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Polonius in Act 1, Scene III of William Shakespeare's famous play, Hamlet: 

“This above all: to thine own self be true. 

And it must follow, as the night the day


Thou canst not then be false to any man/Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”


There is much we are yet to learn about the human brain: how it really functions; its full capacity; and its full potential. Yet, in my walk with God, I have discovered that I and many other people, (not only Believers) are more aware of their multi-functional selves, that is, having the ability to knowingly or unknowingly stretch and exercise the mind to push it beyond what others normally do, in a way that is connected to the spirit.


Those to whom this occurs naturally, yet, unknowingly may be confused by their behavior, not understanding what is happening or what they are experiencing. However, those who are aware of their spiritual being, often function beyond the normal boundaries of cognitive thinking. Therefore, they choose to function in the physical and the spiritual as part of walking by faith and not by sight. They've discovered which partitions in their brain to lower and connect them with God through the Holy Spirit.


Can we prove this scientifically? Probably not, just as there is no real evidence of the spirit. Yet, we as Believers know without doubt that there are functions and miracles connected with the mind and body that are moved, controlled and performed by the spirit, which is connected to God.



Walking by faith and not by sight is meant to take you away from trying to control or manipulate your present concern, focus, or function, and requiring you to put all of your trust in God. However, this 'second sight', as some might call it, applies to our spiritual being, through which God communicates with us.




Man's multi-focus ability moves beyond motor skills, voluntary and involuntary reflexes. It is a gift and tool for us to utilize as spiritual beings and as protection against darkness.  It may be manifested in peculiar ways that gives a person unique abilities and skills and can even be diagnosed as a brain disorder by those who don't understand its purpose. It is a conscious awareness of the physical and spiritual, just as when we are asleep in a dream-state. Yet, there is no provable explanation as to why we have the ability to function in this manner, either.


Knowing this should lead every Believer to question the structure, ideology, and institutions within our societies, from our government to our educational systems.  We should ask ourselves, "Are our societies really designed to meet the potential of every man, woman and child, or, are they designed to elevate those who can conform to a particular level of thought process that supports and maintains a particular socio-economic status and preferred world view of the upper class?" Those who cannot conform or are hindered from participating are destined to struggle, require government assistance, or fail to thrive because their options and ability to choose have been limited, taken away, or completely removed. As a result, an individual can lose who they are or never find themselves, becoming lost to darkness.  No, we cannot categorize every drug addict's addiction as beginning in immorality. Immorality becomes a symptom of drug abuse for many people who turn to drugs. Their beginning and reason for using drugs may have been the pain they experienced from their life in the world.


An integrated, diversified and versatile society takes time to see all of its inhabitants as people who matter and who are valuable resources and lives not to be wasted. What does this say about today's societies where millions of lives are being lost to crime, violence, drugs and war?


We are in danger of drugging ourselves to death as we try to suppress and deaden our thoughts and feelings that we feel we have no control over. The adversary is provoking many to desperation in order to steal, kill, and destroy lives. If we are to survive, we must not only declare war on drug sales and abuse, but, war on the structural fabric of society itself, which is designed to aid the enemy by its opposition and rejection of equality and quality of life for all mankind.


Mankind's problems lie in not loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, which is why drug abuse is not just a problem stemming from an individuals immorality, poverty, and unemployment. Society must truly take a look at itself. The onlooker who only sees immorality or poverty cannot see their immorality in not loving their neighbor as themselves.


Societies today are structured to work in collaboration with the enemy to purge itself of those who have slipped through the cracks or failed to conform. Poverty, racism and discrimination, bigotry, bullying, unemployment, inflation, inaccessible and expensive healthcare, unaffordable education, and every manner of adversity are convenient and effective tools to control, suppress, and eradicate an unwanted portion of the population.


