Throughout my life, the enemy has used men and women to try and destroy me by telling me that I'm not good enough or I'm not worthy. It was a judgment I tried never to cast upon anyone else and could not get beyond the pain to understand why others did so.


Early on in my life, having been raised to accept and expect accountability, I expected others to do the same and to have like values and morals. I learned of my naivety and unrealistic expectations the hard way. Since life is about relationships, I learned through my relationships.


Let's take men, for example and if you're a man reading this, you can replace the pronouns for men with those for women.  Every man I tried to have a relationship with refused to make a commitment, because in their eyes I wasn't worthy of them and didn't meet their standards. They always thought there was someone better than me. They wanted someone prettier, skinnier, wealthier, or maybe not so religious, or so smart and the list could go on and on. Now, this doesn't pertain only to men who aren't Believers, but, it predates the time in which I came to truly understand what it means to be a true Believer in God.


One cannot even blame this type of thinking, as some would like to, on sexual relationships, or as it has been so cleverly put, "Why buy the cow when you're getting the milk for free." No, this type of thinking is not the direct result of sexual immorality and promiscuity, but it stems from the same root in that it is part of the enemy's plan to destroy God's core institutions of marriage and family, destroy the seeds of fruitfulness, and cut off man's aspirations and potential. This type of judgmental thinking can be found in relationships of men or women having various status and from different walks of life producing the same or similar effects.


Many people, who are unmarried, like myself, have considered themselves to be loving and giving people, with the means, stability and know how to take care of home and family. So, they find themselves asking, "What is wrong with ME? Could it be that what they are saying is true? Am I just not "good enough?"


Of course, one considers if their marital status was just meant to be or God wants them to wait. However, for many, being in a loving relationship, enjoying the blessings of matrimony is their soul's desire, so, they never want to give up hope.


If you find this is your soul's desire, you must understand that God wants to give us the desires of our heart that are within His WILL. Most people don't want to dwell on this too much, especially if they haven't arrived at living within God's Will. Yet, ABUNDANT life, cannot exist without God's WILL and if we are to dwell within its realm, then, we must be vigilant, resisting and persisting against the gravity of darkness within the world, to stay within the holiness and righteousness of the Will of God.


For me, the relentless attack of the enemy and the rejection began to wear me down. I began to believe some of the things I was hearing. I gave up trying to have a relationship with a man. I was depressed sometimes. I was lonely sometimes. A few times I gave it to God, but, then, I took it back.


Now, the world will tell you you're weak and gullible and leave it at that.


Matters can become even worse by having people around you feeling sorry for you, like you're nothing if you can't keep a man, or believing a woman has to have a man to be of value and worth, or to prove she's a woman. You have your finger pointers, like Job did, who say you brought this upon yourself. Then you have people in the other camp laughing at you because you've been used and abused, who believe and secretly hope that nobody wants you and you'll never get married, to make themselves look better. Then, you've got married friends into themselves, who may avoid you or who just don't know how to be your friend.


By ignoring you or ridiculing you, everyone looks past all of your accomplishments just to find what they consider to be your failure.


Now, you can apply this scenario to any situation where people in and of the world don't think you're good enough; and there are plenty of situations people in and of the world will find to help the enemy try to destroy you. Amongst the people are millions who call themselves Believers. It may happen on your job, in church, at school, or in socializing. It may have to do with your talents or skills. In today's world, to be counted out or devalued, you need only be poor, old, sick, uneducated or poorly educated, a minority, someone from a Muslim country, an immigrant--legal or illegal, an underpaid woman, ex-offenders, etc. The world discards and throws away people with little or no thought at all. People will tell you, "YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, YOU'RE NOT WORTHY!"


Now, you can listen to them and believe everything they're saying or you can hear the MESSAGE WITHIN THE MESSAGE!


I and others have observed the relationships of these very same people and people like them and have come to see a pattern or realize what their expectations and standards actually are, leading me and others to realize that the quality of their relationships and standards don't align with and agree with God's. This realization leads me to question what or who could compel a human being to say those type of hurtful things to another human being? What kind of heart and mind would want to inflict that type of lasting pain upon another person to try and destroy the core of their being as if they were not worth being alive?


But, there is a message within the message.   Why has God ALLOWED these things to happen to you and me, over and over again, driving us to the point of despair? Why would God allow people to come into your life to use and abuse you, putting you down while trying to lift themselves up? How can a person be so cruel in such a way that all the time they're with you, they're thinking that you're not good enough for them, but they'll get what they can out of you? WHO could be good enough for such a person? WHO?


But, then, there is GOD!

YES! I'll say it again. And, then, there is GOD! Consider The Almighty Alpha and Omega whose thoughts are not like our thoughts.


Let us go back to our original thought provoking question, maybe now, you can hear the message within a message, if you remember you have a Father in Heaven working on your behalf! The message within the message is from GOD! We could even be so bold to say that GOD IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING FROM OUT OF THE MOUTH OF AN ASS--THE JAWBONES OF A DONKEY! He's got to get your ATTENTION to make this lesson plain and lasting!


WHY WOULD GOD ALLOW US TO BE HURT SO VERY DEEPLY?! God wants you to know that these people who are telling you that you're not good enough don't know who they are and even more, they don't know the POWER of God! He wants your attention! Surrender your ALL TO ME! BE STILL, WATCH ME! LOVE, OBEY AND TRUST ME! And, I'll show you what 'I' can do for you!


