WoW TBC's Best Hunter Pets

WoW TBC's Best Hunter Pets

Sep 29, 2021, 6:40:23 AM Entertainment

It isn't a secret that many players will go to great lengths to get pets in games such as World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. You often see people resorting to having to buy TBC gold to get their desired companion, or even going as far as to buy WoW TBC accounts. If you want to know what the best Hunter's pets are in The Burning Crusade, then we have got you covered here with the following list.


There isn't really much difference in TBC in terms of Hunter's pets' changes. It does have to be said however that they have become more powerful with scaling, and they also have new abilities to boast about. You are going to still need to level them from their level where they were obtained too. These traits are just as important to know about than any TBC items or TBC Classic gold, since knowledge is really going to get you ahead. 

Taming Pets

Before we dive into the best pets in the game, players may want to familiarize themselves as to how you tame Hunter pets. It isn't much different to the retail version, though only Beast pet family can be tamed at the moment. Beasts that are a higher level than you cannot be tamed either.

Using Tame Beast is going to reduce your armor fully, which players need to be prepared for. If you do find yourself in this situation, try using Freezing Trap. This will prevent death, though you do need to be keeping your wits about you. Also, make sure that the area in your immediate location doesn't have any mobs that could potentially interrupt the taming process.


Best Levelling Pets

If you are looking into The Burning Crusade power levelling, then there are a number of choices of pet for you to choose from. That said, you could say that if you have the right Beast Mastery talents at your disposal, that any choice of pet would be useful. That said, it is worth mentioning that Owls and Bats are great to use if you are levelling by yourself.

The reason as to why these two options are good for TBC power levelling, or just levelling in general, is that they have the ability to learn Screech. This will cause threat to those in the vicinity, and Swoop can aid their speed too. Whichever one you decide to go with is going to be beneficial to you.


Best Pets for PvE/PvP

Getting the right pet that is going to benefit you with levelling is important. This may go without saying, but you do also need to consider what pet you are going to use when you are in combat. This differs where PvE and PvP are concerned, and firstly we will be taking a look at what will give you the upper hand with PvE.


Those looking for the best Hunter pet for PvE should go with the Ravager. This aptly titled pet is going to be your best bet to deal the most damage to your enemies. Their abilities, Gore and Bite, will both have damage modifiers sitting at 1.10, giving you the damage that you need to take down those who stand before you. Not only that, but you also have the Marksman talents that were introduced during The Burning Crusade expansion. The likes of Go for the Throat will grant you more focus for your pet, and you can get it at level 62.

Moving onto PvP, and there is a whole other choice for us to go with when taking on fellow players. That choice is the Scorpion, who is renowned for thriving in situations such as the Arena. You can train up your Scorpion to gain the Scorpio Poison ability. This will hit your foe with a debuff that can be stacked. You'll be able to stack it 5 times in total. By combining this with Viper Sting, which you can use prior to the Scorpio Poison, then your opponent can't get rid of the Viper Sting. You aren't limited to using the Scorpion in the Arena, but you aren't as likely to benefit as much from them as you would in the Arena.

It's understandable why players want to get their hands on the best companions in the game. However, all the WoW TBC gold you have is not going to be worth the investment if you're not getting the top choices. Hopefully now you should have much more of an idea of which Hunter's pets are going to benefit you are your character as you traverse through The Burning Crusade expansion.

Have you found the WoW TBC best Hunter pet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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