Make Your Business Work on the Go – 5 Tips for Digital Nomads

Make Your Business Work on the Go – 5 Tips for Digital Nomads

Sep 4, 2021, 6:46:50 AM Tech and Science

Many business owners have decided to become digital nomads in the last few years. The rapid development of Internet-based technologies and the availability of fast Internet connections let them work from anywhere in the world.

While this is a significant benefit, there are some traps that these business owners need to avoid falling into.

In this article, we’ll explain how to improve your business on the go and ensure steady business growth.

1)    Control your expenditure

When you travel every few months and change destinations, it’s easy to get carried away with your costs.

Even if you make a substantial amount of money, you should still control your expenditure.

In line with that, ask the local people where they buy groceries, fruit, and vegetables. Search for the local open-air markets because that’s where you’ll find quality products at lower prices.

Make a shopping list to ensure that you buy only the things you really need.

Also, when you want to move to a new place, compare the prices or rents, bills, restaurant meals, and other relevant things on specialized websites, such as Numbeo.

Take a look at your bills after every shopping and analyze your bank statements when you get them.

All these actions will help you control your expenditure. 

2)    Stay at affordable destinations

Living as a digital nomad running a business is a great chance to see new parts of the world and meet different people.

Of course, everybody wants to climb the Statue of Liberty or visit Bali. The thing is that you should combine exclusive and affordable destinations to maintain such a lifestyle.

What you can do is plan your life one year, or at least six months ahead. That way, you’ll have enough time to find out more about the destinations you want to visit and make these arrangements.

For instance, some countries in Middle and Eastern Europe now have a lot to offer and they’re not as expensive as some other countries in Western Europe.

Likewise, Central and South America have many places where you can enjoy the sea and the sun without paying a fortune.

Of course, it would be great to visit only top world destinations, but go step by step and perhaps one day your business will be so big that you’ll be able to stay only at top places.

So, plan your destinations ahead to make your business work on the go.

3)    Connect with relevant people

Even though technology has helped us a lot to run business operations more efficiently, people still play a vital role.

Digital nomads need to connect with relevant people to stay updated with the latest trends in their niche.

LinkedIn and Facebook are perfect networks for this purpose. You can both follow the most important professionals in your niche and discuss the current affairs with them.

Digital nomads that run a business should go the extra mile and connect with local professionals. For instance, if you’re planning to live in Montevideo for six months, search for businesspeople from your niche and connect with them. Join the local business community, if any, and meet them in person. See how they handle their business activities. Perhaps you’ll even start working together on some projects.

4)    Mind the money transfers

Accepting money in different countries of the world can be expensive. You need to learn more about available money transfers and see which one works best for you.

For starters, you should avoid wire transfers. This would require opening a bank account in every country you stay in, and then closing it when you’re leaving. It’s both time-consuming and expensive.

It’s better to use PayPal to accept and send payments on the go. However, you can’t pay in supermarkets via PayPal or withdraw cash. You need to have a Visa card or Mastercard to get money. If you can have this car issued in your home country and connect it with PayPal, then this payment method meets all your needs.

Also, consider using Payoneer and its alternatives. You get a bank card you can use for payments or to withdraw money from ATMs. The drawback: it’s pricier than some other options.

5)    Present your work to the world

Many entrepreneurs use social media for fun. The thing is that you can use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as a showcase for your work.

Find the optimal publishing schedule and post your business efforts to these networks. Turn your experiences into Facebook and Instagram Stories to increase followers’ engagement and turn them into regular viewers of your reels and videos.

Additional two cents: launch separate business pages for your business on social networks and don’t mix them with your personal accounts.

Also, keep your website updated. Digital nomads have a great chance to enrich their websites and blogs with first-person articles and guides. As web design specialists from a web design company in Houston put it, personal testimonials about combining business and leisure are more likely to attract readers’ attention. Some of these readers will be interested in the business services you provide.

As you’re moving around the globe, it’s important to control your costs and ensure business growth while using affordable ways of accepting and sending money. If you choose interesting but affordable destinations and connect with relevant business professionals, you’ll enhance your business operations, as well.

Finally, keep telling the world what you’re working on and what projects you’ve finished via your website and social media channels.

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