10 Road Trip Travel Tips

10 Road Trip Travel Tips

Oct 26, 2017, 5:38:33 PM Life and Styles

A road trip is an excellent way to maximize novelty in your vacation, because you're moving around much more.

Numerous psychological studies have demonstrated the benefit of travel on the human psyche. From increasing creative thinking to improving general cognition and memory.

The evolutionary reason for this is relatively self-evident. An organism that can ramp up its cognitive ability in a new environment is more likely to survive.

Therefore, traveling is a biological hack of sorts to take advantage of circuitry. A road trip is the best way to take advantage of travel's benefits due to the fact that the environment is constantly changing.


1. Travel in an RV

​If you rent or buy an RV you can save a significant amount of money compared to hotels. Traveling by RV is also a great way to get away from the tourist traps and see more of the countryside.


2. Keep Your Vehicle Clean

​When you're traveling, it's easy for the vehicle to become dirty and chaotic. This can significantly erode your experience without you even noticing. By taking opportunities to straighten things up, you'll notice yourself enjoying the trip more.


3. Subscribe to Roadside Assistance

This might be overkill for a quick trip. However, if you're planning a long trip or traveling often, these services are worth looking into. A simple issue can put a damper on your experience if you aren't prepared. Having an option that will come to the rescue during a tricky situation is well worth the money.

4. Stay Off The Highways

The most beautiful countryside and most interesting attractions, are often found away from the highway. The driving also gets much more interesting, often eliminating the need for entertainment.


5. Talk To Locals

Always keep in mind that entire cottage industries spring up to attract traveling motorists. It's a rare occurrence that the best option for you shows up on a billboard. If you stop to eat or drink a beer, spark up a chat with staff members and or other customers. Locals are typically excited to share the best attractions of their area with a newcomer.


6. Plan Your Entertainment

​Some trips are unavoidably monotonous. A good audiobook or podcast can go a very long way. A great game to play is to take turns picking songs as well. Not only can you shift from being bored to being entertained. You can also take the opportunity to learn something or scratch a good book off of your to-read list. 


7. Stay In A Diverse Area

If you're not bent on a cross-country trip, staying in a diverse area will keep the drive interesting. It can also cut down significantly on drive time and fuel costs. For example, you can go to Colorado and drive in a mountainous loop. In that loop you'll see extreme variance in terrain and enjoy an endless array of attractions.

8. Time Your Trip

​Timing is everything. If you go to Yellowstone during peak season, for example, it can feel like an amusement park. However, if you go on the right day in the fall you may have less people, brighter colors, and better weather.


9. Take Time Off From Your Technology

​Entertainment can really enhance a long road trip. Although, relying on it too much can also distract from the experience. After all, you don't need to drive thousands of miles to sit on your phone, that can be done at home. Try to take breaks from technology and allow your mind to slow down.


10. Stick to Your Diet

​If you try to limit your junk food intake or stick to any diet, it's worth keeping in mind that on the road, the convenience of gas station junk food is often difficult to resist, especially if you didn't plan ahead. Bring some snacks you like that stay within your diet and save the vacation binges for a good restaurant. This will keep you feeling happy and alert during your trip.





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