Everything You Need to Know About Upcoming PS5

Everything You Need to Know About Upcoming PS5

Oct 5, 2020, 7:37:15 AM Tech and Science

There are less than 2 months left for the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and there is a huge buzz about that. Fans are expecting a lot of new features and changes in the latest version with a lot of excitement. However, there are not many details about the PS5 made official except the price and the release date and tech-geeks are only contemplating about the features and specifications, but we have got you covered. There are so many things which are still unknown about the PS5 and in this article, we are going to tell you everything about the upcoming PS5 which you need to know. Let’s scroll down and find more about this product.

While playing games on any PlayStation, the user interface on the screen is always important. We want it to look easy to navigate through. Sony has not released any official statement about how the UI of PS5 is going to look like but it is almost certain that Sony is going to load PS5 with a completely redesigned UI that will allow you to interact with games in new and unique ways. However, it is still a mystery what the UI of PS5 is going to look like but Sony has promised some “really cool stuff”.

As we are expecting changes in the user interface, we might witness the changes in PlayStation Store also. It is expected to be coming closely tied with the new user interface and there are going to be some improvements and additions in the layout as well. The PlayStation Store on current systems is also fine but we are expecting some new colors and easier options to discover non-featured games.

Improvements in the total storage are also expected in PS5 coming in November. The onboard storage is expected to be 825GB and custom-architecture SSD is expected to drop file sizes. However, it is expected that this storage is not going to be compatible with expansions. There are also questions if you will be able to load the games available on your PS4 automatically or need to download all those games on your new device again.

The “Create” button mystery is also expected to be getting solved with the launch of PS5. You can expect some new functionalities associated with this button to be revealed as not many users have been able to use this button purposefully. There are chances that it can also be used as a hardware-based photo mode.

The latest pictures of the PS5 console reveal that it is going to support Atmos for video as we can see the Dolby Atmos logo on the bottom of the console. It is good news for you if you have Atmos-capable sound bars because it will also enable you to access the content with Atmos audio, such as Jack Ryan or The Boys on Amazon Prime. The support of Atmos for the games and interaction of the Tempest audio engine with Atmos-capable devices is also a big question.

Along with all these changes, PS5 is also expected to make it easy to share games among family members by some new verification systems like Google Play Store. There is also a buzz about PlayStation Plus which allows you to have instant access to 20 iconic PS4 games and two free games every month. PlayStation Now is also expected to be coming bundled with the latest PS5 which will allow you to access your PlayStation library and account remotely from anywhere.

PS5 is expected to be launching in November, and it will cost you $499. It is expected to be one of the best offerings from Sony. There is a lot you can expect from this device, and we hope it gives the best value for the money with the latest specifications and features. 

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