Prayer for Cleansing



The clouds are gathering and Your purifying rain will fall. We pray that nothing and no one within this corrupted and treacherous plot against Thy people will escape Thy cleansing hand. Close and chain the doors of escape. Let their lies be displayed before them for all to see. Cut off the wicked and those who spew lies as fast as the wind without a thought or a care to Thy righteousness.


Father, the innocent have suffered because of the hatred within their hearts. Cowardly they hide behind lies they've spun to cover wicked deeds. Fear has surrounded those seeking refuge. The young, old, weak and frightened have risked their lives fleeing in the cold of winter, while the wicked celebrated the misery they poured and heaped upon their heads and then slept peacefully in their warm beds.


Terrified mothers and children are huddle inside behind locked doors, afraid of being dragged from their homes. But, the faces of the wicked remain unchanged. They are void of substance. Their hearts are of stone. Yet, should we look for compassion where it has never been? Where it is not welcome?


We entreat thee to act on our behalf. Save us from this plague of darkness that has captured the land. Father. We humble ourselves before Thy Divine Majesty, repenting, seeking Your face. We seek Thy forgiveness and Mercy. Rain upon the land and save Thy children. Heal our plagued land.


We have been blind and foolish. Trusting in wicked and corrupt men to save us. We thought we saw strength where there is only cowardice and weakness.Forgive us Lord. We acknowledge Thy Divine and Sovereign Power over Thy creation. We pray Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!


Forgive us Lord, for we have not obeyed Thy commandments or heeded Thy warnings. We did not seek the Kingdom first, nor Thy Face. Please do not forsake us in these hours of need.


Expose the wicked! Cast them out of their stations of authority. Prevent them from poisoning the minds of the people and feeding them lies. Give their seats to others more worthy who will watch over your people and provide for their needs. Forbid them to turn away the stranger and the needy. Father, do not leave your children hungry, while the rich grow fat on meat and drunk on wine.


Help us to learn from our mistakes and not to stray from Your teachings. Unite us and give us purpose led by Christ Jesus. May we be a united front against the Darkness, carrying our cross, representing Holiness and Righteousness. Hold us up.

We thank you for what You are about to do and pray that You will continue to use us for the glorification of Your Kingdom. Help us not to tire, but to persist in righteousness and resist all that comes against Thee and Thy Kingdom. In the name of Your precious Son, we pray.


March 27, 2017

Father, today,we ask that you send a wind of freedom to cross from continent to continent. There is light in the eyes of those marching in the streets. It reaches down deep within their heart giving them hope. They refuse to be silent any longer as Darkness and evil robs them of righteousness and justice! They refuse to be silent while they watch opposers of corruption murdered in the streets.


We thank you, Lord, for your AWAKENING them and the COURAGE you have given them to STAND! Protect your peacemakers, Father! Help them to rally others to their cause and break the bondage that has clamped their society in irons, while robbing and stealing bread from their children's mouths.


Father, You know that our governments are filled with corrupt and evil men, trying to hide their collusions and traitorous acts against the people! They pretend to work for the people when they are working for themselves and helping enemies of the people to work towards destroying our country politically and financially.  


Help Your people to act and cast out this evil. Help us to overthrow those plotting and scheming, trying to block investigations and trying to buy more time to do the bidding of our enemies; passing unjust laws; passing laws to harm and destroy the Earth You have created; and laws to make their pockets fatter.


In the name of JESUS, we BIND These evil forces and RECLAIM our territory, handing them an eviction notice as of NOW! Prepare to MOVE OUT! The People of God have SPOKEN, by HIS AUTHORITY! You no longer have authority over our land and our people! ANOTHER will take your place! 


Father, we thank you for Your POWER, Your GLORY and Your HONOR! We praise You! We LOVE You! Thy Kingdom come! Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! 




your servant and soldier, united with the One




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