A Journey Of Discovery

A Journey Of Discovery

2017 has been a year of enlightenment for one's soul; in this case, my own. It has shown me different aspects of life, the scenarios that come along with it, ultimately helping me choose wisely in terms of path.

Been writing a lot, which is a good feeling. And my gut-feeling tells me that I might be writing a lot more in the coming months. Poetry and blog posts, two of my favorite things in life. Emotive depth has certainly opened my eyes, in terms of letting my creative mind simply create, no matter how awful it might be.

Well, if the poem makes you feel something, then it's certainly emotively effective. How something so simple can captivate one's mind.

I mean, I'm not a perfect writer, but as long as it has depth and meaning, then it's something I can relate to. That's the thing about art in general, many create ''outside the box'', and some are quite set on simply the expressive part, no matter what others think of it.

As someone who has written and posted poetry anonymously for years out of self-critical insecurities, there's always two ways of defining what it means to be a writer and if you really can be considered one. I've been interested in writing for most of life, but it didn't really occur to me how important it would be until things in life started falling apart. Although, I do think poetry and writing in general should be expressed however one chooses to, whether it's absolutely chaotic or more on the artful side of things.

I don't necessarily write for other people, so perhaps my opinion of it is different to what other people think, but that's just life, I suppose. Sometimes we are on the same page, and sometimes we are not.

Any type of creative art form is judged to some extent, in most cases, it's a mixture of good and bad criticism, but with enough practice and patience, I'm sure we could all improve or perhaps learn from our previous errors.

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