Important Terminologies To Learn In An Addiction Treatments Center

Important Terminologies To Learn In An Addiction Treatments Center

Oct 4, 2021, 6:31:12 AM Life and Styles

Addiction is a serious menace for the person suffering from it and the people in the family as well as friends. Since you really want to have your person recover from the addiction, it is vital that you clearly understand what the staff at those best treatment centers convey to you. So, in this post, we will share some of those terms.


It is a small prayer that is done before each meal in order to summon the divinity, whatever the perception that the user has of it. Remember that there is absolute diversity in rehab, both in terms of beliefs and orientation.


It consists of accepting responsibility for a certain failure or situation. In this way, the user learns to take responsibility for their actions and their consequences.

Search for Recognition

It is a resource that the addict uses to avoid focusing on their problems by seeking the acceptance of the other.


It is the dependence of someone close to the addict himself, which is usually in the dynamics of the disease.

Inappropriate comment

It consists of expressing something that is out of place in a therapeutic community context, such as pejoratively referring to another user, mentioning life situations of consumption, etc.


The action of confront consists of raising faults or problems to the user so that he becomes aware of them and modifies them.

Physical Contact

In the context of a therapeutic community, it is forbidden to have any type of physical contact between users. This is to prevent possible inappropriate linkages between patients, as well as to exercise limits.

Signals Cut

It is an activity that is carried out once a week in which various users are counting with the operator in charge of it all the failures that they observed and pointed out to other patients. In this activity, the indicated user has the possibility of defending himself and refuting the signaling when it is not objective or does not respond to a real failure.


In the context of a drug rehab center, it is forbidden to say words in the diminutive form. This is intended to exercise limits, as well as to ensure that the user does not minimize their addictive problems.


They are the various groups made up of users to maintain the order and operation of the rehab facility. Generally, there are three teams, i.e., kitchen, maintenance, and communications.


It is a therapy that is carried out once a week and that, according to the Gestalt technique, ensures that the user closes cycles, as well as that he puts himself in place of people with whom he has had some kind of relationship in family and work contexts.

Coexistence Group

It is a group session that is carried out with the moderation of psychologists in which users resolve situations of discomfort with each other and refer to aspects of daily coexistence in general.

Group Call

These are the three calls made for group therapy spaced apart by a period of twenty seconds. If a user does not reach the end of them, he receives a signal for it.

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