Discipline VS. Motivation

Discipline VS. Motivation

Sep 4, 2016, 3:11:08 AM Life and Styles

Recently, I read an article which I believe was on Medium. It was about how we should rely on discipline rather than on motivation.

I believe all of us know motivation all too well. It is the fleeting sense of intense excitement and enthusiasm to do something. It disappears as quickly as it appears. One moment we might feel very motivated to accomplish a task and the next moment, we are lying on our beds.

Discipline, on the other hand, is different. One seeks motivation but one does not seek discipline. Discipline is always there with you. When you are tired and unmotivated to do anything, discipline will be there to order you to finish the task that you have set for yourself. This is why discipline is reliable. You do not have to seek motivation or read motivational quotes to be motivated just to do something, instead, discipline occurs automatically.

A way to train your discipline is to do a task every single day. One good example is blogging. I am sure that most of us on Medium or on WordPress are daily or weekly bloggers. We share our insights of life and about the ideas that we have. We give a little tidbit of lives every single day to this wondrous world of the world wide web.

In the beginning, it is hard, even for me. There were days where I don’t even want to blog or write, days that I was truly exhausted but because of discipline, I do it anyway, churning out a post no matter how short. I guess, over time, it became a habit and the action of blogging becomes something natural and automatic. It becomes something that keeps me going every single day as I checked it off of my daily list of tasks.

There are definitely other ways to train your discipline but the gist of it is to do it every single day. Some might decide to exercise every single day or write a story every single day or even vlog every single day (I especially admire these people). These practices will be transferred across all aspects of your life and trust me, like how most people need coffee at the start of the day, you would need to do that one thing every single day and it will keep you going.

P.S. If I find that article this post is based on, I would link it up but for now, know that this post is inspired by that article, whatever it may be.



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