“The real college experience” : introducing serie.

“The real college experience” : introducing serie.

Everyone has their opinions on college. Some of them think this is phase where you can discover yourself, find something that you love and do it for the rest of your life. Or not? Maybe you even decide your maker isn’t actually your thing and you start doing something else. 
Well, something that’s actually just as exciting is college life. Some people have the greatest luck to attend to a college which is in the same place as their parents. Well let me tell you, I was one of the lucky ones.. until now. This Monday I’m going to move out to another city (completely unknown to me btw) and start living my “alone” independent life with two friends as my roommates and my boyfriend of course like my partner in crime. 

Honestly though, I have no idea of what to expect. I haven’t thought about it really, the whole idea just gives me the chills. Although I think I do know s little bit of what to expect. Chaos, hunger, stress, decision making, studying and a lot of coffee drinking on the way. 

So, if your interested in me trying to show you a little bit more of my personal life continue these series as I make them.. I’m going to try to post regularly to keep you updated in what my college experience is like but I’m not promising anything, I mean, is college guys, I’ll have tons of proyecta and homework since day one, I’m sure of that. But anyways, just a little introduction of what’s going to be my series called “the real college experience”. 

This posts are going to be a little bit personal, but I’m not going unfocused of what I want to do in my website, I mean, my main propose in this site is to make post that help you guys In a way and I’m hoping these will help you and me along the way. 

So without further explanation, keep posted, I’m hoping to write this August 8th.

If you like this idea please like this post so I know I have some readers out there! 

And we’ll, honestly I think I’ve been blind all this time, I don’t get to call it college until I’m somewhere else without my parents help right? 

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