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Chapter 23


There are times, when we have just been through a tumultuous battle, that has left us scarred and exhausted, we feel that we need and deserve rest--a break, even a vacation, but instead, adversity comes and opens old wounds and our heart (spirit), again begins to bleed.


Yes, often, when we have been wounded, instead of things getting better, they get worse. We may think, "What else can go wrong?" Or, "What worse can happen?" But, then, that something else happens and sometimes it IS worse, or it is not what we expected, prepared for, or hoped.


We may feel that the actions of others have contributed to or caused our problems, or that we've been abandoned by God, or perhaps, that in some way, we are being punished. Our heart (spirit) is in a state of trauma,  conflicted and bleeding, wounded by the enemy. 

How quickly we forget that God promised NEVER to leave us alone. He is there with us. God is there applying PRESSURE to our wound.


We expect God to be our doctor, lawyer, teacher, friend and everything else, but most often, we don't understand,  welcome or agree to the methods He chooses to use to help us. Applying PRESSURE to our wound seems to be temporary cessation to our bleeding problem. When is God going to heal us completely? Why would He just stop the bleeding, when, to us, the problem demands an immediate solution! The pressure causes more aggravation and irritation. What is God thinking? What kind of physician is He?


Our God, our Father, is the BEST kind of physician. He can look beyond our faults--our corrupted flesh-- and without the assistance of x-rays and technology,  see our TRUE need. God can HEAL you anytime that He wants to. Nothing is too hard for God, but, He is concerned with mind (soul), body and spirit. The three must be in agreement with the Will and Way of God, seeking FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven, knowing that ALL else will follow. 


God applies pressure to our wound, waiting for us to trust Him and obey; to surrender to HIS Will and Way;  to accept Jesus as our healer and teacher, so that He can show us how to OVERCOME the world and live in the FULLNESS of God's glory.


Peter was already grieving, filled with sorrow and guilt, from the loss of his friend and teacher, Jesus. When Jesus returns, Peter's heart is still wounded and bleeding, from the darkness that crept inside.  Instead of comforting and healing him, Jesus applies pressure to the wound by asking him three times if he loves him, more than these. Peter is reminded of how he  betrayed Jesus, not once, but three times, but he is also reminded of Perfect Love, which cast out fear and stops his bleeding. 


Was Jesus being cruel? Vengeful? He could have just said, I forgive you, Peter. I realize you were just trying to save your own neck--your own life. Yes, Jesus could have consoled Peter, but that would not have healed his gaping wound. It was not a wound caused by physical damage. Peter was afflicted from spiritual damage, which ushered in darkness, filling him with fear, guilt and shame--a different kind of pain and bleeding.  


Jesus offered Peter a remedy that would heal and redeem mind (soul), body and spirit. Jesus' healing words for Peter are, "feed my sheep." To be healed, free from guilt, shame and pain, Peter must prove his perfect love by obeying Jesus, as His disciple, and return to feeding His sheep.


Knowing and witnessing what happened to Jesus, this certainly wasn't a choice of therapy or treatment to end ALL suffering. In order to prove his love, he was being asked to save MANY lives and now, having cowardly and selfishly coveted and protected his own life, he's being asked to risk it again. Yet, here was Jesus before him, alive again, having been tortured, crucified, dead and buried. What He had told His Disciples was true. He had risen and returned to them. Again, here is Jesus, giving perfect love, teaching them how to conquer the world. Surely, there was not only a GREATER cause to die for, but a greater cause to LIVE for--Jesus and The Kingdom of God.


Apply pressure to a wound to stop the bleeding, until the patient can receive proper medical care and begin healing. Likewise, God allows an external force to be applied to our spiritual wounds, until we are led to Jesus, to be healed and made perfect. Can we count it ALL as JOY my friends? Can we shout, GREATER is He that is in me, than he that is in the world? Truly, there is no need for weeping to endure for a night, for joy most CERTAINLY comes in the morning, through JESUS, our Bright and Morning Star!


Just think of how completely AWESOME it is that God is concerned with ALL of you and me--the physical, spiritual and mental components, which comprise our BEING.  The Great I Am is a god of detail and completion, who considers the state of our heart, that it be filled with: perfect love; abundant life; peace; true worship and discipleship; hope and joy; that we live in holiness and righteousness; and that we bear good fruit to serve and love our neighbors.  


Yet, when we feel EXTERNAL PRESSURE around us, when problems arise, when we are in need of healing and cleansing, how can we still wonder, "Am I going to make it?" How long? Why me? What else can go wrong?" Or, "What worse can happen?" We have a Heavenly Father who is not only concerned with big problems, but the smallest details of our lives. 


“Oh, ye of little faith!” is what I often hear, when I worry or fret. God is applying PRESSURE to the wound, until we get to Jesus, because, He knows there are more SERIOUS things going on inside of us. He knows who, what, where, when and why. He will do HIS part, if we do our part to trust and obey. Yet, as Jesus paid the ultimate price for our redemption and completion, God asks that we die to the flesh (self) and surrender ALL!


Will I remember this the next time adversity comes knocking at my door? --When Darkness reopens old wounds? –When I’m tired and in so much emotional pain, so that I feel I can’t go on? --Will wearing a cross always help to remind me? If I faithfully pray will I cease to fall into traps, pits and snares set by the enemy? Perhaps, but, with each adversity comes a new test, an opportunity to GROW and become more like our Father, whom we find in Jesus. Still, we can shout, count it ALL as JOY, when indeed adversity has led us to become more like Jesus! Indeed, our pain, our sorrow, our living and our death is not in vain, if we have learned to conquer the things of this world, with our Saviour. 


Are you going through trials and temptations now? Do you want to grow and move beyond your circumstances and self? Let God remove the scales from your eyes to see the lies around you. Let Him awaken you from your slumber in Darkness and the spell cast upon you by lies. God is applying PRESSURE to your wound(s), waiting for you to get to Jesus, so that He can treat ALL of you--mind, body and spirit. 


Remember, You Are Blessed, My Brothers and Sister! No matter how bad your life seems now, throughout each and everyday, come what may...you ARE blessed with a God who never stops caring.


Things CAN change. Things WILL change. God is applying PRESSURE. It's your decision as to WHO will treat your wound. If you choose the enemy, he could lead you to the gossiper, the hater, the bigot, the drug dealer, the adulterer, the fornicator, the thief, the liar, etc., and ultimately, death.



Hopefully…with prayer, in perfect love, from a grateful heart, hopefully, this message leads you to JESUS!


All glory to God!
Your servant,

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