Ghosts and Cyberpunk. Sense Review- A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Ghosts and Cyberpunk. Sense Review- A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Oct 12, 2021, 6:27:49 PM Entertainment

The game is set in 2083 in F95zone Hong Kong. An outstanding (in every sense) netdiver named Mei receives an order from a client. At the destination, her optics begin to fail, she goes to the toilet, and from there she is transferred to a creepy multi-storey building. It is full of ghosts and secrets, and there is no way back. So Mei (with our help) will have to solve riddles, exorcise ghosts and fight for her life to get to the very top and find freedom.

There, here, back

Basically, this is an adventure with horror elements, where the main task is to rid the ghosts of suffering and survive. We move through the floors of an abandoned house, clicking on all available objects, until it becomes possible to pick up one of them and apply it elsewhere. We repeat until access to the next floor opens, where the atmosphere changes slightly, but not the rules of the game. 

The situation is complicated by the fact that during the passage we will have to return to the previously visited places. Moreover, many times. And some items cannot be lifted up to a certain point. And there are many such items!

Ghosts periodically chase us. You can run away from them or hide in a special room (it is one for the whole game), but they chase Mei until she performs the exorcism ritual. From the middle of the game, an unusually clumsy combat system opens, during which the girl clumsily hits the ghosts on the head with an old sword.

The walking animation is worth mentioning - it's terrible. In the process, Mei's leg is lifted a little from the body each time, after which it safely returns to its place. 


Sense's full name is: Sense : Lesser restoration 5e . Cyberpunk! And yes, at the very beginning we walk around the city of the future, people's clothes are open, and their bodies are changed by modifications. But we spend 95% of the time in the game in the old building!

On the other hand, the contrast enhances the horror effect: despite all the technical progress, otherworldly forces have not gone anywhere. And all our modifications do not save from creatures that are beyond our understanding. 

This effect is especially strong in areas with city views. The world we understand is very close. Just reach out your hand and you'll find yourself on the safe streets. But some kind of barrier keeps Mei in this cursed house. 


The game can scare! From time to time we are shown short comics about ghosts. The atmosphere of the floors is high: each has a different theme, be it hair hanging from everywhere, pouring blood or pulsating lumps of flesh. The local curse is felt on the skin. 

The ghost designs are great! Be it wires protruding from the body, animal features, many eyes, unnaturally curved limbs. At the sight of Mei, their serene facial expressions give way to a predatory grin. 

But when it comes to the actual game, the situation changes dramatically. Ghosts tend to be more annoying than frightening. It's easy to run away from them. The triggers for their appearance are obvious. And if you carry out the rite of exorcism, then you can calmly explore the floor without fear of otherworldly attacks. 

Each ghost has its own story and unique behavior. Some openly attack Mei, killing at the first opportunity. There is one kleptomaniac who steals her things. Or a ninja girl who has set traps all over the place. There are even those who have kept their sanity and help in the battle with their fellows.

If Mei fails, she dies in the most painful way, after which we are shown her disfigured body. There are many unique ways to die in Sense. Among them there are also stupid ones: even crows and cats can kill us.

The atmosphere is significantly influenced by the soundtrack. HuniePop 2, gurgle, moan, and scream. Everything is as it should be. But the background music does not cope with its task - it does not know how to put pressure on the psyche. And also, swinging objects are present in almost every room. And they all have the same thumping sound that is very annoying. 

Scandal (he was)

Prior to the game's release, publisher Top Hat Studios was attacked by Twitter activists. They argued that the protagonist's outstanding forms offend the feelings of women, and a game with an 18+ rating corrupts children. The publisher received insults and threats of physical harm if they did not add censorship to the game. But Top Hat Studios left everything as it is. And it played into their hands. People in many of the positive reviews of the game on Steam express their respect to the developers for not bending over.


The gorgeous horror atmosphere and beautiful design of the cursed house keep this game interesting for at least one playthrough. But not more! There are few interesting mechanics here. It should also be borne in mind that Sense is made cheaply, in places clumsily, and "cyberpunk" is not used in the name in any way. A game about ghosts. 


  • Atmosphere (sometimes really scary)
  • An overall enjoyable adventure
  • Artistic style (attracts)


  • Clumsy gameplay
  • The need to return to previous locations
  • Annoying sounds

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