What Makes a Fujoshi A Fujoshi?


What Makes a Fujoshi A Fujoshi?

Oct 22, 2016, 10:38:05 PM Entertainment

  Fujoshi is a Japanese term which bore the meaning, Rotten girl. In Kanji, Fujoshi is written as 腐女子. As a J culture enthusiast, I am often misunderstood as a Fujoshi. Now, Back to the question, What makes a Fujoshi A Fujoshi?

  As explained from the introduction, Fujoshi meant 'Rotten girl' in general English, as we dig deep into the J culture scope. A Fujoshi is a girl Otaku fan that enjoys seeing a lot of guy on guy action. This kind of genre is called 'Boys Love' aka BL in most of Asian region. BL and Yaoi is two DIFFERENT things, which is another story to be told. Not every girl that likes J culture anime is a Fujoshi. WHAT? That's not possible. It is possible, a genuine fujoshi ships any heterosexual boy she came across with another heterosexual boy and they mostly have hardcore imaginations. However, for a misunderstood girl that likes Anime. They only like specific BL content, like their favorite male anime character got fanart treatment with another male character in some BL scenes or even, their favorite parring in the anime also had the same treatment but into a fan comic. The society in the anime loving community is always mixed up with a genuine fujoshi or a girl who just admire artwork and story line regarding the character's sexuality. 

 How to differentiate a fujoshi and semi-fujoshi? It's easy. A fujoshi would react to any boy and boy picture, where as a semi-fujoshi would be lenient to any photos except for their favorite artist of choice.

  Before judging a girl that likes anime, please think twice on labeling them as a Fujoshi or not.

Published by Minami Kinta

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