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"God created you and made you the way that you are, and if it was good enough for God, it is good enough for man and the world. Only God can complete the work that He began."



Unlike computers, we are in control of our programming, that is, what we choose to learn and absorb. God has created us wondrously with endless diversity. Our brains contain the same matter and structure, but, within each brain is a person like no other--an individual.


Although, our brains look alike and appear to be the same, they do not all function the same for GOD SPECIALIZES! He has a plan for each and every individual's life. Thus, He has endowed every man and woman with their own unique abilities to be prepared to live out their purpose.


I have discovered that my mind is like an abstract painting. And like an abstract painting, it isn't necessarily uniformly organized, but, it has a distinct order that makes it existentially and aesthetically beautiful; not in its physical appearance as we often visualize beauty, but in its structural design chiseled and carved out by God, creating a given purpose which allows it to flow, often transcending what is thought to be normal cognitive ability.


As computers have been designed to function somewhat like our brains, they can be partitioned off to store specific information, or, to run multiple functions simultaneously and independently. Yet, the brain will always remain far superior to the computer due to its ability to create an act to carry out a function, stemming from a self-awareness originating from a soul (mind) connected to a spirit originating from and programmed by God. Moreover, our brain was created by the Hands of God to be forever connected to Him.


Still, like the brain, a computer can move from one partitioned section to another. There is also a way to bring down partitions and allow information to just flow. Brains that function in this manner, flowing in multiple directions at one time, are often seen as somewhat unorthodox, like an abstract painting. Still, God has a purpose for this kind of brain.


The abstract mind is focused on creativity and fluidity (movement), thus, the mind must stay active. The abstract mind or painting is more interested in experiencing and not necessarily the projection or mirroring of an image. Thus,the abstract mind thrives on experiencing. Whereas, the thought processes of contrasting minds focus primarily on a given experience or occurrence. God has given us examples of the levels and degrees of this ability as we see it in some people with autism. They have specific ways to be reached and although they may not be able to communicate through regular channels, they may be in tune to uniquely specialized thought processes giving them exceptional abilities in areas of numbers or music.


Know that you are not alone in the way that you think and the way that your mind functions. There are millions of people whose minds function like mine; a mind which prefers constant movement or thought processes. People sharing my mind structure also may have a propensity for creativity and may be prone to be extremely emotional, analytical, observant, and sensitive. Is this problematic? Only when conformity to societal norms are required or demanded and when others don't understand or are intolerant of these behaviors. Will these characteristics effect the type of career, job(s), and relationships I have? Definitely. However, if I am aware of how I think and behave, I am able to be more considerate of others and how to be a more effective and loving person.


God has structured my brain for a specific purpose to be guided by my spirit, which should be led by His plan for my life. If anyone would try to reprogram my mind to a different brain type, trying to restructure the way I think, it could cause stress, confusion, irritation, anxiety, depression, rebellion, the inability to focus, learn and thrive, leading to an identity crisis and even more problems. Yet, this is exactly what  society tries to do when it expects us to fit into societal norms that are against the Will of God and His plan for our life, and when insisting on our conforming and being reprogrammed. However, we must learn to distinguish between those thoughts and behaviors that are potentially self-defeating, harmful or dangerous to ourselves or others, wherein, we must be willing to change.


If we are expected to adhere to societal norms, we must recognize that they fluctuate and evolve over time and within various cultures, so, there is no standard or consistency. Over the span of time in man's existence and communal living, especially within modern society,  man has labeled and mislabeled people for reason and purpose to suppress, oppress, discriminate, incriminate, maintain status quo, jurisdiction and control.  It makes one wonder as to the legitimacy and function of one's society. Who has been involved in establishing the status quo and are they concerned with the needs of all?


Have people fallen prey to drugs and have they been medically drugged, legally imprisoned, institutionalized, and disenfranchised to accommodate the existing structure of society? Has society mislabeled millions of people or labeled them needlessly, because they have tried to live lives, fit into situations, have relationships, perform jobs and tasks not suited for them and their specialized characteristics? If so, this is why you must know yourself and how you think and function in order to be able to live out your purpose in abundance, for your present environment may not be suitable to your growth and potential.


Although, the majority of people are very versatile and can be trained in many areas and even become very proficient, we must ask what effect psychological and spiritual restraints and constraints have had upon their spirit, which should be led by God. Are they experiencing ABUNDANT LIFE in the godly sense, with unspeakable joy, holiness and righteousness? Having veered off the given path, are they still headed for eternal life?


Many people aren't in touch with their Creator and therefore, never come to understand their mind, their gifts, their potential and God's purpose for them. Our educational system is antiquated and handicapped, especially in this sense,  when it comes to teaching children today who were born into a world of high-tech gadgets and exposed to a whole new type of thinking. Life and thinking is faster paced and technology based, which may or may not be conducive to the way their mind has been structured for maximum achievement and divine purpose.  And, as prayer, God and Jesus have been banned by man in many public and private schools, there is no effort to instruct individuals in how to discover not only their passion, but, their true purpose through God. As many institutional churches also suffer from the effects of meshing with the world and integrating worldly principles,  it is not realistic to believe that faith-based education or preaching will make up for the absence of needed spiritual guidance.


Man continues to work against himself, throwing himself into blindness and ignorance. Ignorance metastasizes like a cancer. The blind and ignorant cannot see or know that man cannot ban God from anywhere for He is OMNIPRESENT! AMEN! In his rebellion against God, what man does accomplish is to spread ignorance and hatred through the exclusion of God's unconditional love for his neighbor, and prolong the needless suffering of mankind.


Brethren, know yourself and to thine own self be true.


your servant and soldier,




Published by Mishael T

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