almighty Father! The Father taketh joy and pleasure in His Son whom He created to lead us to His Perfect Love. Let us Rejoice!

This Christmas, let JESUS lead you ALL the way, by overcoming the world and taking back this time of celebration and worship; this time of giving, as our Father gave to everyone His Only Begotten Son so that all who believe on Him shall not perish, but have abundant and eternal life! Let His Holy Spirit lead you in the years to come to give wisely and in perfect love, remembering that, yes, Jesus IS the reason for the season, but it is our VICTORY through Him to overcome that which is worldly, in order to gain, not the things of this world, but a relationship with Our Heavenly Father to enter into His Kingdom of abundant and eternal life in Truth, Holiness, Righteousness and Perfect (Agape) Love.

Merry Christmas my brothers and sisters, in every language, in One God, One Faith and One Spirit. We are One!

By the grace and mercy of God, your servant,



Published by Michelle T. Kenner

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