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Father, You have shown me Your strength and power. My faith and trust are in Thee. I am awed by Your Wisdom and teachings and humbled by Your love for me.


My Beloved Brethren,


I asked our Father, "When there are two men, one very wealthy,  powerful and corrupt, the other, also, but nonetheless the second is still envious of the first, as he sees the other having more  power and prestige; thus, he desires to become more like the other corrupt man, at any cost. Wherein, he devises a plan to align himself with this man and follow in his footsteps.


These two men, thinking themselves smarter than anyone else and each man thinking himself smarter and more entitled than the other, conspire together for profit to fool and rob everyone else.  While, each man, thinking himself the smartest, also secretly plots to use and overtake the other. Father, when these two men are left to their own devices, which man shall win?"


And the Lord on High answered, "Neither, they both shall lose."


My friends, a thief and a liar can think himself too smart to be caught and believe he has successfully covered up his tracks. He can continue to lie to cover his previous lies and crimes. But, sin produces evidence of guilt, which clings to man, leaving a trail that cannot be erased.


The thief can hire men to substantiate his lies and take part in his plotting and scheming, promising them power, status and wealth, but again, his pride and arrogance deceive him, because these same men who sell their souls to him for profit, will sell it again to another to betray him and save themselves or to profit even more.


His unrepentant soul aligns with Darkness, an enemy which only seeks to shame and expose, then rewards lovers of sin with death. His love for himself blinds him from seeing that he has surrendered his will to Darkness and delivered his soul to eternal damnation. He has become a puppet working for the benefit of another.


My Fellow Americans, My Brothers and Sisters, Believers and Inhabitants of the Universe,


GOD IS REAL! His POWER is REAL and from it, man has no hiding place.


America, it is time to take back your country from your enemy and learn from your mistakes. Do not be afraid to do what is right. God has not abandoned you. He has given you a gift to cherish and uphold...DEMOCRACY. You have selfishly abused it, used it for self-interest and profit and taken it for granted. Your hearts have been filled with, hatred, greed and selfishness, having no compassion and love for your neighbors. You have allowed foolish and self-seeking men to make a mockery of it. You have not watched over it, but, have fallen asleep while your enemy came and crept into your bed. You have not equally shared it, but favored one over the other and excluded the needy.


How quickly the thief comes in the night and no one is aware. But, to the blind he has no need for the darkness to hide him, or a mask to cover him, therefore, he comes by day and pretends to be blind also to the man's wealth, while he robs the blind man of everything he needs and everything that is dear to him.


He pretends to aid the blind man in his affairs, while all the while, he makes deals with the blind man's enemy. And alas, as time goes by, the thief grows even richer off of the blind man, until the thief no longer needs the man. It is then, the blind man discovers he has only been used and robbed to benefit his enemy and the lying thief.


The thief tells him he has sold everything the blind man owned. His house and land and even his children now are indebted to his enemy.


"Why have you done this to me?!" he cries. "Is it because I am blind? I have given to you and others freely and imposed no restrictions upon you within my household. I've promoted you above my children!"


The thief looked down at the gravelling blind man in disgust and boldly stated, "You are weak and of no importance to me. You open your doors to strangers and give away your wealth and your children's inheritance to the poor. You don't know how to protect what is yours. You share it with people who don't deserve or belong here. I am smarter and more worthy than you. Therefore, I am entitled to TAKE whatever I can to make me an even GREATER man."


The blind man pulled himself to his feet, threw his arms around the thief and wept for him.


Pushing the blind man away, the thief yelled, "I have no patience for weak men, weeping and crying for themselves!"


"I weep for you," said the blind man. "For I am still the wealthier man. I have given you food, shelter, safety, friendship, love and opportunity. You have taken everything I owned, but still it was not enough for you. And, although you have become rich, it has not made you great, for, wealth and power are not what makes a man great.


I still possess my greatest treasure in my heart...the Word and Love of God, the foundation of my ancestors, which covers and provides for all else. I have tried to share this with you also, but you have rejected it for love of the world. YOU have been the blind man and I, my heart, desiring someone to bring change into my life, was blinded by your false light, refusing to see who you really are.


