(54) I HAVE AN ETERNITY AHEAD OF ME (Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman) EPISODE 54 AUNTIE YONNY: BLINDSIDED

(54) I HAVE AN ETERNITY AHEAD OF ME (Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman) EPISODE 54 AUNTIE YONNY: BLINDSIDED

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(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)






When things had finally quieted down in the hospital, David and Zenobia said their goodbyes and told Rachel not to worry.


"I'd stay longer Hal and Rachel, but, I've got to get home and finish packing. I..."


Zenobia thought about her attempt to leave the day before. Feeling embarrassed about her behavior and having threatened to shoot any and everybody who stood in her way, Zenobia's voice dropped down and she quietly finished her thought.


"I...uh...didn't pack most of my things when I was going to leave the other day."


"That's okay, Zenobia. I'm just glad you came to see us. I know you'll be so happy to be with your family, when you get home to Trinidad. I hope you have a nice flight and...and be careful.  And don't forget, let us know the moment that you go into labor. Maybe we can fly down to be with you."


"Okay. I just hope that tomorrow, flying doesn't upset the baby. She didn't like the elevator ride up here. She kept kicking me and stretching."


"Boy, do I know how that feels. I hope she sleeps through the entire flight for you."


"Wouldn't that be nice?"


David gave Rachel and the baby one last hug and kiss and then went to hug Hal. When Hal tried to move away and end their embrace, David held on for a few more seconds and parted by putting his arm around Hal's neck and drawing his face in for a kiss on the cheek. With tears in his eyes, he managed to muster up the words that he wanted to say, trying hard to control the emotion in his voice.


"Thank...th-thank you, son, for making us a family again."


Hal patted him on the back and walked with him to the elevator, leaving Rahid in the room with Rachel and the baby, as Martin walked with them.


"I-I don't...I don't want to be pushy or controlling, Hal...uh...Whatever you and Rachel name the baby is fine with me."


"It's okay, Dad. I understand. Rachel wants to name him, David Siegfried Graves. I guess you really made an impression upon her. So, that's what we'll call him."


"And Dad, I've decided that I will name my daughter, Tanya Karina Graves."


David stopped at the mention of Karina, his deceased wife's name. He put his head down and covered his eyes.


"Thank you Hal. Thank you Zenobia."


Zenobia said the words that Hal was having a hard time saying.


"We love you, Dad."


"Yeah, we love, Dad.


 Jake, who's riding back with them? Is the limousine pulled up to the door?"


"I'm leaving Rahid and Martin here for a little while and then sending a couple of replacements later. I'll be riding back in the limousine to take them home. I'm in touch with Sam now. He's just pulling up."


"Jake, please have some guys stay with Zenobia until she gets on the plane, tomorrow.


"We'll do. I'm already on it. I've got two guys lined up to go to the airport and two to fly with her all the way to Trinidad, first class. They're prepared to stay a while if necessary, and they'll install home security devices for her protection.


I had about a dozen guys begging me to give them the assignment so that they could go to Trinidad. I had to draw names, but, the men that I chose are well qualified, or, I would have thrown the names out."


"Good. Thanks, Jake."




Sam carefully drove away from the hospital and turned onto the ramp to the highway. Everyone was busy talking about the baby and laughing about what kind of father Hal would be.


Sam was keeping his eyes on the road, but, he didn't see the truck approaching, because it came up from the rear on his blind spot. The vehicle alert system barely had time to sound before they were side-swiped, throwing everyone in the back to the opposite side of the car.


Zenobia screamed and cried out in pain as she was slammed against the door. David's body shoved hard against her back. Jake grabbed hold of a seat belt to steady himself, trying to help them, but, the car zig-zagged and knocked him on top of them. He grabbed onto the top of the seat and pulled out his gun, calling out to Sam.


"Sam! Sam!


Sam, struggling with the wheel, which had been knocked out of alignment, could be heard grunting and swearing. Jake looked Zenobia holding her stomach.


You guys alright? Get down and stay down."


David wrapped his arms around Zenobia, who was clearly in pain, but they both nodded that they were okay. Together, they huddled down on the floor of the limousine.


"Sam! What hit us?"


Sam was doing his best to keep the car under control, although metal was scraping one of the tires and the alignment was off.


"A brown truck came up from behind on the right! He's behind us now and trying to come up for another hit."


"Keep it steady, Sam, so I can take a shot at him."


"I'm try..."


Just then, the brown truck accelerated and hit them hard from behind, causing Sam to temporarily lose control. The car went spinning to the left and was almost hit by a car coming up in the left lane.


"I'm going to have to get off of the highway, Jake! It's too risky!"


"Alright, buddy! You make the move when you're ready!"


Sam sped up and tried to outrun the truck, but, the truck sped up and came along the left side of the car. When they finally got a look at the driver inside, all they could see was a large feathered fedora and a wide gaping mouth with big teeth. The man was laughing insanely, clearly not the least bit afraid for his life.


Sam had rolled down the window, taken his gun out and held it in his right hand as he drove. Jake climbed over David and Zenobia, rolled down the window and took the first shot at the driver. The bullet came close, but, missed him. The driver swerved, then regained control of the truck. Then, he sped up and put on the brakes.


Jake didn't want to endanger anyone else with a stray bullet, so he waited until they came close to the truck to take a shot, but, the driver was ready for them. He swerved the truck to the right ready to hit them again. Aiming at Sam, with an automatic weapon, he fired and kept firing, while he laughed.


David and Zenobia heard the sound of metal being pelleted, glass cracking, then, shattering. Blood splattered everywhere. The limousine careened out of control, spinning around, then, tilting to the side, tipped over, until it went into a series of tumbles, and finally landed on its roof.


With tires spinning and the motor still running, the limousine continued to skid across the highway, causing several other accidents, and stopping traffic.  A truck jack-knifed and sent five cars crashing into one another. The sound of heavy impact at fast velocity, was intermingled with the sounds of squealing breaks, crunching and scraping metal, screeching tires, breaking glass, and cries of anger, agony, pain, and distress.


Sounds of damaged car horns and desperate cries for help filled the limousine within, but, within, there were no  human sounds struggling to get out. The passenger door, where Jake sat was open and mangled. Jake was no longer inside the limousine.


Sam's bullet ridden body hung limp and upside down, pushed back in his seat by the airbag. Held tightly in place by its seat belt. blood streamed down from the body, landing in crimson pools below.


David and Zenobia, bloodied and seemingly lifeless and unresponsive, were entangled together as if they were contortionists. Clearly, they had broken bones and severe injuries.


The crazed driver in the brown truck drove off, tires smoking and burning rubber as he laughed, enthralled in the chaos, blood, and death he had strewn across the highway pavement.


Overhead, seeing the two stretches of highway, one could see the horrifying contrast between them. On one side, people were moving along to their destinations. On the opposite side, there was a huge gap separating the moving traffic and a jammed highway,  where shrieks, screams, and sobbing, indicated that there were some people who had moved on to their final destiny.


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