As I write this, I am speaking to your mind and heart. As I write this, things are changing in the atmosphere, because, they are words of power through the Holy Spirit.  How these words effect you is determined by the state of your mind (soul) and heart (spirit). As a result of the effect, your body may even change: your heart rate; your posture or body position; and your mood may effect the chemistry of your body. 


Your spirit may be lifted. Your soul might become convicted; all because of words you read upon a page, which may only exist as a temporary image.


Yet, you hear a voice in your head. You can even adjust what it sounds like, if you wish. It can be male or female. If you are inclined to, you can give it an age, dialect or ethnic accent. It is all up to you. I have no control over that, unless I suggest or give specific instructions as to how you are to hear the words, but, even then, it stands within your ability to meet that criteria. In that aspect, I am at your mercy, so, read as you will.


Your choice is applicable to you and matters in that it is relevant to you. I am only a voice in your head. So, I pray that my words travel and have long life and are fruitful, grow and increase. I pray that they show you how effective words are and how we must choose them carefully. And, if my words travel within you, I pray that they reach your heart. Still, Dear Father in Heaven, please don't let them get stuck there! I pray that these words are exuded from your heart and given to another to show the power of words.


I have only wished to be kind with these words. A voice to let you know I am here. I can remain here, if you place me in your heart; for your heart will record them and God's Holy Spirit can bring them back to memory to remind you that I am here with you. This is why I have chosen kind words to comfort you. I am speaking softly to you. I want you to remember me. I am gentle, but not weak. I am loving and seeking to share that love. That's why I travel--a voice--but, not just any voice.


Within me are years of pain and hardship, but, God grew me. Some thought that I had no meaning, but God knew me. Now, He uses me to be His voice.


Oh, I am filled with joy and gladness for having found my identity in Christ! I used to be a voice pretending to be another! Sometimes I didn't know who I was! So my words had no meaning!


I got lost in darkness! Oh, it was so, so, so dark! Then, I heard another voice calling me and something within me was drawn to it. I reached out in the darkness because I saw a glimmer of Light! I began to gravitate towards it! I could feel myself changing into something else that I couldn't EXPLAIN! OH, AND SOMETHING, SOMEONE IN THE LIGHT GRABBED MY HAND AND PULLED ME UPWARDS! And as I was lifted, the darkness was shed like a heavy weight that had been holding me down and I felt so much lighter AS IF I WAS FLYING, yes...it was as if I was flying.


I could see the Light, but, it was so bright, I wanted to turn away, since I had been in the darkness for so long. But, the Light began to shed upon me, glowing upon my hand. Frightened, I started to resist, trying to pull my hand away, but, the LIGHT WOULDN'T LET GO OF ME, IT HELD ON EVEN TIGHTER!


Then, a voice told me not to be afraid. That VOICE...that voice...OH, THAT VOICE AND THOSE WORDS! I can only describe them as Peace. But, not peace as I had ever known it--as I thought I knew it. That spoken peace GAVE me peace and I surrendered to His Will and let Him have His Way.


Then, the Light began to permeate through my body and traveled to my heart and my spirit was ILLUMINATED! I BEGAN TO GLOW, OOOOH, my, my. NOW I COULD SEE AND I COULD SEE HIM WITHIN THE LIGHT! He was like me. No, that's not right, I was like Him!


Suddenly, I knew who I was, who I belonged to and where I wanted to stay! IN THE LIGHT! IN THE LIGHT! I WANT TO REST IN THE LIGHT OF MY LORD! FOREVER AND EVER! No more darkness within. No, that's not who I am; that's not where I belong.


So, here I am, for now, a voice in your head. You see...I do a lot of traveling. I stop wherever I'm welcome. You know...wherever I can find someone with ears to hear or an inquisitive or curious mind to plant a memory to grow.


But, I'll stay, that is, if you wish. I have the ability to be in many places. Right now, I'm waiting to travel a little further within you, deeper,  hoping to end up in your heart. That's just another way I get around to share the Light.


We can be a voice together, just like me and my Lord. Your voice, written and spoken, can change the atmosphere. It has power to travel and change hearts and lives. Your voice united with God can lead others to ABUNDANT LIFE!


Here you are, right now. Through my voice, God's Light, Jesus, is shining down upon you to permeate and rest in your heart. How you accept Him, how you surrender to Him, determines TODAY, how you will use YOUR voice.


Published by Mishael T

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