(Intermittent Waves Recorded from the Transformed Heart of a Woman)





Morning came before Hal knew it, which he didn't mind. He was hoping to get in to talk to Tanya before Miriam. He wanted to get more information about his involvement without letting on to overhearing Miriam's conversation with the late night visitor.


He looked at the questions he hadn't had a chance to ask yesterday. He'd ask the most important questions and then ask to finish their conversation from yesterday.


He was glad there was a television in his room. First, he'd get the early morning news, then, shower and get dressed. Breakfast here was too much of a gala event, so, he'd grab something to eat later on.


As he turned past several news channels, there were bold headlines running across the bottom of the screen.

Derek Graves' major opponent's campaign headquarter computers had been hacked. Hal didn't think that type of thing was possible anymore and apparently, neither did anyone else reporting on t.v. this morning. Each news network was making a parallel comparison to the Illegitimate Graves Presidency Scandal.


"This can't be a coincidence," Hal thought, pulling his hair back and grabbing it in his fingers tightly, as if he wanted to pull it out. He had to get his hands on a morning newspaper.


There was no time to waste, Hal jumped out of bed and grabbed a pair of trousers and a shirt and got dressed. Sliding on his new house shoes and grabbing his wallet, he opened his door to run to the elevator door and tripped over something in front of his door. Hitting the opposite wall and landing on the floor with a thump, he saw two newspapers in front of his door. Sitting up and leaning back against the wall, he picked them up and unfolded them, seeing The Daily and The Financial Review.


He sat there and began reading The Daily. Glancing down the hallway, he discovered he was being observed by Jake and Steve.


"I'm okay guys! Good morning Steve! Good morning, Jake!"


Steve and Jake looked at each other, showing no emotion or expression, then, returned to the security desk. Hal was glad he was okay. He'd hate to die from an accident in a hospital of all places because he tripped over newspapers and bodyguards left him to die.


The story said that the hacking must have taken place two weeks ago and last night the internet was flooded with the hacked files. The source of the file upload and the hacker(s) had not been traced, but authorities were confident that they would apprehend the perpetrators in due time. Hal gathered the papers and crawled into his room, his mind racing too fast to coordinate with his actions.


He had to talk to Evan Matthews who was working on the story and get more information. Rachel could help him make that connection, but, she would want to know why. On top of that, he couldn't let anyone else know the reason why he was interested. He'd have to find a viable reason for his actions that wouldn't raise too much suspicion.


Hal's stomach growled loudly. Maybe breakfast couldn't wait after all.


He continued watching the news and reading the paper, trying to estimate the time in which he would be able talk to Tanya. Smelling breakfast and having no control over his growling stomach and hungry salivating glands, he cleaned up and headed to the dining room, hoping the food was ready.


He walked into the dining room and stopped in the doorway feasting his eyes upon the smorgasbord, feeling like he had scored a three pointer basket. The table was set and the food was steaming on the buffet table. He made his way down to the end of the basketball court. He was the first to arrive and added to his three-pointer, the winning shot in a championship game and he was ready for the breakfast of champions. He didn't know if it was because the food just looked so good or if he was really famished, but, he helped himself to a healthy portion of everything.


Steve and Jake came in together just as he was popping the last grape from his fruit bowl into his mouth. He noticed they could monitor everything from their phones, but they still took their tray back to the security desk. If nothing else, these guys were reliable and professional.


Hal expected to see Miriam, but, perhaps, her late night caused her to sleep late. Hoping the nurse would be finished with her duties and care of Tanya, he headed for her room. His timing couldn't have been better. The nurse was leaving the room and heading back to the nursing station.


She was a very quiet woman, which definitely had no bearing on the level of confidence others placed in her, neither was it an indicator of her expertise. Hal had watched her at work. She was a highly skilled professional. Hal really liked saying her name, because, it was uncommon and took time to pronounce it very distinctly to hear the melodic tones.


"Good morning, Xe-no-bi-a!"


Xenobia shyly smiled and nodded her head.


"May I go in to see Mrs. Yanovich, now?"


"Yes," Xenobia said giggling, "she's awake."


"Thank you!"


Hal entered the room quietly, took his seat next to the bed and quietly said,


"Good morning, Mrs. Yanovich. How are you?"


"Good morning, Hal. As well as can be expected. I know I don't have much time left, but, I've lived long enough."


"I admire your strength and stamina. Do you feel like talking this morning?"


"Not really, but, let's get it over with."


Hal got out his recorder and set it up.


"What do you know about the FBI Director that your father fired and why did your father think that he could get away with it?"


The Director believed he was making a wartime decision by making an announcement about the Clinton emails before the election. He kept our investigation quiet because Russia had attacked the country and he was in the process of engaging the enemy. If Clinton won, then, he would lose his advantage and chance to pursue certain leads. He couldn't miss the opportunity to expose the Russians and traitors within our campaign who might get away with it if Clinton won. My father winning was a tactical advantage to buy more time and gain evidence of the biggest scandal, crime and cover-up ever in American electoral history.


The Director knew my father would be the most corrupt president elected and the first traitorous president ever. He felt that sabotaging Clinton was the only way to continue the investigation and uncover the plot while it was actively in play.


The Russians had been meddling in elections for a long time amongst other areas of espionage that affected and threatened our national security. The election was just the newest area of trespass and damage. He had to weigh the lesser of two evils and in this case an attack by the enemy on our political system and democracy involving traitors within the country were definitely the greatest evil. In his mind, as it should have been, our country was at war. My father was a stooge and a pawn on booth sides of the board, believing he controlled the moves.


"Did the Clinton campaign know about all this?"


"They knew some. They knew what was at stake. President Clinton and Obama talked to Hillary about it. Election night, Madam President took it hard, but graciously bowed out for sake of country."


"You called Hillary Clinton Madam President?"


"Yes, the first woman and the most noble of all the Presidents of the United States of America, President Hillary Rodham Clinton."


Tears began to stream from Tanya's eyes. Hal didn't know what to do. Should he call the nurse or just leave. He was nervous and uncomfortable watching her cry, fearing she'd have another attack, or worse. He started getting out of his seat.


"No, Hal, don't leave me. Please. I'll be alright."


Published by Mishael T

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