3 Top British Male Voice Over Artists

3 Top British Male Voice Over Artists

Oct 20, 2021, 9:16:20 AM Entertainment

What does it take to be a voice actor? Perfect tone modulation? Perhaps, perfect enunciation? Whatever it is, the following voice actors have surely cracked the code. There are several British male voice actors out there but among them, only a handful have made it to the top. Here are three top British male voice over artists who have paved the way for several others:

Jeremy Irons

Aged 73, The voice of Scar, Jeremy Irons needs no introduction. Jeremy has done a lot in his career. He took off as a theater actor and then gave Broadway a try before moving on to films. When his acting career took off, Jeremy emerged in several award-winning performances, such as playing Claus Von Bulow in the Reversal Of Future.

His voice-over career began with an episode of The Simpsons where he played the character of Moe's Bar Rug. Later, his voice was heard in the 1994 Disney movie, The Lion King. In that movie, he played the infamous character of Scar. The deep rumbling voice of Scar is nothing but a remarkable performance by Jeremy Irons.

The audience liked his voice a lot, which led him to score the character again when a video game of The Lion King was released. His latest voice-over work was in the movie Faeries, released in 1999, he played the main character of The Shape Shifter.

Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart has had an expansive career. He's practically done it all. Mr. Stewart began his career with the television production Hedda and I, Claudius miniseries. Patrick Stewart was able to land big roles, such as Jean-Luc Picard. His voice-over career has been quite expansive too. His most popular roles include the narrator from the movie Ted and The Great Prince from Bambi 2. There have been over 48 voices roles in Patrick's career, and each of them has set an example for aspiring voice-over artists around the globe.

His deep voice resonates with both serious and comic characters, adding versatility to his roles. This is exactly what emerging voice-over artists should aim for.

Martin Allanson

Martin Allanson is an up-and-coming British voice-over artist. He began his voice career some 15 years ago and has ventured into both acting and voice-over since then. His voice can be heard in commercials for different companies such as Lego and even in video games such as The Huntsman: Winter's Curse.

 Mastering a warm voice can be difficult for some voice-over artists, but Martin Allanson has voiced several audiobooks for children. His career is at its peak with several ongoing projects, including radio dramas, narrations, and other videos.

It is not particularly easy to get into character and voice characters of different varieties. The people mentioned above have done justice to each role and are the torchbearers for other British voice-over artists.

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