The Serious Hazards of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

The Serious Hazards of Cocaine Addiction

Jan 11, 2022, 8:59:53 AM Life and Styles

Cocaine addiction is due to a psychological dependency on the regular consumption of cocaine. It is an addiction with severe effects like depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, lethargy, and some physiological effects a well. The addiction, if it is not treated on time, can lead to irreparable damage. Once the cocaine addict is ready to go for the addiction treatment, the first phase will be drug detox.

Cocaine addiction is a huge societal concern because of the ease with which one can get addicted. The cause of the easy addiction is mainly attributed to the short high that cocaine provides. The short high, usually about an hour-long, leads the victim in need of another dose, and another and so on.

The short high provided by cocaine is actually more complicated than explained above. After the high, the cocaine addict may fall into what is known as a crash. This crash may be put off by another dose or a quick sleep. Sedatives may also be used for dealing with the crashing effects. Usually, after sleep, there is a craving that needs to be attended to.

Because of the strong association between the crash and the need to sleep, cocaine addicts are also very likely to abuse sleep medications, as stated by a reliable suboxone clinic.

Regular cocaine use is a habit that is hard to kick. This is mainly due to the positive re-enforcement effects of cocaine. That is, it makes one associate all the good feelings with the drug. This may lead to cocaine serving as an "anti-depressant" of sorts, much to the detriment of the taker.

The social impact of addiction to cocaine is severe and described as undiscriminating. It equally affects the rich and famous as it does the poor. The psychological nature of the addiction is such that addicts take it in groups to share the high. However, this does not mean one will always seek out a partner(s) when they get a craving.

The nature of ingestion of the drug may also cause secondary health effects. Due to the group consumption desire, groups using needles as the method of ingestion can have infections spread amongst them. And, because these are convenience groups, they are short-lived. Hence groups form so fast and break up easily, which leads to very high chances of infections. These infections like hepatitis and HIV affect the poor users more than the richer ones.

Perhaps, the greatest concern for cocaine addicts is the likelihood of a fatal overdose. No matter the level of addiction, for example, daily or weekly users, overdosing carries no prediction rate. Since it is sudden, it means that cocaine addiction awareness should be a strong social concern because the ultimate effect may befall anybody before those around them even notice that they consumed the drug.

Always keep in mind that life is a precious gift, and people around you are also affected by your addiction. Thus, you need to get rid of this menace for not yourself but for the people who love you and whom you love.

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