C: They're getting close.


B: No, they're not getting close. They will never find out the truth.


C: Then why has my name come up? Why am I being questioned again?


A: Don't worry about it. You just go back and do the interviews like you are told.


C: I-I-I don't know if I can...


A: Sure you can,  just as you rehearsed them


C: But-but, I-I-I just get so nervous. These journalist...they press you...I don't know if they'll believe me


B: If you just smile and laugh it off they won't know what to think. Perhaps, they'll think you're a simpleton trying to make a name for himself. We'll make sure that there is a story with another point of view. We'll call everything a "witch hunt" (laughter)


C: I don't know...


A: You will do as you are told and we will take care of the rest. We will be done with all of this mess soon.


C: But, what about the machines?


B: Forget you know about machines! Forget that you know about anything in the campaign! They won't find out the machines because they are scheduled to be replaced. The only way they could trace what happened to the machines is to research and correlate the time of similar occurrences within the area and they don't know what really happened. We only affected certain areas where we knew we could be most effective.


C: But, you don't know what other information they have out there.


A: No, but we know who we have out there. We are everywhere. (laughter) Now, go, we know you will do fine. We know you want to see your family and friends once again. Have a nice trip.

Published by Mishael T

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