Urban Legends That You Might Not Have Heard of

Urban Legends That You Might Not Have Heard of

Aug 26, 2021, 8:20:33 AM Entertainment

What are Urban Legends?

Let’s ask the important question right here at the start. What are urban legends or “urban legends”? One can argue a little about the details, but in principle, it is myths of the new era that have spread through the modern structure of society. Some of them, such as Slenderman, have their origins in Creepypasta, some have developed from rumors or older myths. There are all kinds of these myths. Some are more set in real life (like the alligators in the sewers), others are paranormal.

In this entry, we will focus more on the legends of the second kind and share a few stories that particularly fascinate people. So: turn off the lights, turn on creepy music and have fun!

Black Eyed Children

This story is sure to be familiar to some of you, as it has been mentioned more than once in Hollywood. Be careful! Because even if this legend has its roots in the USA, it is said that black-eyed children have also been seen in Germany.

This legend plays out in the same way over and over again. It's night or maybe a particularly dark, foggy day. Someone is traveling alone or at home alone when some children come here. These children, who always keep their eyes on the ground, ask their “victim” that they can get into the car or shortly enter the house. You would have got lost, would have to make a phone call. The "victim" realizes with enormous fear that the children's eyes are completely black. Anyone who is sensible will flee or slam the door ... We have never heard of anyone who opened them. But there will surely be someone, right?

It is a classic among urban legends - even though the beginning of this legend has long been confirmed as fiction. Nevertheless, this little myth has persisted. Probably no wonder: creepy children always go down well, which is reflected in the widespread of the myth.

The zombie train/witch train

This little legend has its origin in South Africa and is something very different. Because everyone knows ghost trains - but zombie trains ...?

A person is wandering the South African wilderness at night when they hear the sound of a train. Possibly without any tracks in the vicinity at all. If the hiker is lucky, the train simply drives past him. However, if he is unlucky, he will stop. A conductor will offer him a ride to his destination and ask if he wants a single ticket or a return ticket. If the hiker chooses the round trip, he is lucky. Although he is beaten up by zombies and thrown from the train, he is left alive. However, if he says “single ticket”, the witch who summoned the train will kill him and let him work there for the rest of his life.

This legend is something I came across while researching for Mosaic. It is something unusual that is seldom found in urban legends. However, it is a bit older. The legend likely dates back to the colonial days, which probably gives it a little more context. Because suddenly the whole thing takes on a different meaning, which is seldom considered in this legend today.

The stairs in the forest

This story is one that is most heard about in the context of “Missing 411” - a topic that in the sense of “Creepy Stuff” almost deserves its own entry. But purely conceptually, it’s a story you will love.

National parks can be anything - but it is not uncommon for them to be forest areas. Now, these usually look similar: Lots of forests, a few paths, only that not every hiker stays on these paths. And sometimes, yes, sometimes when you wander through the forest you will find random stairs in the woods. Staircases that just stand in the forests. In the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it's a spiral staircase, sometimes a turn that looks as if it and the decking were removed from a mansion. But there it is, in the middle of the forest. The closer you get, the louder this humming sound becomes. Better to turn around, because otherwise.

This story stems from a Reddit post from someone who allegedly works in a national park and tripped over stairs like this on a number of occasions. How much you want to believe is an open question. Nevertheless, people find this story particularly exciting because it is simply something different from ghosts and monsters. Just a flight of stairs. Innocent, right? These Urban Legends I mentioned and discussed in the whole post are actually mysteries that people don't know. We often wonder, why are they so. Some people guess their origin, history, and other stats, but those facts are not the right ones. They are not well known to anyone. 

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