The rich in society continue to profit from outsourcing manufacturing, while lying to the working class and condemning it. Why? To control the masses. It is not in their best interests to discontinue the practice. Instead, they will buy into new ways to make more money at home, because, at the expense and suffering of the working and unemployed class, they have overseas profits to do so.  This is just one way that society refuses to rid itself of toxicity and self-destructive factors, which continue to cause agitation, social unrest and the deaths of millions. Those in society  who are viewed by many as being undesirable, or, to have become obsolete, immalleable, or, unable to be trained or rehabilitated, are considered to be  useless and expendable.


Those in control can afford to put up smoke screens to appear to be alleviating a problem, because they will make money off of the medical treatment and rehabilitation of the drug addict and call it social welfare. Tax breaks will reward them for their efforts and contributions, excluding them from any financial hardships that have befallen the middle and lower class tax payer.


If the drug abuser lacks morality, then, the blind accuser is even less immoral for their part and refusing to see the plight that has been laid out for the drug abuser, due to the self-righteousness and entitlement of people who corrupt society with selfishness and lack of moral compass.


In the story of the Good Samaritan, can we accuse the traveler who was beaten and robbed of wrong doing, by laying claim to the fact that he made no effort to avoid the thieves and made himself a victim by going through a high crime area, so, he got what he deserved? Should we penalize him for not having been rich enough to afford servants and protection? Should the Good Samaritan not have provided for his healthcare or room and board because the victim couldn't afford it and there was no guarantee he would be reimbursed? What kind of heart devises such a conclusion that immorality is the inherent cause of drug abuse? Who can make such an accusation against his neighbors without knowing or caring to know anything about them? Is it a heart with no life experience, compassion, or has ignorance, arrogance, greed, pride, and self-entitlement driven it to blindness and immorality?


A righteous heart understands that the adversary has no preference of person, for he mimics Jehovah God. A righteous heart knows that the adversary comes to steal, kill and destroy all mankind, attacking in whatever form is most convenient and effective. Drugs just happen to be his current weapon of choice. Drugs which have been allowed to be a convenient and effective weapon, festering and plaguing society, ignored by those in society who have disdain for others unlike themselves. By denying the true root of the problem, they continue to ignore and allow the demise of their neighbors, while they feel entitled and righteous in judging the morality of others. Drugs and gun related death is allowed by those in society blinded by the enemy so that they have no idea of what immorality really is.


When we look at what kind of government would consider cutting healthcare for treatment of drug abuse, we must look at the heart of those accusers who minimize a catastrophic plague of drug abuse and massive overdoses solely as an issue of an individual's immorality.  Those who rule our present government have seen no urgent need to save lives by prioritizing legislature and methods for effective healing and suitable alternatives to prescription medications that may lead to self-medicating, overdosing and committing suicide. Those invested in drug companies see it as more government regulations and an added burden that takes money out of their pockets. They see no urgent need to fund existing healthcare, because pride and prejudice boils within them so that a historic triumph in America's Democracy is diminished to a nightmare and a disaster because they have vowed to destroy the legacy of America's first Black President. They constantly and hatefully spit out the name Obamacare so that those hardened, prejudice hearts like theirs will unite in their hatred and vindictiveness. The thought of having had a Black man as president is bitter bile within their mouths, producing disgust and hatred within them and they will do anything to rid themselves of the taste. To them, hatred and politics (politics that must look like them) are more important than people's lives, especially since, in their eyes, not every race or person is considered equal, or worthy to be seen or treated as a human being.


They see no immediate threat to themselves, because they feel their future is secure. They think of themselves as the elite who can solve their own problems and expect others to do the same at their own expense. They place the majority of people in a separate society called the needy. They consider the needy to be the only real threat to the world. Thus, colluding with ruthless and corrupt regimes and  enemy nations is not a crime, but, a managerial strategy for stability, increased revenue, and upward mobility.


Helping the needy depends upon how they feel about what they consider to be social welfare, handouts, charity, or wasted money. They would rather the separate society heal and preserve itself, because, their main objective, as the elite, is to help the big businesses they own or have invested in politically or financially.


