6 Rarest Dog Breeds

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6 Rarest Dog Breeds

Jun 28, 2021, 8:11:47 AM Creative

It’s difficult to pin the exact number of dog breeds that exist on the globe today. There are plenty of dog breeds that exist, from mighty Chihuahua to big softie Golden Retriever. It does not matter how many breeds you have seen so far; there are plenty of dog breeds you may never even have heard of.

In this article, we will explore the 5 rarest dog breeds in the world. These dogs feature the Italian-born truffle hunter and Hungary’s own pedigree sheep-dog. Let’s start the list and see how many of these rare dog breeds you recognized.

Norwegian Lundehund

It’s one of the rarest dog breeds on the list due to its unique characteristics as compared to other dog breeds on the planet. They originate from the islands off the Norwegian coast. It’s a crimson-coated canine, which is developed for hunting the puffin birds along the coastal cliffs. Their unusual hunting environment helps them to develop the perfect traits for rocky cliffs. They can crane backward to touch their spine due to their six toes, adjustable ears, and flexible neck.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo is the oldest water retriever dog, which is often mistaken as Poodle-cross. It’s traditionally used as a working dog breed to heartily fetch ducks from the Italian marshlands. Their waterproof covering, muscular build, and sharp sense of smell help them in the duck hunting explorations. Today, these are the only dogs recognized for this job.


Azawakh is a loyal dog, which is famously known for its unusual sighthound. It’s a hunting dog breed, which can discover its prey with its sight. This elegant and long-legged dog breed is specially created for the regions of Africa. They are trained as a guard in the desert conditions of Africa. They share most of their traits with the Saluki breed, which is often called “idiii n” by their owners. Their unique look makes them more like a cat than a dog. You can make this special breed a strong companion.


It’s a British breed, but today it’s one of the most vulnerable native dog breeds in the USA. They are mostly known for their marvelous mane of hair and entertaining essence. They are officially rare than the white rhino as only less than 1000 dogs around the world. It’s believed these dogs were developed during the medieval age in the borders. They were developed to protect the fishing industry from pesky otters. But when otter hunting was banned in the UK, this specialist dog breed disappeared.


It’s a Hungarian-born dog breed, which is most opposite to their name. They are mostly known for their highly active nature and upbeat. Today, only less than a thousand individuals are present. It’s believed that this unique canine was originated in the 1800s. It’s a natural cross of the well-known Pumi and Puli Breeds. They are often used to herd sheep and cattle and very effective as a watchdog.

Merle French Bulldog

Merle French French Bulldog is a recent rare dog breed of the planet. It’s not a breed, more like the color variation of the French Bulldogs, which is produced by the rare merle gene. These are cute family dogs, which can easily adjust in any family. But there are a lot of health concerns of the breeders for this rare dog breed. It’s also hard to produce this dog for the breeders, which makes it very expensive as well. 

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