(52) I HAVE AN ETERNITY AHEAD OF ME (Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman) EPISODE 52 AUNTIE YONNY: RATS!

(52) I HAVE AN ETERNITY AHEAD OF ME (Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman) EPISODE 52 AUNTIE YONNY: RATS!

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(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)




The news of Derek Graves' plunging stocks, stolen pension funds, illegal trading, and pending investigations regarding his campaign contributions and corrupt business practices spread like wildfire.

Derek was outraged and threatened to sue multiple newspapers and broadcast agencies for spreading lies and false news.


Then, the Tribune announced that they were going to publish a story on his great-grandfather's 2016 campaign, along with files and data they claimed were part of the real election results. It was bad enough that his uncles had been convicted of leading an illegal campaign using social media with Russia's help and working with Russian spies. Now, Natalie and Hal were producing actual data that proved voting machines had been tampered with and the data had been manipulated.


Derek knew that he would lose the confidence of many voters and he would have to resort to deceiving and brainwashing the public and attacking the media to stay in the race, just like his great-grandfather had done during his campaign and presidency. Knowing Hal was working with Natalie Tiledeler and no doubt, he had given the go-ahead on the story, Derek decided to wage all out war on Hal and his businesses. He had tried to contact him to make some kind of a deal, but, Hal had never responded to the message Christopher Holland left with his secretary. He had wasted too much time with this matter and it was time to end it.


At the center of his anger was the fact that Hal was now with the woman he had married and claimed as his wife. Although, he had no real love for Rachel, her leaving him for Hal, was an embarrassment that Derek's pride could not tolerate.


Derek knew that he no longer had the financial power to get to Hal, so, he would have to use other means to attack him and hurt him personally. After failing to kill Rachel and Hal's baby, Derek had to think of another plan to inflict pain that would last for the rest of their lives. He contacted Christopher Holland and wasted no time in arranging the first of a myriad of dastardly deeds he had imagined to give him the revenge and satisfaction he so desperately needed and desired within.




On the way to the hospital, David continued to watch the news. They were still talking about the events surrounding Derek Graves and Wall Street. Then, a news anchor said that they had breaking news. The Tribune Newspaper, was announcing a story they were breaking on the 2016 election surrounding former impeached president Willard Graves. They were going to have an exclusive interview with Natalie Tiledeler, the great-granddaughter of Tex Tiledeler who helped finance Willard Graves' campaign and assisted in setting up the corrupt research company which stole social media data and used it to manipulate voters. Natalie was claiming to have information that had never been seen or reported before.


A picture of data was shown next to another set of data pictures. "These," said the announcer, "are the real votes that were cast in 2016. States knew that their data had been tampered with, but, they were afraid to report it.  The FBI tried to keep it quiet, too, and said that they weren't able to gather information to show that voting had been affected by hacking.


Tomorrow, the Tribune will print the first of the true data connected to the 2016 election. Natalie Tiledeler, co-owner of the newspaper her father founded, will be our guest and explain how she came by this information and why she is coming out with this story now after so many years. That's tomorrow, only here on this station, on the five o'clock news. Read tomorrow's Tribune to see what has been kept from Americans by the disgraced and impeached Willard Graves, who knew about the breached voting machines, the changed votes, and the plotting and scheming of Tex Tiledeler, Vladimir Putin, his sons and his son-in-law, who were also behind the plan to deny American citizens their right to vote and to have fair elections.


Ms. Tiledeler says that the Graves Family was also aware of this betrayal of the American people. We will try to contact candidate Graves to see what he has to say concerning this betrayal of freedom and democracy. Yes, we'll be reaching out to presidential candidate Derek Graves, who says we should trust him to be our next president.


Ms. Tiledeler also says that she has proof that leaders in the Republican party advised states to keep the data tampering quiet and not to cooperate with federal agencies who offered to assist them or who tried to find out what happened in their state. In return, they promised to find ways to give these states additional government funding for programs, along with party financial support for their re-elections and advancement. Some state officials were  even promised positions in the administration."


David turned off the television in the limousine and looked at Martin, his bodyguard, who had been listening, but, keeping watch out of the window and checking the video, on his surveillance pad, coming from the limousine's outside cameras.


"Well, I'll be, Martin! Did you hear that? Can you believe people knew something was wrong, but, kept it hush, hush on purpose? Crooked, crooked, crooked. Mmm-mm-mmm. Hal and Natalie have opened up another can of worms. Derek, and a whole lot of politicians, and the people in charge of voting aren't going to like this one bit. No, not one bit."


Martin nodded his head, acknowledging David, but, kept a vigilant watch to insure their safety.



Zenobia and David Siegfried arrived at the maternity ward of Doctor's East Hospital at two p.m. Their bodyguards were with them and made certain that the surrounding area and the hospital were safe and well guarded. David watched over Zenobia, forever the careful and concerned father and grandfather.


