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I do actually have my Hanukkah stories. One of all of those stand out, even though it is still an unfolding event but I don’t mind telling it now as it will be in the spirit of this occasion. In telling this particular story, I won’t mention names, nor places and without embellishments, neither will I give full flesh to this story for now. I do also understand that things can still turn around but very willing to enjoy the success of the now, enough to want to share it with you in the spirit of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, celebrating the deliverance of YAHWEH’s children, using Hadassah (Esther the Queen) and her uncle Mordechai, while in exile in Persia under Ahasuerus (Xerxes), (God) King of Persia, from the hands of Haman, the Agagite, who sought vengeance for what happened to the Amalekites, (see the Bible Book Of Esther) in the days of Saul King in Israel.



This past Sabbath, which I couldn’t observe because I had to do my shift at work, one of my accusers apologized to me, not necessarily in a way to suggest that he’d wronged me but more to the suggestion that we buried the hatchet. This came more than a month after my second accuser approached me for a loan with a reconciliatory tone suggestive of wanting things to be back to normal between us, even though I did advance her the loan, my body language afterwards discouraged any further relationship beyond the strictest of the platonic, especially not when it will involve my having to subsidize her penchant for living above her means, in knowing there’s always on standby someone ready to bail her out financially. I wouldn’t have made much of, and from these happenings had it not followed another event preceding them.

It’s been three months since my boss confided in me, of his intention to divest, and have me and a colleague buy into the business. Before this time, my sources had informed me that plans were already afoot to handover the business to my colleague, who was considered better than I am in all ramifications. I hadn’t also been getting good press from the admin staff because of things about me, not in good light, that had been passed on to my boss. The two admin people knew me very well, because they’d hitherto been very close to me, and I also know so very much about them, in fact I had recommended the female for the job, and we were at some point very close (though not sexually) before we both got married to other people, and our relationship deteriorated though not necessarily because of our marriages. So, I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t been considered at all for a takeover, or possible buy-in into the business, talk more a partnership.

When I became aware of the conspiracy, that now included my professional colleague, who I think for no just cause, considered my position untenable, and treated work like a competition, when I was having a blast making work look like play oftentimes, I gave every one of them some distance, and left everything between and amongst us simply business like. There was no group thingy anymore, no sharing of personal experiences, seeing as I’ve gotten my fingers burnt already, when it was leaked to the boss, that my laid back approach to work may not be unrelated to the fact that I have a thriving side hustle, for which at some point I’d made the mistake of informing some of them about, and even running it alongside my colleague and one of the admin staff. At the point things seemed to get to a head, it was said that I was within just days of been laid off, aware of this I made no attempt to remedy things, besides doing the best I could at my job, ensuring that if there was listed indiscretions on my part, necessitating my firing, it should be anything else aside from how badly I’d performed with my work.

I wasn’t happy at the job, in fact the only thing that made me happy, the reason for which I didn’t consider resigning was because I was in love with my work, that made me happy, and for that reason it was easy for me to shut everyone out at work. My objective remained mainly with keeping clients satisfied only, and I employed teamwork only when it suited that objective. Once, and indeed the last time the boss celebrated his birthday, and the staff, as our custom was, organised a cake and some gifts, I declined going with them to present it. I wasn’t the kind of person who could mask my discontent under a fake smile like others could so easily do. However, rather than just append my signature to the huge card they were going to present to him, I signed my name to a cryptic verse of the bible I wrote on the card, that prayed that as he added a year to his age, that YAHWEH endow him with wisdom to be more discerning. I think that tilted the scale as I soon moved from an endangered specie to an asset, though I suppose even that took some time between when scales began to fall off his eyes, to read in between the lines, and see the conspirators for what and who they truly are, to when he decided that maybe I deserved a chance at the table.

It has crossed my mind to also consider that this offer may also be geared towards ensuring that I put in more than a hundred percent into work, in anticipation of this huge reward, and for that I’ve just maintained my best as usual, not allowing myself to be drawn into attempting the extraordinary, so that I won’t come off as a “man-pleaser“, bootlickerarse-kisser or the likes, considering that the same me, warts and all, that was seen good enough for the offer, is all I need to bring to the table to make good ‘pon it, of course with the required sum when the time comes. Interestingly, I’d considered not to repay those who betrayed me in their own coin when the time comes, but even if it doesn’t for one reason or the other, the fact that I’ve lived to see the day when those who sought to have me removed, found themselves in a position where I could, in the nearest future, potentially determine their removal is enough victory for me, and that’s my testimony and Hanukkah story, as I celebrate THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS  with Jewry worldwide. Mazel Tov!




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