How Medicinal Mushrooms Can Improve Your Health

How Medicinal Mushrooms Can Improve Your Health

May 4, 2021, 9:52:43 PM Life and Styles

Mushrooms have excellent taste qualities and are the main ingredient for preparing various culinary dishes.  However, some mushrooms also have medicinal properties because of their composition. Since the discovery of penicillin their positive effect on the human body has been studied. Most often medicinal mushrooms are used in Eastern countries, particularly in China and Tibet. Such mushrooms include Lion's Mane, Reishi, Shiitake. Their usefulness is due to their high content of polysaccharides that prevent the development of cancer. These mushrooms are also recommended for infectious and bacterial diseases. 

What do we know in the modern world about medicinal mushrooms? They need to be consumed in powder form in a certain amount in order to achieve the desired effect. You can add medicinal mushroom powder to your morning coffee or evening fresh juice. This will achieve the desired effect.

Which Mushrooms are Good for Your Health

The beneficial properties of mushrooms were used in the production of penicillin and antibiotics. Today, the biological structure of fungi is the basis for the production of many types of antibacterial and antiviral drugs.

The following types of mushrooms have the best medicinal properties:

  • Reishi;
  • Lion's Mane;
  • Cordyceps;
  • Turkey Tail;
  • Chaga;
  • Shiitake.

Let us describe in more detail the medicinal properties of each of the popular medicinal mushrooms.

Perhaps you should start your acquaintance with the Reishi medicinal mushroom. The therapeutic effects of this mushroom will be effective for a variety of health problems. Its medically valuable polysaccharides have antitumor effects. The Reishi mushroom is also called the "mushroom of immortality". 

There is also a medicinal mushroom that helps to increase libido and increase body energy. This is Condyceps, which is known for the biological properties of oxygenating the blood and improving blood flow. It is often used by athletes and physically active people. Turkey Tail mushrooms have similar properties. It is also used in Asian countries as an anti-cancer agent. 

Another medicinal mushroom from traditional Chinese medicine is the Shiitake mushroom. It is also cultivated in China as an edible mushroom and is the most widely cultivated in the world after the mushroom.

Shiitake has great medicinal value, mainly because of its polyatomic sugars as well as additional ingredients like adenine and choline. These substances were formerly called vitamin B4 and are still associated as vitamin-like substances with special nutritional value.

You can also use Lion's Mane and Chaga medicinal mushrooms in your daily kitchen preparation. Their powder has a pleasant aroma and flavor that will enhance meat and vegetable dishes. They also contain many antioxidants to strengthen the immune system and normalize mineral balance.

How to Eat Medicinal Mushrooms Every Day

Special care must be taken when picking medicinal mushrooms. Those unfamiliar with mushrooms should prefer an assortment from an official organic food store, health food store or pharmacy.

Medicinal mushrooms can be bought in various forms, such as dried or in powder form. The medicinal properties of some medicinal mushrooms are truly amazing! 

You can consume one or more medicinal mushrooms in powder every day. Add one spoonful of dried mushroom daily to your favorite foods and drinks. However, do not forget to take in other important foods and support a healthy lifestyle in general.

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