Mi Reflections: 2016 Election

Whether or not we like the outcome, Donald J. Trump will be our 45th President. What a wild election race it has been! God has placed this responsibility in his hands. It is all God’s sovereign will. It is all in His hands.

I’m not so much disappointed that Trump will be president because of his remarks. I’m more so disappointed because he has no experience in this arena. Let’s be honest: his remarks are reflective of a large percentage of Americans (it has been unmasked). I do not say this because he won. I say this in light of the lack of regard that has been shown to the person of color since the establishment of this country. Many people who voted did not vote in favor of Trump, but simply against Clinton. To be honest. Much like many voted not for Romney, but against Obama. And even to take it a step further, many voted for Trump as an action against Obama. Either way it goes, Trump is not our final answer.

I have to be honest again. I was not the most informed person this election season. I have been so consumed with trusting in Jesus that I wanted nothing to do with politics. I was very fascinated by it in college. If you become too invested in it, it will destroy you. All I knew going into the voting booth is that I did not want an inexperienced, seemingly racist man in office that seemed only anti-abortion and not necessarily pro-life.

There are many people who are fearing for their lives, their freedom, their children, their neighbors, their future. I must say, concern is the state of mind that fills me more than any other. I am not angry. I am not bitter. I am not ready to lead a riot. Just concerned at how far he will attempt to go with the statements he has made and the views he holds.

When I think of a leader in office that the people seemingly do not like and is not for the people at large, I think of Pharaoh in the book of Exodus. Someone who has a form of godliness. Someone who jerks emotions makes promises but in the end, shows you his true colors. My faith is not in man. I will respect him as our president. I will pray for him and all the elected officials, for they have an unimaginable job. And even now, publically, I repent of the ideas and opinions that have formed in me about him. He will be our next president, but Jesus is my King. Sunday during service, my pastor made it clear to us: our first citizenship is not to America. We are not first characterized by our skin or ancestry. We are firstly citizens of Heaven, even never having seen it. New Jerusalem is my home. “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.” I am just visiting earth. It is not my permanent residence, but while I am here, it is my duty to be an ambassador for Christ, not my emotions or opinions.

Published by Mikia Tarver

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