Shooting that perfect wedding video: Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Shooting that perfect wedding video: Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Nov 2, 2018, 6:59:48 PM Business

Shooting a wedding video tends to be extremely tiring and stressful. However, with a right guide to follow, you can easily perfect the art of capturing the perfect moments and grabbing all those epic momentous feelings and emotions of the couple and their families. Now, what makes a wedding the perfect one? It is you. You can easily create the difference between a mainstream videographer and one with a unique vision. There are several ways you can perfect your art of making memories for the families and some of the best ones have been listed down for you.

1. Communication

Your task as a Chicago Indian wedding videographer starts way before the actual ceremony does. You need to sit down for a meeting with a family that hires you for your service and especially with the soon-to-be-together couple. Get to understand what they have been looking for when planning a wedding video. Do they have any special requirements?

Will the event house any surprise moments or maybe some choreographed dances that you might need to be updated about? Ask if the bride shall be wearing any jewellery or dress dropped down from generations with an emotional value so that you can focus more on the same. This will help you get ready for the entire ceremony when you know what to do when the exact moment arrives.

2. Be quick

When you play the part of a Chicago Indian wedding videography, you need to be as quick with your fingers and feet as possible. You might need to scour your way through the crowd of guests just to reach the couple and capture the Bidaai ceremony, or the reception, or any important event which when you fail to capture might leave a dent on the overall memories of the wedding day.

Oh, and always remember to keep it light when it comes to wearing clothes or carrying equipment. The lighter you feel, the better you shall be able to capture what is necessary. Go for breathable clothing options such as cotton clothes. However, do not run into a wedding ceremony wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Keep it professional while allowing yourself the ease of comfortable clothing.

Additionally, keep all your heavy gears in a bag and set it aside under the care of your associate or a friend to ensure that you don’t have to carry it all around. A typical bag for wedding videography might house equipment such as light corrector, additional flash, tripod, batteries, and many other heavy gadgets that can wear you down very easily if you plan on carrying them along all throughout the wedding. So make sure you have help.

3. Audio

Yes, you might manipulate the video with some romantic music or songs to make it more peppy and cute, but the original audio also matters for the clients. Some things need to be kept raw. This includes things such as the final moments when the bride is being sent away with the groom with final lovely messages from the bride’s families, or the beautiful songs being sung at the sangeet ceremony. So make sure you carry around all that can record the sounds.

Generally, cameras come with inbuilt microphones to capture sounds. However, they do not provide a good clarity for the same. So carry around some lavalier, or good mikes to capture the sounds at their best. The best option is to record sounds from multiple sources so that you can have different variations of the same audio to help you select the best out of the lot while editing after Chicago Indian wedding videography is complete.

4. Capture the traditions

When working as a director and cameraperson for the Chicago Indian wedding videography, you might feel the need for experimentation. However, make sure you cover the typical aspects of the wedding videos to ensure that the couple or their families aren’t disappointed at the end of the day. Keep it unique but keep the traditions too. Join together all these essentials in the form of a cool montage or well-edited video that connects each segment with a good storyline.

5. Camera Stability

Stabilization of the camera while taking shots is what differentiates one wedding from another. Doing everything on your own won’t cut the deal. You might get shaky at times, especially when you are running around trying to cover every possible aspect of the wedding.

You need to get yourself good support gears that will help you switch from one scenario to another without any blurred video with poor cinematography. Get equipment such as a monopod, tripod, slider, glidecam, or maybe shoulder rig to help you tread well with the demands of the family or the couple. Make sure you do justice to the price they pay you and perform even better than expected.

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