What I Have Been Doing Lately?

What I Have Been Doing Lately?

Oct 16, 2017, 2:42:10 PM Life and Styles

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of activity. Been quite focused on my personal blog, which I'm sure most writers will understand. Alongside that, and publishing my first little book of poetry, I have been helping out with chores in the family home, as well as writing for my next project, initials are A. C. H. E and I am sure you'll clueless as to what it means, but all will soon be revealed by the end of 2017.

But I just wanted to write a quick piece for you today. And it's not anything specific, often enough, my best posts seem to be the ones I don't overthink about. It's good to let your thoughts and feelings have some kind of breather, in-between writing material. Hope you all had a great weekend. Take care and spread love always!

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