Rats and deer. Hood: Outlaws & Legends Review

Rats and deer. Hood: Outlaws & Legends Review

Nov 1, 2021, 7:02:13 AM Entertainment

The developers at Sumo Digital really wanted to make a simple co-op action movie at first, but then they saw the Hunt Showdown, got inspired and twisted the solid foundation. When TWO teams do the same thing, which can endlessly cut each other, grabbing respawn points and trying to steal the damn chest, nothing remains of the atmosphere. All that remains is a weird running around between the guards and clumsy attempts to finish off each other.

But let's talk about the good first. The developers have succeeded in the graphics. It's nice to look at the scenery. The initial stage of the match, the first five minutes, are also good. You, along with three partners, sneak, quietly cut out the mindless guards, try to find the sheriff and steal the key, then the search for the treasury begins ... That's all. 

All that follows is bedlam and the strangest tug-of-war you could imagine in a video game format. The thing is that the teams pull it in one direction.

We are given four classes to choose from (archer, assassin with a crossbow, healer with a mace and a big man with a hammer). One weapon, a couple of moves and an ultimate ability. This is enough for a quiet attack from the bushes, but not enough for a vigorous confrontation when a fight between teams begins. Battles immediately flow into an awkwardly strange phase, where everyone is trying to hit each other or run from behind to perform a beautiful finishing animation "Dispel magic 5e" Archers and crossbowmen quickly unleash a modest supply of arrows and bolts and throw themselves with their fists at hammers and maces to chop off some health. Death threatens with teleportation to the nearest spawn point and a few seconds of running to the place of confrontation in order to try to kill someone and fly to the base. Who will pass whom. 

Why is all this being done? And in order to free up space at the winch. The chest must be placed in the cradle and the winch must be turned (turning for a very long time) until the reward is safe. We fight, we twist, we fight, we twist. The team that ends up at the winch last wins. 

Naturally, players often "forget" about the main goal and go to pinch the competitors at the respawn point, because for kills they get good experience and gold. Those appear and run to the winch, and they are immediately impolitely "chicked" from the bushes. An arrow to the head or an invisible (literally) assassin with a dagger will not even allow you to understand where the attack came from. And again you find yourself at the spawn point, in order to die again in a few seconds, if the enemy does not hesitate and changes position. Him - gold and experience. You are humiliated.

Aversion is added by a terrible sound design. Opponents are simply not heard. They can silently crawl through bushes and stab. Stealth steps are unreadable. The overwhelming number of deaths here comes from sudden seizures from behind - and you will not do anything about it and will not be able to predict. The locations are huge and full of cover. If the opponents came here not to play, but to frolic (and there are an overwhelming majority of them here), you will die. 

The selection of players for a new match is slow. You are cynically shown your group of low-level colleagues, but on the contrary - guys of some unrealistic levels, from seventy to a hundred (difficult person test). Go for it. You don’t know how to play properly, you don’t know the area, you don’t know how to assign roles with strangers - this comes with experience. And they are already starting to cut you. A couple of games pass in this mode, and the hand involuntarily reaches out to make a "refund". And don't restrain yourself! Online games on Steam are falling rapidly, even if you like it, it won't last long. 

As compensation for the spent nerves, the developers offer a squalid leveling system with semi-useless perks, as well as monotonous and inexpressive skins for weapons and heroes. It takes a very long time to save money and experience for this pleasure. In 7 hours of playing, I managed to scrape together gold for one perk and a skin for a crossbow. True, I still do not understand how it differs from the base one. A little browner, or what? Probably.

In other words, if the game does not drag out from the first hours, then it will not open further. You may even like to spoil the nerves of others and sneak off opponents. But the battles here are awkward and monotonous, they quickly become boring, and the list of techniques does not expand. The network code lego piece 26047 with the players' desynchronization adds some troubles. Hits are registered and then not. The enemy may actually be in the wrong place where his figure is drawn. Sometimes you fight with a shadow, while they just kill you on the spot, and you can neither hit nor even dodge - damn stamina quickly ends. A couple of dodges - and now you are already a bag for arrows. 


And the developers are optimists! Simultaneously with the launch of the game, sales of the "1 Year Battle Pass" started - only $ 20. For another $ 4, you can buy a set of additional skins for characters and weapons. That's how we live. Game designers at game companies are superfluous people. The most helpful employees are artists creating content for sale. Think over aspects of game mechanics, work out heroes, endow them with interesting abilities - why? Tyap-blooper, copy-paste - for gold!

Hood: Outlaws & Legends might have come as a surprise if the developers settled on the original concept of a co-op action movie. It could have turned out to be something like Payday in the Middle Ages with an emphasis on stealth. And instead, we have a wildly annoying, ineptly and mediocrely cobbled together multiplayer action movie, where teams cut each other's throats for the right to twist the winch a little. 


  • You can save 2,150 rubles (on PlayStation and Xbox) or 1,200 rubles (on Steam)


  • Long search for matches, unequal matchmaking
  • You can take 4 identical heroes
  • Broken game mechanics, dull confrontations, unpretentious stealth
  • Bad sound
  • What dinosaur has 500 teeth
  • One mode
  • Bad network code, sometimes terrible player sync
  • Poor "development" system
  • The wretched final part of the confrontation with the damned winch

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