(Intermittent Waves Recorded from the Transformed Heart of a Woman)



 AUNTIE YONNY: The Desperate Betrayal 


Tanya began to close her eyes and droop her head a little; a clear sign that she was beginning to tire, but, Hal wanted to get in a few more questions. Feeling guilty about his motives, he asked her if she wanted to stop.

"Would you like to stop now, Mrs. Yanovich?"

"No, no, I'll have plenty of time to rest, later. We must go on."

There was an urgency in Tanya's voice that prompted Hal to continue.

"So, what made General Red Descendant finally crack open?"

"His options were running out. There were too many leaks that revealed too much information. Soon, he wouldn't have any leverage to buy him anything and he knew that others would try to throw all the blame on him."

"Your husband was taking a lot of heat. The FBI had a lot of evidence on him to put him away. Did you want him to give your father up? Was he that loyal to him?"

"It caused a lot of tension in our marriage. Some days, we barely spoke. John accused me of choosing my father over him and I told him that it was unfair. How was I supposed to choose? How was I to abandon and betray my father?"

"Did you choose? John could have ended everything and asked for immunity, which would have worked out better for the both of you. Instead, of leaving a question open that drove a wedge between the two of you, you could have affirmed your love for him, your children's father and your marriage. Instead, you did nothing."

In opposition,Tanya sat up abruptly in bed, trying to raise her voice defiantly at Hal.

"I DID DO SOMETHING! I did do something!"

Tanya fell back against the mattress, exhausted. Hal could tell that she had over exerted herself and it had taken all of her strength to rebut the insulting accusations he had hurled as a tactic to elicit a spontaneous response; a method often used during  interrogation. He knew he had gone too far.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Yanovich. I shouldn't have said that. I apologize. Please relax. Can I, can I get something or someone for you?"

"No...no...I'm...no...just...just give me...give me a minute. I did do something. I did do something."

Tears began to flow from Tanya's eyes. Hal hurriedly grabbed a wad of tissues, then, nervously and gingerly began dabbing tears from her small, wrinkly face. However, the tears kept flowing.

"I...betrayed...I betrayed...my father. I helped leak information. I couldn't take it anymore. I just wanted it to be over. I wanted my life...our life back...but...John said that I had betrayed him, too."

Hal was shocked and he didn't know what to say. As a journalist there were tons of questions he could ask at this time, but as a human being and a compassionate person with feelings for others in pain, he could not bring himself to press and push the conversation further. That wasn't what was needed at this time. He was moved to take Tanya's hand in his and hold it gently, rubbing it consolingly with the other hand.

The two just sat there quietly in silent agreement to allow their shared empathy, affection, and the power God manifests through sharing hearts during the span of defining time, heal and swallow up the pain.


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