Why Is Playdate Important For Toddlers

My 25 months old son is a very happy and sociable little boy. He would gladly say hi to anyone he meets, may it be at the lift, mall corridors, and even the people he sees on t.v .  Before he became sociable I and my family struggled so hard for him to finally come out from his super shy shell.

Living in Dubai with a toddler and both parents working is very much challenging. My son will just stay at home with his nanny 5 days a week and can only see the real world when its Mommy and Daddy's day off from work. Plus we are just a family of three including the nanny that makes us four. Everyday he can only see the same 3 faces. He don't see the grass, the sand, the rain, real birds, real fish, real dogs, real cats, don't know how an ant looks like etc. Summer in Dubai can't make you explore the outside world naturally so your only place to go is malls and indoor parks.  

Every time we take him out to the mall, he just wants to stay in his stroller or wants to be carried all the time. In times we have visitors at home, he would run to me crying and will hug me and would not even bother to look at our visitors face as he is scared. If someone speaks with a loud voice he would be very frightened and cry. If we bring him to parks, he would cry when he steps on the grass, and he hates sand! He is scared of animals! However if its only us at home, he is a very hyper baby, talkative, loves the camera, loves to sing, dance. He likes watching animals on T.V . I can say he is almost a perfect baby but if he is with a different group he is so lonely, shy, not talking at all and really it broke my heart. 

At night I can't sleep well thinking how these things will impact my child's personality. I was thinking to give up my job and be a full time mom instead because I want my son to have a normal life like the childhood life that I had. I want my son to have the freedom to play at the park with other kids, play with his cousins, play on the sand, dance on the rain and so on... I am so worried that these will affect his speech and personality. It even came to a point that I want to blame his nanny because why is she not taking my child outside the house to mingle with other kids and to see things that he can't see inside the house. Anyway, she is the one whom my son spend the day with.

Until one day I decided to make a change. Everyday after my work no matter how tired I am, I would bring my son to the park. He finally saw other kids playing at the sand and grass. Slowly he followed what other kids was doing. After two weeks he finally managed to step on the sand without slippers!!! His dad takes him to kids club when time permits. Also, I talked to my sons nanny and instructed her to take my son outside every afternoon or every morning when its not too hot so that he'll be exposed to different kinds of people. We started to join playdates and finally after 2 months my little boy totally changed.

He is happier, more active, and would complain if he can't go out of the house 3 days straight. His speech and personality have improved. He can now get along pretty well with other kids. He is now happy to welcome our guests at home and loves to play with them too. He is now a normal child and that makes me fulfilled and happy. 

I realized that being a working mom is not bad at all. Instead it makes your more stronger and smarter. As long as you know your priorities and the reason of your existence, you can easily stand up from failure. There is no perfect parent, everyday is a learning process. Also, not because we have a nanny, we would give them all the responsibilities that us parents should be doing. We need to understand that our nannies is just waiting for our instructions. They are just waiting what they want us to do for our children because they don't want to take over our roles from our child's life. To my son's nanny, Ate Edrose, thank you for being with me through this journey. I am so much thankful and blessed for having you in our life. Thank you for loving my son as yours.

Lastly, parents spend time with your children. Time and memories are the most precious gift we can give to our children that they can bring with them anytime and anywhere. 



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