You may be of any race, religion, age, or gender, trying to be yourself, and people may interpret your behavior in various ways, differing in opinion. People may come to the conclusion that you are being fake, phony, out-of-character, deceiving, etc. You may find yourself in an awkward or uncomfortable situation where the need arises to question your feelings, behavior or actions. "Are you being yourself? Are you trying to fit in? Are you being affected by peer pressure, money, other incentives, or pride? Are you being inhibited in any way from BEING yourself? What are you agreeing with that you know in your heart is WRONG?"


Who can analyze your behavior and come to the conclusion that you are not being yourself? Who knows you well enough to make that statement? On what facts are they basing their opinion? Is it your age; race; social status; intelligence; the length of time they've known you; how you interact with others; how you present yourself to THEM on a one-to-one basis; your faith or religion; or are they going on hearsay? How does someone else KNOW for certain that you are or are not being yourself?


Have you been the same person all of your life? Has any of us been the same person throughout our lives? Hopefully, we've not only grown in body, but, in mind and character.


When are we changing, transitioning or being enlightened? When are we finished GROWING? If we are a Believer in God's Promises to us, then, we realize that we NEVER stop growing and God is continually helping us to become more like Him. He often uses mysterious ways to bring this about, unbeknownst to us and others. Therefore, can we ever know our TRUE selves without God?


Is it possible that we are living in the moment (God's calculation of a moment), in which we let God use us in the form and capacity created for that moment? Is that how I KNOW who I am, by being free to use all of me in the Will and Way of God? Then, like GOD, I AM UNLIMITED and UNINHIBITED!


Can I be happy in this state, which requires being selfless? Am I truly functional, stabilized, and effective in this state? Can people understand me in this state? Can I understand and accept myself in this state?



Our fluctuating state of being and our seemingly unlimited capacity as a spiritual being to grow, explains much about people and the world. It is why a good actor can be a good actor and a good spy can be a good spy. It is why we are able to grow and change without interruption and reprogramming. People have been endowed with the ability not only to act like many people, but, to become many people. It is part of our freewill, our choice in who we choose to be in this world.


Now, in the scientific world, they would call this coping methods or adaptations to one's environment or circumstances. However, this depends on if the changes are being made to cope, deceive, or to ENHANCE or GROW ones own being.


Challenging roles often grow actors and enhance their skills. Yet, without the natural ability to morph or add these untapped resources to their character, they would not be able to grow. Therefore, our Creator, INTENDED to give us the ability to be more and ALL that we can be, which does not mean that it has to change WHO He created us to be.



Exodus 3 :14,15 King James Version (KJV) And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.

15 And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, the Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.



Science and Medicine are in their INFANCY and to grow into its fullness, God must allow it to include the spiritual aspects of life and the universe. Therefore, they can only explain what is apparent, known, and physically proven and accepted as normality and truth as known to man.


In coming to accept our true selves as spiritual beings living in earthen bodies, we must acknowledge ALL aspects and capabilities of our being. Until we become fully aware of our spiritual selves, as connected to God(AWAKENED), MOST often, WE ARE BEING WHO WE CHOOSE TO PRESENT TO OTHERS. Therefore, the categories and analysis of behavior, personalities and norms for EVERYONE changes to those OF the world and those IN the world, those who serve God and those who serve Darkness and self.


Having said that, let us look at our present situation in government, national politics, and the people involved. If our leaders are OF the world, who are they presenting themselves to us as and who do they really serve? Do they truly know  themselves?


Currently in the United States, we have a president controlled by another president doing his bidding. He has never found who he is in Christ and never followed Him. Instead, he has become a tool of darkness, easily swayed by temptations and greed. He continues to baffle billions of people with his behavior, but is it really baffling? Is it really unpredictable? Is it really irrational?


He chooses how to present himself to the world in order to deceive the world and to please another who controls him. This in itself is unremarkable and considering that darkness is incapable of creating, just enslaving, it is predictable.


There is never any deviation from darkness's plan to kill, steal and destroy. Therefore, Putin and Trumps plans are predictable, for they are enslaved by darkness and the two are joined together in crime and deception to fool the world. They only make it appear that they are at odds with one another, when, they have only chosen another route to achieve their goals.


North Korea was always part of the plan. The president's reactions to North Korea have been well thought out and planned by his controller in Russia to weaken and destroy the United States. The question isn't why Trump behaves in such a bazaar fashion the answer is--Putin, and what Trump will gain through Putin. America? Putin gains through America's weakness and losses. We have a president who is only interested in financial gain, fame, and protecting himself.


We must come to accept that there is a new type of warfare and a new meaning of being under siege and occupation. People have allowed themselves to accept people who are steeped in darkness and sin, ignoring who they are, in order to pursue financial gain, status, control and hatred. Electing a president driven and motivated by the same factors is a rational move by those in bondage to Darkness.


In knowing who you are and being who God created you to be, you have the God given power to save lives and make lives better. There are people who are just tired of being hurt by others everyday; people who are afraid to face the world; and people who are afraid to face who they have allowed themselves to become. Tapping in to this to turn it around, requires  having a heart and love for God's people. Abundant life was never meant to be a selfish endeavor and cannot be achieved without sharing it with others.



No, as Believers, we are not simply human, given to weaknesses and inevitable mistakes. How cruel it would have been for God to make us over and leave us in that state. Therefore, having been born again of God's Holy Spirit, we are MORE than conquerors, MORE THAN SIMPLY HUMAN! Yes, we will make mistakes, but, those mistakes do not define us as being human. Because of Jesus, our sins have been forgiven. Within our salvation, when we fall, we no longer have to face death. Now, we don't just fall, we get up! Should I be distracted and fall, it is an opportunity to Glorify God, not simply to say that I'm just human. To accept myself and be myself, I accept the new and improved me. I think different and I AM DIFFERENT!


You can go on using that old excuse that identifies you with the old man within you who clung to sin, but, I choose to bury the old man and take my place as a Child of God, joint heir to my Father's Kingdom, endowed with His Holy Spirit and Power.



Published by Mishael T


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