The Human Commodity

The Human Commodity

Flesh has always been a commodity, sex has always been in demand and has always been an easy sell. The sex industry or adult industry is booming, there is a fortune to be made by those who can effectively use the web to direct traffic to their sites and stores. There are many types of adult work ranging from traditional prostitution, brothels, escort services, adult films, to webcamming. Most sex work is hidden in plain view many prostitutes don't stand out on corners anymore they run Craigslist ads and meet their client(s) at an arranged time and place. You might live right next door to a camgirl and have no idea that, that sweet college girl is bringing home bank catering to the fantasies of paying viewers. Platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr are loaded with links to clips stores, adult sites, links to streaming sites and much more. Many sex workers are in this line of work because they choose to be an adult industry professional. Before you say "professional?" yes professional...These individuals work a business model, adapt to market trends, produce content that they distribute, advertise themselves and become webmasters. But, there is a seedy underground to the adult industry. There is an unknown number of women, minors, and even men that are sex slaves. They are owned and their involvement in sex work is not voluntary, they are treated horribly often enduring extreme physical and psychological abuse. The actual profits of their sex slave labor is kept by their owner, as they are shuffled from city to city forced to work in the sex trade. Human trafficking is modern slavery. According to "There are approximately 20-30 million slaves globally." It is estimated that roughly 80% of those 20-30 million people are forced into sexual exploitation, the other 20% are forced labor. According to the US State Department 600,000 to 800,000 sex slaves are trafficked across international boarders every year, at least 80% of them are women and children. So what does a human life cost? The average cost of 1 slave on the global market is $90 U.S Dollars. When you hear "human trafficking" you think of some immigrant that has been forced into prostitution by his/her smugglers. According to the FBI 83% of confirmed sex trafficking cases in the United States the victim was an American citizen. Often the victims are young girls that are in terrible situations who are given false promises of hope by their traffickers. Many girls that are sold are between 12 and 14 years old. The human commodity is such a profitable business that drug routes are being re-purposed for the girl trade. Tragically it is easier and more profitable to sell a girl than it is to sell methamphetamine. Even More perverse is that our justice system fails to recognize victims and often punishes sex trafficking victims with juvenile detention, or jail for adult victims. The child welfare and protection agencies usually fail to recognize that these young girls are slaves and forced to be sex workers so they are often labeled and shuffled through the judicial system. These young girls are not afforded the same protection and services offered to abused children. Until we realize that slavery exists on a massive global scale and the human commodity of the sex trade. Slavers will continue this heinous crime of forced prostitution and courts will continue to punish the victims, ensuring that they do not come forward and the longevity of the sex slave trade.




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