Education in the Time of Pandemic: Benefits of Online Learning

Online Learning

Education in the Time of Pandemic: Benefits of Online Learning

Aug 30, 2021, 1:01:23 PM Life and Styles

Now that the whole world has switched to the online platforms, it seems that online learning is here to stay for a while. Many people in this time have taken the opportunity to become qualified English language teachers via online TEFL course learning. Though it may be restricted in social interaction, there are many benefits and advantages of online learning that are worth mentioning.

Online learning is flexible – you’ll never be late for class again

Firstly, online learning brings many advantages to the table due to its extreme flexibility. This type of online or remote learning has allowed people to attend their classes and other online courses from the comfort of their own home. Whatever time fits your schedule, you can just log in and instantly have access to all of the possible information that you need. Everything you need is just a few clicks away and on top of that a lot of online courses are free.

Not only is this way of learning much more accessible to people due to its flexibility, but it is also a lot more effective and lots of people have noticed themselves achieving better results. According to numbers provided by IBM, students retain information up to 5 times more than the amount they retained in the conventional learning circumstances and environment.

In addition to that, students are not the only ones who are satisfied with this form of learning. Professionals from all around the world have come forward to display their approval of online learning and its many great opportunities. This type of learning allows them to balance their work life and keep improving their skills.

It Eliminates Any Housing and Commute Expenses

Speaking of flexibility, online learning is great for saving money. By allowing students to study from home, online learning helps them save a lot of money. Students no longer have to pay for housing and spend tons of money on commuting to their classes. In addition to that, online school tuition can be drastically lowered due to the new circumstances of studying.

You Have Access to the Course 24/7

The beauty of online learning is that you have access to your classes and courses outside of your University 24/7. During the lockdown in 2020, many education platforms have opened their doors to curious students and anyone else who may be interested in learning a new skill. The opportunity to have free access to new e learning resources has made online learning that much more interesting and versatile.

It helps With the Work-life Balance

People of all ages have been indulging in online learning, thus finding new opportunities to grow and improve themselves. This proves that online learning is not only accessible to all, but also very easy to work with. This allows people of all ages to get involved and learn something new. Whether you are a high school student or an employed adult who wants to improve their already-existing skills or learn something new outside of their job, online learning is perfect for you.

Due to its extreme flexibility, online learning allows you to create a perfect balance and harmony between your working hours and your online learning. Since you have access to the online resources at all times, you can pretty much take any time of the day you want to browse through something new and acquire fun new skills on your own.

Students Are Able To Engage In Online Discussions

One flaw of the online learning definitely is the lack of social interaction. Some aspects of in-classroom teaching simply cannot be fully replaced no matter how hard we try. However, with the advanced technology of 21st century the feeling of social interaction can be successfully recreated in virtual rooms. With tons of great options such as texting, video calling, voice messaging, and others, students get a chance to engage in online discussions and talk to each other in real time. The Internet offers so many great platforms where people get to engage in conversation and share their opinions, which is a great option since many people living far from each other get to talk and discuss without having to cross miles. Isn’t that great?

A chance to build your network

Lastly, online learning provides both the students and teachers to connect with people of the same or similar interest. No matter where you live, the Internet allows you to interact with people who share the same passion with you and are interested in the same field of study. This helps you build a bigger and richer network. Also, professionals who would like to extend their knowledge and skill set can connect with people from all around the world who can teach them new skills. It is a great way to gain new career opportunities as well.


In conclusion, online learning may be lacking some in-real-life social interaction, but it offers so many new opportunities and advantages. The fact that you get to save money, learn new things for free, and interact with other people from all around the world from the comfort of your own home are just some of the biggest benefits of online learning.

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