Laminate Glass a top industry standard toughened glass.

Laminate Glass a top industry standard toughened glass.

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A Glass Laminated with Other Glass

Laminated glass has the same strength as conventional glass, but it is made up of two pieces of glass sandwiched between two layers of plastic. Even if the glass is cracked, the interlayer will keep the whole piece in place, ensuring that an intruder or huge free shards can’t cut their way through the window. Car windscreens and storefronts use the same kind of glass.

Toughened glass

There are several advantages to using toughened glass over standard glass, such as the greater resistance to breakage and the fact that it breaks into smaller pieces that are less hazardous. In bus stops and phone boxes, it’s the same kind of glass that has been crushed into little bits and littered the ground.

Glass that has been annealed to a standard temperature

Safety glazing is not needed in any other windows, hence this kind of glass is used instead. There’s no need to alter this sort of glazing since burglars are unlikely to attempt to break in through it.

What’s the point of telling you this?

An increase in criminals breaking in via toughened glass put in the rear French, patio, and back doors of Greater Manchester homes is something our double glazing installation and repair firm, which has been in business for over 25 years, has witnessed. On the ground level, we now recommend Laminated glass for all locations where safety glass is required. In the image below, consider how simple it would be for a thief to break a pane of the hardened glass.” You’ll never have to worry about shards of annealed glass piercing your skin since they’re a thing of the past using this method.

How can you tell whether your glass is toughened or laminated?

In order to determine whether or not the glass in issue is laminated or toughened, you’ll need to search for a kitemark in the corners.

Code 14449 of the laminated Kitemark is bs en

bs en 12150 is the toughened Kitemark code.

What can we do to assist?

In order to improve your current toughened glazing, just changing the glass is the most cost-effective solution. No new frames or doors are required, and nothing is harmed in the process; in fact, the only way to tell the difference is to glance at the kite mark. It is our goal that this article has helped you better understand the advantages of laminated glass. If you’d like a free, no-obligation quote on installing laminated glass, we’d be happy to come out and see you.

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