We who have been effected by those who see us as DISPOSABLE must realize our OWN worth and potential because of the power of God within us. We must HUMBLE ourselves and be freed from the pride that has been stirred up within us as a result of the enemy's attack.  Let this be your FIRST DEFENSE. KNOWING who you are in Christ is part of your ARMOR given to us by God to shield us from the fiery darts of the enemy. PRODUCING GOOD FRUIT COUNTERACTS and neutralizes the poisonous venom of the serpent who seeks to destroy you.


Perhaps, someone told these people who wield untamed tongues and hardened hearts the same thing they are telling us and now they're trying to put others down to make themselves look good. Perhaps, they feel they need someone who appears to be better than you and/or them to make them LOOK like they have something and LOOK like they are better than what they REALLY are. No, they don't mind hurting others or trying to get ahead at other's expense, because they don't really KNOW who they are and they don't really know God.


NOW, we're getting to the message. They don't know who THEY are, but, do you know who YOU are? Or, have you been hoodwinked and fooled like them and Pinocchio. Now you're turning into a donkey, a beast of burden with blinders on, to be used. This is the question and answer that allowed me to move on and look for me, instead of continuing to play the fool and believe the lie.


You see, that's the role those accusers took on for the adversary. They fell for the lie and now they're trying to pass it on to you.


Take your blinders off before it's too late. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, " Who am I ?" If you can still answer the question with, "I'm a Child of God," then you can understand the message within a message. He who dwells within you has given you NEW LIFE and ABUNDANT LIFE! That new life wasn't given for you to be of the world.


By whose standards have men judged you by? What were they REALLY SAYING to you and about THEMSELVES?


By the Blood of JESUS you have been REDEEMED and JUSTIFIED! He has made you WORTHY to come before The Almighty God! You have been REBORN and are WORTHY for Jesus and God's Holy Spirit to dwell within you. God has claimed you and calls you His own.


Men and women who are lovers of themselves and cling to love of the world and things of the world, will judge you by THE STANDARDS of the WORLD. "WHY should you be discouraged? WHY should the shadows come, etc., when you know Jesus is your portion and your constant friend is He?" Your Father in Heaven only wants GOOD THINGS for His Children! Hear the message within the message! Why would He allow you to have something or someone bad for you, or something you're NOT READY FOR by HIS STANDARDS?


He that has spoken evil over you has spoken words for himself! Satan has used his tongue to kill, steal and destroy, therefore, the messenger is not good enough for a Child of God! Still, He who works on your behalf can and will turn what was meant for evil into something good.


Paul knew how different it would be for many to be married within the Kingdom on earth, for within the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus told us that men and women are not given unto marriage. Living amongst those OF the world, men and women, husbands and wives OF the Kingdom are held to a different standard; one we must be ready for.


Yes, my Brothers and Sisters, within your abundant life you must never forget that you are worthy because of Christ who dwells within you. Know who you are in CHRIST so that no man or woman can be used to try and destroy who you are or try to use you to block your own blessings from God. Neither should you bring yourself to ruin by allowing others to use and abuse you.


Remember, you are of the Kingdom and not of the world. Or, perhaps, like me, you didn't know and understand that at the time you were being used and abused and perhaps, whilst in sin, you were trying to use others, also. Now, God is using me to make it known to you. If you want abundant life, understand that it can ONLY be found within the Kingdom! Having that person, or marriage with that person, that position, or status that you so much desired, may mean returning to the ways of the world and forsaking your God and Savior. Is anyone or anything worth that? Do you want to gain the world and lose your soul? Can you trust God to give you GOOD THINGS in HIS TIME? Then, you have heard the message within the message. You know that it is time to move on, past the hurt and pain, allowing the wound to be healed and the void to be filled by God's abundant, unconditional, and perfect love. All is not lost. Nothing has been in vain. There is no reason to suffer shame or guilt. Remember that pride, anger and bitterness are not fruitful and will only pull you into darkness.


God has allowed these things to happen to you and me  because He loves us. He is growing and maturing us and as painful as it may be, He knows how much we can bear. He is drawing us closer to Him. He wants us to know that the power of His love can conquer all. He wants to EMPOWER us with His Love so that WE can conquer all things to become an instrument of His Love and Peace, sharing it with all men.


Knowing you are worthy means remembering God's promises to you and never forgetting what He has done for you. No man can take that away from you or prevent God from giving you what He has in store for you unless you allow them. God takes NOTHING away without REPLACING it with something else. I cannot tell you how much I have benefited from what He has removed and replaced in me. Often, I shake my head in disbelief, while I quietly or loudly thank and praise Him for making me into someone I would have never believed I would have become. AND, and as He uses me and helps me to see who and what I am in Him, I know there is no limit to where He can take me and its heights and depths are only known to Him, Jehovah God Almighty! I pause to hail His Majesty!


If you have found a friend in Jesus, then, He should be EVERYTHING to you. With Yeshuah within you and your eyes upon Him, YOU can be everything that God would have you to be. You are MORE than good enough, because, God loved you so much that, His Son, Christ Jesus died for you! You are Worthy and You are Loved! One with the Holy Trinity, you are whole.


As you grow within and into your abundant life, keeping your eyes upon Jesus, setting your sight first on things above, you will come to understand that your life is full and fruitful, single or married. Humbled and obedient to His Will, with our eyes set on things above, God will indeed take care of everything else. The things of this world will take on new worth and meaning to you. Yet, abundant life as God has defined it, will neither wither nor fade, regardless of age or body; for His Kingdom is eternal.


Why has God within His infinite wisdom devised such a marvelous plan for His Children? --Because, we are more than good enough, through Christ, we are Worthy!


Peace be with you my Brothers and Sisters!


your servant and soldier, united with the One




Published by Mishael T

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