Travelling Edition: Personal Care

Travelling Edition: Personal Care

We’ve got a decent amount of travelling experience to tropical parts of the world between the two of us. So we understand, that the thought of packing can be quite overwhelming! We’ve enlisted for you, the absolute travel personal care must haves to take with you to the other side of the world or to just the next state in your country. From experience, even forgetting one item makes you feel incomplete! Save yourself from spending extra money on items you will already have at home, so be sure to check off the following items:

Oral Hygiene Kit.

Just because we’re on holiday does not mean our oral hygiene practise is on holiday mode too (LOL) We want our kits to comprise of the following:
– Travel sized toothpaste
– Toothbrush with a cap or lid (Protect your toothbrush from foreign bacteria that may inhabit your brush)
– Travel sized mouth wash
– Disposable Dental Floss/Dental Picks
Facial Skin Care Kit
We’re going to break this kit into two compartments. One for our skin care routine and one for our daily skin care protection – even a 3rd compartment is optional if you wish to bring makeup:

Skin care products:
– Makeup wipes
– Face Cleanser
– Skin Toner
– Moisturiser

Daily Skin Protection:
– Tinted moisturiser with SPF 30 (This is great as it acts as a light moisturizer as a well as a light cover up, especially for when you’re travelling to warmer parts of the world and don’t want your face to melt – actually does happen!)
– Lip balm

Shower Essentials:
– Travel sized Shampoo and Conditioners

Body care
– Moisturiser
– Sunscreen SPF30
– Deodorant
– Perfume (Preferably Travel Size)

– Wet wipes (to keep in your purse)
– Tissues

– Hair ties and bobby pins
– Hair Brush (Always seem to forget this one)
– Hairspray if you’re prone to frizz in humidity (make sure the hairspray bottle has been used, because it can burst with the pressure from the high altitude when flying)
– Hair straightener and Hair Dryer if need be.

– Insect Repellent
– Antiseptic Cream
– First aid travel kit
– Q-Tip Ear Cleaners


Be well prepared and create a checklist to cross off the items accordingly. It’s efficient if you travel minimal, so enlist the absolute essentials. Have your mum or a friend to help you look over the items you’ve packed. But remember; have fun, meet amazing people, take loads of pictures and stay safe on your travels!

With love,

Steanne & Merry

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