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(Intermittent Waves Recorded from the Transformed Heart of a Woman)






After leaving the meeting with Miriam, Hal wondered what kind of world these people lived in where honesty, truth and reality didn't matter. How had they come to exist and endure under such terms? --And worst of all, would it happen to him? He spent the next hour in his room, lying across his bed, staring at his socks on the floor and thinking...


"Does one just wake up one day and find themselves in an alternate reality? --Or perhaps, the mind begins to physically function on another level or plane of spiritual existence within a darkened realm of cognitive thinking where one must have an aptitude for egocentricism fed by a narcissistic personality. Hmmm...

That's a pretty accurate description  of the prince of lies.


My, my, my, is Hal Siegfried going all spiritual on me? Am I acknowledging, not only the existence of God, Satan, heaven and hell, but, the fact that there are people willingly controlled by evil and even committed to spreading its will and hold upon others, to achieve their own goals? And why couldn't I see all of this so clearly before? Did I have to be thrust into a cauldron of brewing deception and lies to understand the underlying structure of this manmade alternate universe?


Or, perhaps it's not that simple and there are several reasons why people end up accepting a world of deception. Perhaps, they were born into that world, or, thrust into it and know no other way to think and behave.


Actually, haven't we all been born into a world where people have created their own reality, calling it society or giving it any name to their liking. And, in the manmade created society, they choose what to call truths and what to call untruths, even to the point of defying the physical laws of nature, if they desire.


Eventually, reality and society become how we perceive it. Most of us don't even question what it society really is. We seek to change its laws, but, often fail to see that the underlying problem is the structure and weak foundation of society.


We are told that this is what and how society is, then, given the criteria and laws to know what is expected of us in order to fit into it. We're told to concentrate on the physical aspects as they relate to the flesh--our carnal selves, in order to appease society and maintain its status quo.


No wonder people are able to manipulate this reality and other people so well, when practically everyone has been preprogrammed and brainwashed to react and respond in a specific way, but, not necessarily the right way.


Society has no definite structure, no consistent shape, no constant or finite value. People can frame their social world from their own reality."


Hal thought about the meeting he had just had with Miriam and again, things were beginning to look much clearer, but, at the same time giving him reason to proceed with caution.


"Is that what she and the Graves are trying to do again and using me to do it? Did Derek Graves have a different idea of what the world and reality should be and that's why they wanted him out of the presidential race?


Am I expected to make reality and the world into what this faction of the Graves Family wants it to be?"


Hal ran his fingers through his hair then clinched it in his usual fashion when he was at his wits end. What did all of this mean? The Graves were still trying to expand their own little kingdom into an empire where the wealthy had the power to control and manipulate everything, changing the rules and reality as they saw fit to fit their needs. It wasn't an act of charity. It was still anarchy. They believed the world belonged to the wealthy elite to mold into their image.


But, Rachel would say that that's not the case with the Kingdom of God. God created the world and placed people upon it to be part of His Kingdom; a Kingdom of only one reality, the reality of truth. Nothing is real, unless it is based on truth, God's truth which never changes, because God never changes."


Hal reached for his cellphone in his back pocket and looked up the attributes of God.


"Aha, that's what I'm looking for, immutability! I just couldn't remember the word. God is immutable, never-changing! He is the same yesterday, today and forever!


You can't make His Kingdom into what YOU want it to be. It belongs to God, created by God, and it is based on clear, definite, godly principles that can ONLY be derived from TRUTH, which and who is God. So, this manmade society can only be perceived as a malleable illusion, for it can't possibly be part of God's Kingdom, which like God is Truth, which cannot change!

This is how we live in the world but do not become OF the world!"


Seeing the world in a different light through new eyes, Hal heaved a big exasperated sigh and spoke out.


"WOW! Where did that come from, Hal?"


The urge to call Rachel was even more compelling. He started scrolling through his contacts until he came to her name. Then, he looked at the time. Certainly, she'd be trying to get everyone's column to press to meet the deadline. It was a bad time to call. Probably the worst. Plopping the cellphone on the bed, he returned to silent meditation and self-deliberation.


"With all of this existentialism and self-awareness talk, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm dealing with reality, but, what else can I contribute this kind of behavior to? I mean, these people aren't insane by all of the textbook definition of insanity. Yet, it is a type of insanity. Insanity brought on by living in sin.


What I'm thinking may sound like a fictional horror story, but, it's being played out as a real life drama, staged to keep everyone guessing and doubting, and questioning their next move, which I don't believe THEY always know, because they're blinded from God's truth. But, the rationale of their behavior is to create an illusion, a smoke screen, or heavy veil; and not only to distort self-reality to confuse onlookers, but hoping to confuse true reality itself, which is irrational if you believe and are able to see that God is Truth, which never changes. Nevertheless, it is Satan's greatest trick, which he performs over and over again on man and it never gets old.


