Easy way to download Instagram videos with IG downloader on HP and PC

Easy way to download Instagram videos with IG downloader on HP and PC

Sep 15, 2021, 7:13:48 AM Tech and Science

IG is a very popular website among young people around the world.

Artists often use IG accounts to operate in cyberspace. , interact with their fans and even get paid if they advertise a product at a high rate. The income is quite attractive because it is valued quite high depending on the number of followers and the reputation of the person.

More and more Instagrammers are appearing and creating interesting types of content that help themselves quickly become famous.

When watching videos and interesting content, surely many users want to download to save on their devices, but Instagram does not provide that feature.

Therefore, follow the article to know how to download Instagram videos with IG downloader online.

What is Instagram? 

Instagram or IG is an application for sharing images or videos. The more popular the user on IG, the higher the number of followers and influence on IG. That means that their income will be higher. But that doesn't mean less followers means low income. 

That's why many people are famous on Instagram and then suddenly become rich. The Instagram application can run through both Android and iOS smartphone devices and also PC - Laptop. 

How to download videos from Instagram with IG downloader online

When viewing various interesting information on Instagram, you definitely want to save some of it. If the information you want to save is an image, you can use the screen capture feature.

However, things will be different if you want to store information as a video. To be able to save information as a video , you must know how to save a video from the social network Instagram. Here's how to save videos from Instagram with IG downloader online: 

1. Select Video to Save 

To save information as a video, the first thing you have to do is select the video to save. You can select a video by searching for a video to save or select a video from the video options displayed on your Instagram home page.

You can also choose to live video on Reels, the IGTV feature available on the latest version of the Instagram app. 

2. Copy the video link

Once you have found the video you want to download, the next step you have to do to save the video is to copy the video link. To copy the video link you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the opened video. 

Then click the copy link option to copy the video link. 

3. Access IG downloader SnapInsta

After successfully copying the video URL to save, the next step to save the video is to access IG downloader SnapInsta.app. You just need to follow the instructions in the app. 

4. Paste the video URL

To download and save the selected video from Instagram, you must paste the video's link in the column provided on the IG downloader. In addition to videos, this downloader can also help download Instagram photos

5. Make the download process

Once you paste the link of the video in question you just need to tap on the download option.

To avoid mistakes during the download process, you should make sure that you understand how the downloader application you will be using works.

6. Make sure the video is saved

The last step you have to do to save a video from Instagram is to make sure the downloaded video is moved to the gallery and you can open it. To ensure this, you must wait until the video download is complete. 

Once the download is complete, you can immediately check the archive or collection folder to make sure the video you previously downloaded is already in that folder. If the video in question is already in the folder and can work properly, then the process of saving the video from Instagram that you made has completed successfully. But if the videos in the folder are not playing, it means you have to go back to the whole download process from the beginning. 

How to download Instagram videos using the app 

1. QuickSave 

How to save IG videos on Mobile 2021 without copying the URL is to use the IG downloader app QuickSave which you can download on the Google Play Store

Here's how to download Instagram videos using QuickSave app: 

1. If you don't have the QuickSave app installed, please download and install it first.

2. Then, you run the QuickSave application and then click the Instagram icon button located in the upper left corner of the application. 

3. Then specify the IG video you want to download and tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the post. 

4. You click "Copy Link" and automatically the IG video will be downloaded to the device you are using. 

2. Downloadvideosfrom.com 

How to download Instagram videos with IG downloader Downloadvideosfrom.com: 

  • First, you open the Instagram app and find an interesting video.
  • Open the video and simply copy the link in the address bar area of ​​your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Then, visit the IG video download site, specifically downloadvideosfrom.com. 
  • Next you paste the link just now into the text field provided.
  • Then you click the " DOWNLOAD MP4 " button and the IG video will be automatically downloaded to your device .

