A Complete Hotel Towels Buying Guide

A Complete Hotel Towels Buying Guide

Sep 30, 2021, 6:02:14 PM Opinion

Every hotelier wants their guests to feel perfectly at home with soft, plush, and absorbent towels and bath mats, whether they're staying for a night or longer. Hotel Towels must be long-lasting, hard-wearing, and able to survive the rigors of industrial laundering while staying incredibly soft and luxurious. Here are some things to consider when buying towels for your guest rooms.

We browsed through Dzee products and found some useful features that every hotelier should keep in mind while purchasing towels for their property.

GSM: The density of the material used to make the towel is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter). The towel will be thicker and more absorbent with a higher GSM because there will be more loops or longer loops than with a lower GSM. GSM is used by merchants and laundries to describe how thick, absorbent, and luxurious a towel will feel.

Material: It is critical that hotels supply visitors with towels that are both comfortable and luxurious. That is why we sell cotton towels that are 100 percent pure and free of synthetic fibers. Cotton attracts water naturally and can hold about 25 times its own weight in liquid.

Dobby: Dobby serve two purposes for hotel toweling: make it easier for housekeepers to identify the towels and secondly, give a beautiful touch. Depending on the quality of the towel, Dzee Products feature multiple mercerized dobby header including Cam, Twill, Piano, and Greek border.

Hem: Look for towels that has a double stitched hem on the edge. These towels provide durability and to prevent fraying or hem-burst, which can occur with lower-quality single sewn hems.

Mercerized Towel: It is a term used to describe a treatment technique that improves the shine, strength, and shrinkage of fabrics. It's used to keep the fabric from puckering. Towels with a poorer quality may become collected or crumpled around the header bar.


Choosing a new set of towels for your hotel may appear simple; after all, all you have to do is choose some oversized white towels, right? When purchasing towels, hoteliers often ignore essential criteria such as material, surface thickness, absorbency, and most importantly, size. Keep reading to get a better understanding of hotel towel sizes.

Bath Mats: They are placed on bathroom floors after guests have bathed or showered to prevent slipping. They resemble bath towels but are significantly smaller in size, measuring 50cm wide x 85cm high, and are often denser than towels, with a higher GSM resulting in better water absorbency.

Washcloths: Whether you run a spa, a hotel, or a bed & breakfast, having high-quality washcloths is critical. A washcloth can be used to wipe the guest's face.

Hand Towel: A hand towel is much smaller than a bath towel, measuring 16X27 to 16X30 inches and used to dry hands.

Bath Towel: A bath towel's purpose is to dry the body after a shower; as a result, it must be constructed for great absorbency, durability, and superior performance under institutional laundering for repeated usage.

Opt For a One-Stop Shopping Experience

The hospitality industry in the United States is particularly diverse. Certain linen and terry items are dealt by some distributors. Others, such as D-ZEE Textiles, on the other hand, provide a wide range of hotel room supplies, including sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, duvets, decorations, hairdryers, coffee mugs, and so on. Choose distributors who can supply everything from the most basic to the most luxurious items. This way, you may benefit from the ease of a one-stop shopping experience.


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