He is still able to fool people the same way, making you wonder if man is just that dumb, or, is evil and man's pride just that powerful? Then again, perhaps it isn't a question of Satan's power over man's overpowering pride, but, instead, the two weaknesses coming together as an attraction to one another.


Then, that would mean the prideful are under a false impression or illusion of being powerful, which explains their ignorance and inevitable fall. They haven't ENDURED at all, but, are living a life of failure, having rejected the truth, even after they were exposed to it. God gives them chances and choices to make, along with  the opportunity to humble themselves, repent, and receive salvation, just like He does for everyone else."


He made a mental note to discuss these thoughts and pose some questions about reality and society to Rachel one day to see what she thought about.


"Then...we know that there is an opposite to everything; an antithesis--the ying and yang. The opposite to truth is lies. The opposite to heaven is hell. It disqualifies any doubt or question as to the definition of reality and facts. There are no alternate facts or alternate realities. There is only truth and lies. Even if you try to color the lie white, it's still a lie and sin.


These people were raised having everything and believing they deserved even more. To receive more, you have to limit the rations to the poor and make them work harder for what they get, while they're working to make you richer.


In the eyes of these people, doing good is whatever you do to benefit yourself. For them, even giving to charity is somehow driven by the need to preserve their wealth and make themselves feel better.  Whatever anyone else does has been to benefit THEM and that even goes for God. So, it's alright to believe in God. It's actually a good thing, because, God works for THEM. He can even control the masses. Therefore, they need God, to use Him and make Him work for THEIR  KINGDOM.


It all makes sense to these rich illusionist, who see their alternate reality as having  elevated them above everyone else to create and maintain what they see as a utopian society for the rich and deserving.  Yet, some rich people manage not to become corrupted. Is it because they remain humble and humbled always before God?"


Hal thought about his Grandpa Siegfried who he was so close to. What had happened in his young life to make him stray so far away from his grandfather's teachings and stop worshipping God? He remembered holding his hand in the hospital, when he died. Refusing to go to church for months after the funeral, he only acquiesced to support his still grieving father, who seemed to be worse off than him.


By the sorrowful look in his father's eyes, Hal knew he was becoming more and more worried about him not going to school, his falling grades in school and disinterest in friends and family. Hal chose to put on a good face and accompany his father to church, rather than to be the cause of more hurt and pain. However, seeing someone else standing in the pulpit preaching was only a constant reminder of his grandfather's permanent absence, so, Hal tried to tune everything out and concentrate on something else. Still, he had fresh memories of his upbringing by this loving minister, who had lost and suffered so much. His life was a sharp contrast to that of the Graves family members. The truth that he lived by--God's truth, was unchanging.


"I was brought up as a child to understand that if I wanted to be successful in life I must be honest, work hard, love and obey God and do good things. However, this family I'm involved with and people like them have been brought up believing they are the elite in society who live in a higher social realm which has earned them the right to live by a different standard and dictate the standards of others. To them, it is simply part of getting what they want and keeping what they have because they are more deserving.


Lying is simply a way to give orders to those beneath you who don't understand that you must come first, because, you are more deserving and powerful.  The liar is simply stating what they expect people to believe in order for them to serve their needs. They believe their lies are just and worth it, because their lies will benefit everyone by saving them. They may even see themselves as being stronger than others because they are willing to carry the burden of lies, making them worthy of different or lower standards and being above the law. In their eyes their wealth benefits everyone and will reward the believers of their lies. So, they believe they aren't doing any harm to themselves or anyone else when they lie. Lying is a necessity to make the lower class understand their place in society and that they exist simply to serve the rich. Since, money gives them power over you, they are free to say and do as they please. Your life only matters in its capacity to benefit them.


Those who embrace their lies are knowingly or unknowingly, obedient servants of this exclusive echelon of the rich and they are happy to run and fetch, to receive a bone and a pat on the head, or too weak, desperate, or beaten down, knowing they can only survive through subservience and obedience to appease the desire of their master. They are stripped of their dignity and robbed of their humanity to become beast of burden to carry a heavy load laden with lies, guilt and shame."


Hal clinched his hair again and rolled over on his back staring at the ceiling. He knew he had to do something to fight against this anarchy, but, what and how and how would he keep from being dragged under in the undertow of this destructive wave? He decided to find time to talk to Rachel the next day and see her if possible. Meanwhile, he'd try to devise a plan and find a way to talk to Derek Graves about Miriam, Tanya, and the late night visitor.


Hal sat up on the bed, looked at his new laptop Miriam had sent to his room, sprung to his feet and grabbed his backpack containing his notes from the visit to Wong's campaign headquarters and the brief call he had made to Natalie Tiledeler, the Madhatter's great granddaughter. It was time to be a reporter again.



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