The Saint Louisans, by Steven Clark

The Saint Louisans, by Steven Clark

Oct 23, 2016, 8:24:35 PM Entertainment


Steven Clark is the author of The Saint Louisans, which came out in August.

Saint Louis is home to Lee Bridger, hospice nurse and longtime observer of upper-class society and everything else in the city she calls home. When Margot Desouche, the matriarch of one of the city’s founding families, is diagnosed with cancer, she requests Lee, and Lee finds herself dawn to the regal woman.

But things aren’t so easy in Saint Louis. Lee has her boyfriend—an activist trying to save the city’s history—and her daughter—a con artist who Lee has never understood; and Margot has her two children—vindictive, spiteful, and determined to thwart their mother’s plans. Throw in a battle over one of the city’s oldest traditions and a mysterious missing goddess, and Lee’s wish for peace is but a distant dream.

At first, I wasn’t sure about this book. But soon enough, I was drawn into the complicated lives of these two families, with dark secrets, current mysteries, and hard-headed individuals with no desire to see anyone else’s point of view. Lee is a fantastic character, open about the mistakes in her past and wanting to make the world a better place. Margot is kind yet reserved, and fighting a battle no one knows about. I ended up really loving this complex, emotional book!

(Galley provided by Amphorae Publishing Group via NetGalley.)

Published by Misti Pyles


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