My New Best Friend - Aloe Vera-based All-around Moisturizer

My New Best Friend - Aloe Vera-based All-around Moisturizer

Jul 8, 2016, 9:00:27 PM Life and Styles

Recently I had been experiencing problems with dry skin due to the very fickle weather in the Philippines - one moment it's terrible hot, then in an instant, it suddenly rains cats and dogs. I'd get dry patches along my hair line, and on my arms and legs. I tried several moisturizers but found them either too thick - I feel sticky after applying, - or my skin would get too oily. I had having difficulty finding a product that provided ample moisture with out being overly oily.

After quite a while of searching, I finally found one of, if not the best, beauty buys in my life - Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. It has a multitude of uses, some of which I have listed below.

1. Leave-on hair treatment

2. Moisturizer for the skin and body

3. Natural nail essence

4. After-shave soothing gel

5. Sunburn soothing gel

6. Face sleeping pack

I usually use it for my hair, face and body. I leave it on my hair after showering (let it dry a bit) to keep it soft all day. The heat here tends to make my hair dry and frizzy. I use it daily as well for my face and body right after cleansing. It has a natural cooling effect on the body which is a real PLUS for hot countries like the Philippines. It also doesn't feel too think or sticky. My skin has found its perfect match.

After this amazing buy, I started checking out other Aloe Vera products. I found a few other steals that you can read about here (in my personal blog). Goes to show that I'm really into Aloe Vera based products!

For those looking for an all-around moisturizer that is light, cool on the body, and effective, THIS IS IT! Get your hands on some Aloe Vera today. :)


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