E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum

Mainstream media in the United States is owned by six corporations; Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., CBS Corporation, and NBC Universal these six corporations shape our political opinions, the way we view the world, and our lives. Reporting the news or relevant current events should be unbiased but, is it? I tend to feel that we are fed pieces of stories and partial truths in order to 1) hold our collective interest, which raises ratings and 2) to push an agenda. We are constantly enamored with violence, the more horrific the imagery the more the media hammers it out for us to see. But why? Are humans really this ugly? Are we really so cruel and inhumane to each other? Yes we are...if we were not, war would not exist, child abuse would not exist, racism would not exist. Cultural differences, racial differences, religious differences are exactly that differences. Differences that I consider to be like deep cracks in humanity; dark places for insecurities, fear, and mistrust to develop and breed, these are the tools our media uses to fulfill an ever-changing agenda. Our media plays on these misconceptions often fueling hatred and helping our government keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves. A divided people is much easier to control than a united people. We are so busy fighting amongst ourselves, that we do not pay attention to the fact that our government is not acting on behalf of the interests of its own people, whom it serves. We are allowing our freedoms to be taken away from us because we fear. America was not founded on fear and her independence was not won by fear. But, here we are today afraid to speak our minds because we might be called  racist, afraid to be an individual because individualism is persecuted, afraid to see the whole truth because it is easier to blame another for our own misfortunes. The United States is currently in a dangerous position regarding race, culture, and religious divisions it seems like we the people are ripping our country apart, one life at a time...We are divided racially, turn on the news or scroll through social media the hatred and violence is everywhere. Why do we only see violent news stories that emphasize skin color when most of the other news stories do not? Why do we compartmentalize ourselves with the category of race by color? If we are "a race" we are the human race, and as for nationality United States citizens regardless of color are American. The only people who should have a hyphenated nationality are those who actually hold dual citizenships. There is deep-rooted religious division between the Catholic/Christian faiths and the Islamic faith, and there has been since before The Crusades. It is portrayed that all Islamic men are womanizing rapists, that want to institute Sharia Law. Social media shows cell phone videos of Islamic men attacking people on the street for various obscure reasons from clothing to disagreeing with Islam. America is engaged in a war against the ideology of Extreme Islamists, who do abuse and rape women, who video tape themselves murdering non-Islamic individuals. I can say I have never seen one post or read one article showing otherwise. We have a serious lack of understanding about each others cultures. I say each others because America is supposed to be a melding pot of cultures. We don't have a culture we have cultures. E Pluribus Unum the motto on our coins, is Latin for "out of many one" and we have many but, have never really learned to be one. Culture is not religion, culture is customs, language, and community that honors the history, art, and music of a people. Lack of understanding of culture leads to segregated communities, segregation leads to mistrust and contempt between members within the different communities. And ultimately hate, we see it everyday here in America and world-wide. We need to be angry, we need to be mad but not at each other. We should be angry with the media and our government for pitting us against each other. We need to stand together and use our voices, we need to reign in an out of control government fueled by greed, and sponsored by our media. I think we have forgotten our elected officials are our employees, they are public servants that make more money than the real heroes in our society.



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