How to download videos on IG using an Android phone 

1. DreDown 

An effective way for tech lovers is to take advantage of IG downloader DreDown, a site that provides a service to download videos from Instagram as well as videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, VV 

Here are the steps to get videos on IG with DreDown: 

  • Open the Instagram page, then you specify a video that you are interested in and that you want to download on your PC/Laptop/iPhone/Android phone. 
  • Focus on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the video posted on IG then select "Copy Link".
  • Then you run the browser and visit the DreDown website. There are many options for the site from which you want to download the video, but you need to choose Instagram.
  • After you copy the video link on IG, you paste the previous link in the text part of the Dredown website then click the " Dredown " button Your 
  • The last task is to choose the video quality type and then the IG video is downloaded directly to your device.

2. W3toys 

Another method to download Instagram videos is to visit the w3toys site to save it on your PC, laptop, Android phone or iPhone. Here's how to download Instagram videos with IG downloader W3toys: 

  • You open the Instagram page first.
  • Select your favorite Instagram video then copy the IG video link. 
  • Next, you go to the website w3toys.com, then simply paste the URL into the text provided on the website and click "GO".
  • Then the video image will appear and the download button will also appear.
  • Just click the “DOWNLOAD” button and your favorite IG videos will be downloaded automatically. 

Instagram video downloader app 

1. Video Downloader for Instagram

How to save Instagram videos with the help of Android IG downloader app is very easy. Here's how: 

  • You download and install the Video Downloader for Instagram app on Playstore.
  • Copy the URL of your favorite IG video. 
  • Run the Video Downloader for Instagram app then paste the URL into the app's text. 
  • The download will take place automatically and you can get the IG video file in the InstaDownloadfolder 

 2. Download the program 

The method of downloading IG videos next is going to the IG downloader online. This method is very practical because you just need to open the website without installing any application on your Android phone. Here's how to download IG videos with Downloadgram: 

  • Go to the IG page and copy the URL of the video you want to save.
  • Next, open the downloadgram.com website and then you paste the Video URL in the text area on the website then you click the "DOWNLOAD" button.
  • The last step is to click the "DOWNLOAD VIDEO" button. Then the video will be downloaded directly.

3. PostGrabber 

The next method is to access the IG downloader PostGrabber. For a better understanding, see the explanation below. Here's how to get a video on IG with PostGrabber: 

  • First copy the URL/link of the Instagram video you're following.
  • Then, open the website http://postgraber.com and paste the URL in the text area provided and click the “GO” button.
  • After a while a video thumbnail will appear and you click the "DOWNLOAD" button below and your video will be saved on your Android phone, iPhone, PC or laptop.
  •  Complete


Why do people want to download videos from IG? 

Most of us will find videos hilarious and want to collect them because maybe the content is entertaining, useful, or makes us scream WOW! However, IG account owners often wonder how to download IG videos on PC| laptop| Android phones, etc. 

What are the tips for using the Instagram app? 

You should avoid uploading videos on Instagram that are violent and not educational. Save useful videos and increase your knowledge because your next 10 years will depend on what you watch today. In addition, the people you hang out with should also be careful because your future is now in your hands. 

How long is a video on Instagram? 

The duration of the video on Instagram is only about 1 minute, but it will be longer with IGTV. Besides, there are various features that make you feel at home when using this website. 

How many Instagram users are there currently? 

Instagram also has millions of active users around the world and continues to grow. In it, people will compete to share various interesting information in the form of articles, photos and videos. 

Usually whose video we want to download? 

When we become followers or fans of the people we love, on social media or find a video we like. Then you have the desire to download those Instagram videos, right? 

What is the benefit of saving IG videos on our mobile? 

By saving an IG video, you can play it back later without using Internet space so it's more efficient. 

Does Instagram offer a video download feature? TMagistrates regret IG page without video download feature so we have to look for other alternatives to be downloaded from Instagram.

What are the benefits of an IG page?

Instagram or IG is a social networking site, which is a stiff competitor to Facebook and Twitter pages, where you can share photos and videos so that they can be viewed publicly.


It is a really helpful article because we have given a lot of ways for you to download Instagram videos with IG downloader. Hope it can be useful for you. I wish you success and good luck. 

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