Giving the people the false hope that prosperity will trickle down isn't considered to be a lie, but, instead, it's seen as good management. However, they omit the fact that there is a filter in the trickle down method and the thickness of the filter is designed to control the flow to the bottom to barely a drop, while the wealthy absorb all the rest.


A model society, as determined by the principles of God, has yet to be created. Meanwhile, within our imperfect societies, it is the people who determine their sustainability. It is the people's resilience and willingness to be cohesive that produces strength, endurance, safety, security and growth in order for others to prosper. Divide the people and prepare for the fall of that society that will reach upward to the elitists


To bring unity and cohesiveness back, a viable society must begin to take into consideration the inherent traits, skills and needs of individuals. It must structure its development and growth to meet the needs and skills of the people in lieu of a society focused primarily on generating profit for the rich, serving and catering to greed, wealth and status, promoting overindulgence, selfishness, prejudice, immorality, self-satisfaction and the self-preservation of oppressors over the poor, suppressed, and oppressed.


Societies that suppress freedom and freedom of speech and cling to nationalism and isolationism are destined not to survive for "no man is an island, no man stands alone." Those who wish to stagnate society or push it back to the past will indeed find themselves left behind, for time marches forward without looking back.


The viable society of the future must be a society that neither labels itself as conservative, liberal, progressive, socialist or capitalist, but, strives to be a society for the love of mankind; a society which can no longer allow suffering and dying because of love of self, money, political party, nation, power and geographical boundaries. It must be a society which advocates blindness to the color of one's skin, recognizing that all of the people within it belong, welcoming diversity and a true melting pot, seeing each person as valuable and important. Equality must be more than just a symbol, while honesty and integrity must be part of the foundation that holds it together, without compromise.


Meanwhile, we live in a society which is damaged, lost confused, struggling with identity, feeding on lies and deceit, fighting with who it wants to be and who it will serve. As born again Believers, it is imperative that we know who we are, our purpose, our potential, where we are going, and how to get there. Before you start out, examine your heart and specialized mind. To walk with Jesus down the right path God has planned for you, it helps to know how your mind works, in order to connect it with you heart (spirit). Think about it. What makes you tick? What are you drawn to? How do you learn? Think outside the box. Just because you don't fit within some of society's norms doesn't mean that you aren't perfect for God's Kingdom and able to enjoy abundant and everlasting life.


Discover what God has given you to be used for Kingdom purpose. Pray and ask God to reveal what is keeping you from connecting with Him, following Jesus and being purpose driven. What partitions or walls are blocking you from walking in the spirit? What is keeping you from believing, trusting, surrendering, repenting and putting your all on the altar? What is blocking you from having faith? Do you understand how your mind functions and what is needed to make a breakthrough to freedom, having surrendered all to God?


Explore the territory which has been given to you to traverse and claim and exists because of God's love for you. There is no other place like it, because God specializes. Remember that there is a reason why your mind works the way it does. God does not make mistakes, nor does He lie. He has a plan for your life. Even if you have a disability or you are challenged in any way within this world. God created you and made you the way that you are, and if it was good enough for God, it is good enough for man and the world. 


Only God can complete the work that He began. He wants a relationship with you to make you whole.


To love and obey God, you must know about God's Word and His Kingdom to determine if you are living within God's principles, His Will and Way. We cannot use our refusal to repent from sin and love of the flesh as an excuse for not fitting in or expecting people to accept our sin. God expects us to die to our fleshly (carnal) selves and overcome the world as Jesus did. Many want to remain as they are, claiming that they were born that way. However, we cannot say that we were born to live in sin. We were born to overcome so that we would enjoy abundant and eternal life.


Take a good look at the world and society today, but, do not be dismayed. Your Heavenly Father has a purpose for you within His Kingdom. He only wants good things for His children, because His love for you is unconditional and everlasting!


your servant and soldier, united with the One,






Published by Mishael T

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