Yes, I have paid a great price for my ignorance, disobedience and loss of faith and trust in God, but, it has only served to remind me of the Merciful God, who has kept me. It has only served to remind me that God has blessed me with gifts not to be taken for granted. It has only served to remind me of who and what God has created me to be.


God has not forsaken me. He saw and heard what was in my heart. He still looks beyond my faults and sees my needs. So, He ALLOWED you to come and bring true change into my life...a wake up call to the Truth, The Way and The Life. In my suffering I know that I am never alone, but God is depending on ME to help ease the suffering of others.


I will pray for you and I will pray for my enemy. I will go to God with a humbled and contrite heart, seeking His face, repentant for forsaking His Will and Way; for taking His gifts and blessings for granted; for putting my faith in man and the world and turning my back on Him. I was living a lie, unaccountable, basking in my wealth, worshipping Him with my lips and not my heart; that is why true change did not come to me. But, I will seek a true relationship with my Father and Creator, praying unceasingly that He will heal me and "create in me a clean heart and renew in me a steadfast spirit."


America, it is not too late to do what is right. Do not be afraid to stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS. God is watching, waiting, hoping you will choose HIM over self-interests.


The United States of America, "land of the free and the home of the brave"; those who do not understand Democracy cannot understand that she is a living, unique entity, who having tasted freedom, will not yield to suffer the chains of bondage, again, and will continue to carry the fight against discrimination, civil liberties injustice in the world.


Yet, she is in need of healing,  repentance and a return to her basic principles and morals that uphold decency, compassion, freedom and unbiased justice for all.


My Fellow Americans, let us join together, putting aside partisan feelings and beliefs,  to cast out the darkness and vain enemy that has fallen upon us, defiling honor, integrity, loyalty, respect, and even boldly treading upon the holiness and righteousness of the Almighty God, seeking to cast him aside.


However, God has bestowed freewill upon man and given him tools to aid in living and governing in peace, each man free and equal, loving his brother as himself. This tool is Democracy. However, the tyrannical and maniacal enemy upon us even rejects the processes of Democracy,   peace, and equality, because he is a tormented, lost and restless soul, at odds with anyone who does not worship and agree with him, blindly following, as he, led by the mind of darkness, leads them into the pit of hell and damnation.


America, like a blind man, has boarded a sinking ship and cannot see the water rising up within, threatening to pull her down into the dark waters of the deep.  Let us all pull off the scales from her eyes, renew her love for and obedience to God, that she may walk in the beauty of His Holiness and the Light of His Love, so that once again, America can be the beacon of HOPE for the world; HOPE, even when faced with darkness, evil, chaos and despair within her boarders; HOPE that ignites the torch of Freedom and valiantly lifts it up to light the way, as the open process of DEMOCRACY mounts up, charging into battle, sounding the trumpet that resounds throughout hills and valleys, mountains and plains of this great land, rallying  the Defenders, "We, The People," into battle!


This is America and this is the CHARACTER of Democracy. If she denies it or turns her back to it, then she loses her IDENTITY. Then, the enemy has succeeded in dividing us by MAKING US FORGET WHO WE ARE! Who we have strived, suffered, fought and died to become! The tyranny we left behind to emerge in the light of new opportunity and Truth. America, remember who you are supposed to be! We, The People...


"We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; ..."




America, "The Voice of Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all," free to speak for the rights of All of God's People. It is time to OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK SO THAT THE BELL OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY WILL RING THROUGHOUT THE LAND AND ECHO THROUGHOUT THE WORLD!


My Fellow Americans, I have a voice and you have a voice in our government.  During the 2016 election, that right was attacked by a foreign government and muted as they waged war, not only on OUR Democracy, but Democracy throughout the world!


You can let your partisan pride subdue you to be lethargic, indifferent, in denial or turn your head, lying to protect self-interests and hidden agendas, or you can defend that which is rightfully yours. It is time to take back that which God has entrusted to us. Let us join together and let our enemies and the world know...WE STAND FOR GOD! WE STAND FOR DEMOCRACY! WE STAND FOR AMERICA! WE STAND FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!


By the Grace and Mercy of God and the Peace that flows like a river from the Fountain of Living Water, uniting the One,


your servant and soldier, citizen of The Kingdom





Published by Mishael T

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