"Zenobia, be careful getting out now. We don't want you falling. You got her, Martin?"


"Yes, sir. Ms, Zenobia, please stay close by me."


They entered the hospital and took the elevator up to the fifth floor maternity ward.  Surprised at her baby's reaction to the elevator, Zenobia held her stomach and took a deep breath. Stretching and kicking, the baby obviously didn't enjoy the ride.


Hal who had been in direct contact with the chauffeur, met them at the elevator. It felt a little awkward seeing Zenobia, but, he gave her a slight hug and peck on the cheek.


"Hey Dad, guys!


I'm glad you could make it, Zenobia. How are you and Little Zenobia doing?"


Since learning that the baby was a girl, Hal had taken to calling their baby, Little Zenobia.


"We're fine, Hal. How are Rachel and the baby? Have you named him yet?"


"Rachel's doing better now that she's gotten some rest. Follow me. The room is down this way. No, we've been trying to decide and we're down to two names."


David walked ahead, not knowing where he was going, but,  determined to be the first one in to see the baby.


"I'm going to convince Rachel to name the baby after me. He'll be David Siegfried the third."


"Dad, don't be so selfish. Rachel had family, too. Maybe she wants to name the baby after her father."


Zenobia gave Hal a little pinch on the arm to stop him from doing any further harm to his father and went to catch up with David.


"OW, Zenobia! What was that for?"


Zenobia looked back at Hal, put her finger to her lips and nodded to his father, signifying that Hal should be quiet and leave his father alone. Hal rolled his eyes, but, said no more until they reached Rachel's room.


"You're passing the room, Dad. Here we are."


David dashed in front of Hal, pushing him out of the way.


"Where is he? Where is he? Where is my little grandson? Oh, there he is with his mommy. How are you feeling, Rachel? Oooh, let me see his face."


Hal watched his father become a baby-talking, cooing, doting grandfather, mesmerized and held captive by a pint-sized infant, He made noises and played the clown, trying to get the baby's attention and some kind of response to prove he was some kind of professional baby charmer or baby whisperer. Zenobia stood in the background laughing and encouraging his antics. Then, Rachel looked at Zenobia and the room became quiet.


"Would you like to hold him again, Zenobia? You were the first one to touch him and to hold him. He knew your touch before he knew mine. Here, take him...please."


"No, I'm okay. Let, his grandfather hold him, first, Rachel."


"He will. Here, take him. Please, Zenobia."


Timidly, Zenobia approached the bed and took the infant that was being offered to her. Feeling his warmth and smelling the freshness of his skin, she cuddled him close to her, as if he were hers. Hal looked at Rachel and smiled. They all watched admirably, as Zenobia held the baby close rocking him gently.


"Well, when does the grandfather get his turn?"


"Oh, Dad, quit being such a big baby. You'll get your turn. Zenobia..."


Hal realized what he was about to say and suddenly became sad.


"Zenobia won't always be around. She's leaving."


"Not, until tomorrow, son, and tomorrow is not promised to me. I'm old, son."


"You are such a selfish baby, Dad. Stop it!"


"Okay, sit down, Dad," said Zenobia, "and I'll give you your grandson."


"No, Zenobia. Make him wait."


"Be quiet, Hal, before I pinch you, again."


Just as Zenobia was handing David the baby, a nurse came in with a long white box with red ribbon tied around it.


"Mrs. Graves, someone left these for you."


"Oh my, flowers! Thank you! I wonder who could have sent these?"


Rachel looked around the room for any tell-tale faces, but, everyone looked as perplexed as she was. Carefully, she removed the ribbon and pulled back the tissue paper inside, revealing a dozen black roses. She laughed, at first.


"Black roses? Why black roses?"


Martin looked alarmed and walked toward Rachel as she was lifting the roses out of the box. Seeing what was underneath, her eyes widened, she reared back against the bed pillows, and began to scream. The baby began to cry and the room was filled with commotion and total chaos.


Martin, the other bodyguard (Rahid), and Hal rushed to grab the box and the roses. Zenobia went to get the baby to calm him down. The nurse came running into the room, followed by a hospital security guard.


With Martin holding the box the roses were pulled from, they all looked inside and saw the picture of a dead black baby in a casket, surrounded by the carcasses of two adult rats and one baby rat. Martin insisted that the box and the remains be further inspected in a secure place, just in case there were explosives or poison. The nurse was calling for a doctor to examine Rachel for any harm she might have incurred from handling the roses and the box, while the security guard and bodyguards were trying to question her to find out where the box had come from or who gave it to her.


Rachel finally calmed down, but, almost became hysterical again, when she wouldn't let the maternity ward nurse take her baby back to the nursery, while everyone tried to sort things out. She was afraid something might happen to him, if he was out of her sight. They finally agreed to let Zenobia take care of the baby after she told them she was a nurse practitioner.


The security guard had to notify the police department and then,  things began to get even crazier.


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