IHEAM (IWRTHW) EPISODE 10 AUNTIE YONNY: The Rise and Fall of Idols




(Intermittent Waves Recorded from Transformed Heart of a Woman)


 AUNTIE YONNY: The Rise and Fall of Idols


Hal was trying hard to wrap his head around all the details in the tangled web that the Graves had woven in the White House, but Tanya kept going.


"Everyone thought that The Little King didn't want us to give in and cooperate with the investigation because he had his own agenda he was trying to hurry through Congress, but, the truth was, he knew."


"The Little King?"


"Yes, the Speaker of the House."


"What did he know? Oh, I'm sorry, you mean he KNEW..."


Yes! He knew during the campaign that we were going to have help beyond the normal type of help. My father's meeting with him after the primary was to get his endorsement and make him complicit in the crime to control him. He told him that he had a surefire, failsafe way to win the election and the donors with the money to make it happen."


"Did he mention Russia?"


"He mentioned his Russian business friends helping him and The Little King said he didn't want to know all of the details, just make it happen. Of course, my father used his usual con game to make him see how he would benefit from endorsing him and not revealing the plan."


"Was money exchanged or a future promise of money?"


"My father always promised to make a deal worthwhile financially. I'm not sure about what he promised, but, a bribe wasn't even necessary when it came to The Little King, he was ambitious and power hungry. He was tired of Republicans being under  Democrats and Liberals. He had a voracious appetite to chew up Democrats, especially the Clintons. He drooled at the opportunity to stick it to people and end social welfare programs. There was something very cynical about him, very much like my father."


"So, he helped keep the Republicans on board, putting party before country?"


"Yes, to the very end, mainly to protect himself and take credit for passing policies. As I said , he was ambitious and he wanted another shot at the presidency. Exposing him would not only remove him from office, but kill his chances of sitting at the desk in the Oval Office.  My guess is, he had already prevented that from ever happening, by continuing to support my father."


"And there were others who "knew"?


"Of course, the Speaker chose his committee chairmen over the hearings very carefully and gave specific instructions on how they were to be conducted, postponed, impeded and concluded. The Republicans in the Senate had their instructions from their committee chair also. We thought we had it all wrapped up. "


"So, without the independent committee and special counsel, the hearings would have gone nowhere?"


"That was the plan, but, the Boy Scout put an end to that when he infused that memo, proving my father tried to get him to end the investigation."


"Wow! The Republicans really weren't in control because their leaders were compromised working for Graves, who was working for the Russians.


Tell me, what role did Aaron Buoy really play in the campaign?"


"Oh, my goodness! Aaron Buoy just kept making things worse for himself and everyone else. The Russians were having fun with him. They had strings on him like a puppet and liked to see him dance on television, making a fool of himself.


He started out as a courier delivering Putin's foreign policy agenda to the campaign and overseeing its delivery to the crowd and how it was being received. He didn't have a continuing role, but he had a big role to make sure supporters were warming up to Russia and Russia's desired foreign policy and position for the United States. Policy that would keep us out of Russia's way and weaken our global standing as a powerful nation willing to help other nations. We were to stick to America first, except in regards to our relationship with Russia and their foreign interests.


Aaron Buoy did his part, then, continued to entertain the Russians. We probably would have kept him on, but, he was Putin's stooge in Russia, the Feds knew that, and he had a habit of making himself too obvious."


"Now, on the day that the Deputy Attorney General appointed special counsel, your father gave a commencement speech."


"For the Coast Guard graduates."


"Yes. Couldn't they tell that there was something wrong with him by the way he was talking? I mean, it wasn't your usual commencement speech. He always found a way to make everything about him. He said that no other politician had ever been treated worse than he had in the history of the United States. Did he forget about how he treated President Obama, or, was it that he was just that prejudice and... and...and...




"...well, was it that he didn't care? Did he have any conscious at all or was he just that sick?"


"I'm sure most people would say all of the above. I believe that clinging to his ignorance and pride was his sickness that kept him in darkness. He loved what and where his ignorance and pride got him in life, so, to him, it was brilliance.


As you know, my father was not the Mad Hatter's first choice of candidate to endorse to push his agenda. However, when the Mad Hatter's people surveyed America for the political climate and found that there were unheard and unrepresented people who needed a voice, they realized that a portion of these people had the same sickness, along with fear, anger and frustration.  They capitalized upon it enough to help the Russian's steal the presidency.


The crowds of people made my father feel like he fit in. He was like a child, always wanting attention and it only got worse. The only thing that was important to him besides his schemes to get money, was feeling important, admired and smart and the crowds gave him that. They treated him as if he was their savior and he felt like a god."



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